Boudica Talent Tree Builds

Boudica is a great commander and has a great talent tree for destroying barbarians and barbarians forts, but let’s be honest, when it comes to PVP she is so bad. Simply put, Boudica talent tree has limitations for PVP, so the best way to go is to build her for destroying forts and barbarians while using her as a secondary commander in PVP. If you are a new player you can use her as primary commander.



When we look at the skills of Boudica we can see that she needs a lot of rage points so that she can do more damage and use healing skills. Before you start getting more rage you will have to focus on Insight to reduce the cost of action points.
After getting Insight you have to go and get more rage. So go to the skills section and then to Rejuvenate. Now, when your Boudica uses skills you will instantly get 60 rage points back.

Another great thing is that on your path to the Rejuvenate you will get All For One that will boost the skill damage of your secondary commander. This is great because you will mostly use a nuking commander with Boudica.

Furthermore, on the path to Rejuvenate, you will get Burning Blood that will get you a nice amount of rage with normal attacks.

At this point, you’ve increased the rage generation a lot. But now you will get more damage for barbarians and barbarians forts. So go to the Peacekeeping section and go straight for Killer Instinct and Domination. This will increase the damage you deal to the barbarians by a lot.

If you don’t have other commanders for destroying barbarian forts, then go for the Mighty Force. This will boost Boudica's damage against barbarians forts when she is the primary commander in the rally.

If you plan to use Boudica for rallying, you’re going to need march speed so go for Thoroughbreds. This will boost your march speed by 9%, and you’ll also pick up Quick Study that will boost experience received by 15%, on the way.

Now the rest of Boudica's talent tree is simple. Go to the skill section and go straight for the Feral Nature. It will give you a 10% chance to get 100 rage points and as you go for it, you’ll get bonus skill damage, reduce the skill damage you receive, and a lot of other useful stats.

This is by far the best Boudica talent tree build for PVE that you can have. Just keep in mind, that if you aren’t planning to use Boudica for rallying barbarian forts then you can replace Mighty Force with Trophy Hunter to get resources.

PVP Tree build


Now, this build is for new players, and if you’re an advanced player I wouldn’t recommend using Boudica for PVP.

If you are a new player, you will have to go immediately to the peacekeeping section and go straight for Thoroughbreds. This will give you movement speed and reduce the cost of action, and bare in mind that since you’re a new player you won’t have a lot of peacekeeping commanders.

After getting Thoroughbreds, go to the skill section and take Rejuvenate first to increase rage generation then go straight for Feral Nature. With all of this, your Boudica will be “ready” for PVP and you’ll still have some points left.

Now you go to the Integration section, but you have to be carefull. On the image, you can see that I’ve selected cavalry and if you are planning to use cavalry units with Boudica then follow my path, but if you are planning to use infantry or archers you have to choose a different path. Archer path is on the right and infantry is on the left part of the tree. To double check just press on the talent tree and read the description.