Best Epic Archer Commander Pairs In Rise Of Kingdoms (Mar 2020)

Best Epic Archer Commander Pairs in Rise Of Kingdoms

There is not a lot of epic archer commander for now in the game but the best epic archer commander pairs in Rise of Kingdoms are Kusunoki + Sun Tzu, Kusunoki + Boudica, Hermann + Sun Tzu, Hermann+ Boudica and Hermann+ Osman.

Best Epic Archer Commander Pairs    
Primary Secondary
KusunokiSun Tzu
HermannSun Tzu

Before we start I would advise you not to focus on archer commanders if you are free to play or a small spender. Yes archers are great for a rally but on filed battles, you will get focused and because they are week in health and defense so they will die fast. That will fill up your hospital fast and also there are no many good epic archer commanders right now. So try to avoid them.

Kusunoki + Sun Tzu – great epic pair for defending the city against multiple targets and also great in big field battles in Kingdom vs Kingdom, Arc of Osiris and Sunset Canyon.
Kusunoki is a commander that needs rage and with Sun Tzu he will be able to get that rage faster + Sun Tzu will boost skill damage from Kusunoki. 

Kusunoki + Boudica– excellent pair together. Boudica will bring some rage debuffs, healing and rage generation. Overall solid pair if you can not use Kusunoki and Sun Tzu.
Hermann + Sun Tzu – Hermann is a great commander and with Sun Tzu they will do a good amount of nuke. The amount of rage that they together produce is high so you will be able to use skills faster. 

Hermann + Boudica– Great pair as well if you are using Sun Tzu with Kusunoki.
Hermann + Osman- Greta combo for 1vs1 situation. Osman haves single target damage and it will boost the damage of Hermann. Hermann will provide rage, silence, and nice nuke. Together they are wonderful for Nuking single target units.