Best Epic Infantry Commander Pairs In Rise Of Kingdoms (Mar 2020)

Best Epic Infantry Commander Pairs In Rise Of Kingdoms

Best Epic Infantry commander pairs in Rise Of Kingdoms are Sun Tzu and Eulji, Eulji+ Osman, Eulji + Boudica, Sun Tzu+Osman and Eulji + Scipio. There is a low amount of epic infantry commander in the game for now so we must mix some epic cavalry and universal commanders.

The most important thing that you have to have in mind is that you need good talent tree builds. If you do not have the right talent tree build you are missing so much damage. 

Best Epic Infantry Commander Pairs    
Primary Secondary
Sun TzuEulji
Sun TzuOsman

Sun Tzu and Eulji– great pair for max damage. Together they work very well and they have a lot of infantry stats. But that is ok, most important is that they have great nuking skills. 

Problem is that if you pair Eulji and Sun together you will lose 2 most important commanders for infantry so if you do not have other options, split them and use them with other commanders. With that, you will be able to make 2 good epic infantry pairs.

Eulji+ Osman- Not bad infantry pair. They will do decent damage together. They are both single damage commanders so for the 1vs1 scenario they will perform great, but the only problem is that you can die very fast in big field fights.

Eulji+ Boudica- great pair for max damage. This will not be great for developed kingdoms because they will get focused and die very fast, but for new kingdoms it will work great. Boudica will provide a lot of rage debuff, healing and attack reduction. 

Sun Tzu +Osman I – Best epic nuking infantry pair that you can make. They will work great together. Rage generation, skill bonus, nuking skills, etc. You can not go wrong with this pair.

If you are looking for more tanky infantry pair then you can go with 

Eulji+ Scipio– Scipio’s first skill will reduce damage taken by troops by 25% and increase troops counterattack damage by 25%. His second skill will give a 15% chance when you are getting attacked to do 100% more troop damage for 2 seconds. So use this pair if you are getting focused a lot.