Aethelflaed Talent Tree Builds

Aethelflaed is a commander that you will use at all times. She is great for barbarians and for supporting your troops in PVP battles. Because she is insanely great, she deserves you to know the right talent tree builds so you can get maximum from Aethelflaed.

You can choose 2 types of talent tree builds for Aethelflaed:

  • Support- Great if you use Aethelflaed as the primary commander in PVP battles
  • For Barbarians- Great if you want to destroy barbarians without any problem..



First and most important is that you go to the peacekeeping section and take Insight to reduce action points cost so you can destroy more barbarians.

After Insight you will go to the Support section and go straight for Rejuvenate. Apart from getting 150 rage points, you also pick up Burning Blood so you will generate more rage points with normal attacks.

Now you will have a nice rage points increase so you can go back to the peacekeeping section.

It's time to increase damage against barbarians and barbarians forts so go for Killer Instinct and Domination. If you are planning to use Aethelflaed for rallying barbarians forts you can pick Mighty Force to increase damage against forts.

Because you are using Aethelflaed for barbarians you have to go for Quick Study to increase experience and Trophy Hunter to receive a nice amount of resources.

You are done with peacekeeping so go to the leadership section and go straight for Strategic Prowess that will increase your defense by 20%, while getting some great skills and stats along the path.

At this point, you are left with 9 skill points and you can invest them wherever you want.

If you are planning to use a mix of troops you can go with the Armed To The Teeth if not you can go for stats or pick some talents that you personally like.Now you should be able to destroy barbarians and barbarians forts without problems.

PVP SUPPORT Tree build


Aethelflaed is a great and valuable commander for field battles. So if you are planning to use Aethelflaed as a primary commander you must go with this talent tree build.

First, you will go to the support section to pick Rejuvenate. This will restore 150 rage points after the skill is used. It is very important because you want to use your skills faster so you can do more damage. On the path to Rejuvenate you will also get burning blood that will give you additional 9 rage points per normal attack and hasty departure which is useful in escaping situations.

It’s time for the leadership section.Go for the Close Formation because in most scenarios you will be focused by enemy players. Close Formation will give you a 12% bonus attack when your troop's strength is reduced to 50%. On your way to the Close Formation, you will get a nice amount of stats and increased troop capacity.

Now go for Strategic Prowess to get a 20% bonus defense after using the skill. On the way to Strategic Prowess, you will get more rage generation and stats.

Go back to the Support section and get Loose Formation to reduce skill damage taken by 9%.

Now you must be careful with the last 11 talent points.

Elixir- Enhances healing effects received by troops by 9%. Pick this if you are planning to use a secondary commander with healing strength like Joan Of Arc.

Armored To The Teeth and Armed To The Teeth- pick this if you are planning to use a mix of troops.

If you are not going to pick the skills above then you can go for Emergency Protection.