Belisarius Talent Tree Builds And Pairs Guide

Belisarius is Epic Cavalry commander in Rise Of kingdoms. He is a very useful commander and with the right talent tree build for mobility you will have the fastest troops in Rise Of Kingdoms. Belisarius is also a peacekeeping commander that you will use all the time for hunting barbarians.


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Belisarius Guide

Belisarius commander that you must have on max skill and level. You will use him all the time for:

Barbarians- Because Belisarius is a peacekeeping commander you will use him all the time for destroying barbarians to save your action points and because of Belisarius’s fast mobility speed you will be able to go from barb to barb very fast.

Hunting- Belisarius with the right mobility talent tree will be to hunt other players while gathering. You can pair Cao Cao with him and you will have the fastest troops in Rise Of Kingdoms.

Runes- Well we all know how runes are great and if you are far from rune that you are looking for then you can use Belisarius to gather it fast.

PVE- great commander to save action points but because of his secondary skill, he will do 35% more damage to barbarians that is nice. So great commander for PVE.

PVPfor PVP he is bad for field fighting because of his commander for mobility. For PVP use him only for hunting farmers and avoid any fighting against full enemy troops. You will just lose all troops. It is not worth it.

Belisarius Pairings

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Great pairng for Belisarius are:

Also great pair but this pair is hunting farmers if you do not have Cao Cao.

An insane amount of mobility. Together they are the fastest pairing that you can make in ROK. They are great together for gathering runes, hunting farmers, and for fast occupying of objectives in Arc of Osiris.

This pair is only if you do not have Cao Cao for gathering runes and for the fast occupation of objectives.