Game Of Power Event (May 2020)

Game Of Power event is a great event for free to play players. 

During Game Of Power event , if you have a lot of speedups saved you can use it all and win 20 golden sculptures. 

Rank is calculated by total power increase for reasrching, building, training troops. 

For buildings, a great source of power is gold mine

Event Rules

During the event, increase your overall power by building, researching and training. Raise your power by specified amounts to claim corresponding rewards.

Governors throughout the kingdom will be ranked based on their total power increased during the course of the event. At the end of the event, the top governors will receive additional rank rewards.


Quests Rewards
Increase Power by 20,000 through Building, Research and Training 5x 50,000
5x 50,000
2x 10-minute building speedup
Increase Power by 239,000 through Building, Research and Training 32x150,000 Food
32x150,000 Wood
32x112,500 Stone
29x50,000 Gold
Increase Power by 513,000 through Building, Research and Training 34x Lvl. 4 Tome of Knowledge
25x60-minute building speedup
25x60-minute researching speedup
25x60-minute training speedup
Increase Power by 684,000 through Building, Research and Training 10x Dazzling Starlight Sculpture
7x 3-hour universal speedup