Quarry (July 2020)

quarry Rise Of kingdoms

Quarries are sites where rocks or stones are produced. It is well-known that stone was widely used to make implements with edges and points during the so-called Stone Age. This era corresponded with a new chapter in technological prehistory. ”

The Quarry produces Stone that you can collect.

There is a limitation in Quarry Storage so make sure you collect Stone daily. 

In Rise Of Kingdoms, we have four different buildings that produce resources: Lumber Mill, FarmGold Mine, Quarry.

They are important but not so great. You want to focus on other buildings like the Academy and Castle

You will make many more resources by Farming on the map. 

But maxing resources production building is a very good on-farm account. 

Upgrading Requirements

Quarry LevelStone/HrCapacityPowerUpgrade Requirements
City Hall Lv. Cost Time
13003,00054100 Food 100 Wood 2s
2320 3,200104300 Food 300 Wood 15s
33503,500164500 Food 500 Wood 60s
43903,9003241.0K Food 1.0K Wood 1m 30s
5435 4,3508852.0K Food 2.0K Wood 2m
64904,90019863.5K Food 3.5K Wood 10m
75505,50038775.3K Food 5.3K Wood 30m
86206,20062788.0K Food 8.0K Wood 1h
97107,100934912.0K Food 12.0K Wood 1h 30m
108258,2501,351 1018.0K Food 18.0K Wood 2h
119759,7501,979 1127.5K Food 27.5K Wood 3h
121,16011,6002,9261242.5K Food 42.5K Wood 4h
131,39013,900 4,152 1365.0K Food 65.0K Wood 6h 7m
141,65016,5005,7081497.5K Food 97.5K Wood 8h 3m
152,02520,2507,690 15147.5K Food 147.5K Wood 10h
162,400 24,00010,26016222.5K Food 222.5K Wood 13h 20m
172,77527,75014,00017335.0K Food 335.0K Wood 18h 3m
183,22532,25019,22018525.0K Food 525.0K Wood 22h 13m
193,75037,50026,26019800.0K Food 800.0K Wood 1d 4h
204,35043,50035,860201.2M Food 1.2M Wood 1d 12h
215,02550,25049,300211.8M Food 1.8M Wood 1d 20h
225,85058,50067,780222.7M Food 2.7M Wood 2d 10h
236,75067,50094,060234.1M Food 4.1M Wood 3d 6h
247,80078,000132,500246.3M Food 6.3M Wood 4d 1h
2515,600156,000192,100255.2M Food 3.8M Wood
1x Masters Blueprint
5d 2h