Lohar Talent Tree Builds

Lohar is a commander that you will never use for fighting other players because his skills are terrible. You will use Lohar for destroying barbarians and barbarians forts, and this talent tree build is designed to turn your Lohar into the best possible destroyer of the barbarians and their forts.



The first thing you need to do, is to go to the Peacekeeping section and take Insight. This will reduce the cost of your action points drastically. Also note, Insight is what you should pick first for every peacekeeping commander.

After getting Insight you will go to the Support section and take Rejuvenate. After your commander uses this skill you will get 150 rage points back, and on the path of getting it you will also get Burning Blood that will give you 9 rage points per normal attack.

With this, your Lohar will use skills very fast and this will boost your damage to barbarians, while also providing you with a great amount of healing.

Now when you have rage you will have to go back to the peacekeeping section and increase damage to barbarians, get march speed since your aim is to destroy barbarians fast.

Take Domination and Killer Instinct. This will boost your damage, so that you will be able to destroy faster higher levels of barbarians.

Before you go for march speed i would suggest picking Trophy Hunter because that gives you extra resources from the barbarians. This is extremely useful for new players because as you’ll learn fast - you’re always out of resources.

Now get yourself some Thoroughbreds for movement speed so you can get to barbarians faster.

Lohars has a lot of healing, which enables you to go for more damage with Double-Edged Sword. This will increase your damage by 15% and also this will increase damage taken by barbarians by 15%. This talent tree skill has great synergy with Lohar skills. You will be able to destroy barbarians faster but your healing effects received will be increased by 15%.

After Double-Edged Sword, you will take Curing Chant. This will give you a nice amount of healing after you leave battle.

Go back to the support section and get the Elixir and Counterattack. Again great synergy with skills. Elixir will boost your healing by 9% and Counterattack will give you 9% more damage for 3 seconds after your troops receive healing.

Now you should have 3 points left and you can choose at your own preference where you want to invest them. You can go for Mighty Force - Pick this if you are planning to use Lohar for rallying forts if not then go for Loose Formation to reduce skill damage.

With this talent tree build for Lohar, you will be able to destroy barbarians fast, save action points, get extra experience and resources, and you will also receive insane amounts of healing so you can pair Lohar with any commander that you want.