Best Epic Cavalry Commander Pairs In Rise Of Kingdoms (Mar 2020)

Rise Of Kingdoms Best Epic Cavalry Commandeer Pairs

Best Epic cavalry commandeer pairs in Rise of Kingdoms depend on how you will use them. There are two options mobility and damage. Best Mobility pair is Belisarius and Baibars and the best damage pairs are Pelagius + Baibars, Plagius+ Sun Tzu or Pelgaisu and Osman I for 1VS1 situation.

Damage– if you are going face to face against other troops and exchanging damage. Like in sunset canyon or Arc of Osiris you need the best damage that you can get with epic cavalry commanders. So you want the best damage and nuking skills and pairs that you can get with epic cavalry commanders.

Mobility- is for hunting farmers during Mightiest governor or during kingdom vs kingdom. You will need all the speed that you can get. Speed will give reduce the time of hunting and you can escape if enemy players start to hunt you. So good cavalry mobility pair is key.

Best Epic Cavalry Commander Pairs    
Mobility PairsDamage Pairs
Belisarius+BaibarsPelagius+Sun Tzu

Epic Calvary Damage Commander Pairs

Pelagius– he can be paired with Baibars, Sun Tzu or Osman. Pelagius is a great commander for field fights because of skills and Talent tree. He haves cavalry and Skill talent tree which is insanely good for field battles. 

Pleagius+Osman- great for single target damage 1vs1 situation. Osman will bring an insane amount of nuke to a single target and every time Osman use a skill you will receive 800 more damage factor. With Osman, you will be able to bring 10% more troops in fights. Overall great cavalry pair for nuking single target. 

Pleagius+Sun Tzu- Great cavalry pair for big fights in Kingdoms vs Kingdoms, Arc of Osiris and Sunset canyon. Together they will produce a good amount of rage and skill damage. Pelagius is a tank commander and he can heal. That heal will help you to survive more and give more time for Sun Tzu to do AOE damage. Just do not use it for the 1vs1 scenario. 

Pelagius+ Baibars– a great combo for big fights. Together they will do a good amount of damage. If you are using Sun Tzu is another combo then use Baibars. 

Epic Mobility Calvary Commanders

There is only one pair that will make the fastest epic cavalry march in Rise Of kingdoms and that is Belisarius and Baibars. 

Belisarius talent will give you so much mobility that you fly on the map and no one will be able to catch you. So is you want max moment speed you need to have the right talent tree build.  

Baibars is great to pair with Belisarius because of skill Great Panthera that will heal your troops and give you march speed for 10 seconds. Great for hunting gatherers. Baibars will also bring a nice amount of damage.