All Rise Of Kingdoms Events With Guides (Apr 2020)


Events are a great source to earn items like speedups, sculptures, etc in Rise Of Kingdoms. Events in Rise Of Kingdoms are there to help people grow faster if they are active and to make the game more interesting. Some events are too hard like The Mightiest Governor event

Doing every event in the game will boost your progress on getting tier 5 units and will help you to upgrade commanders.To find events just click on the top right of your screen. There you will find all upcoming events. Checking upcoming events on the calendar will help you to prepare. 

Here you will find only events that are hardest and complex. Every event will have a guide to help you understand it, do it faster, easier and to get all rewards.

Rise Of kingdoms Cleopatra VII
Rise Of Kingdoms EventsEvent Name Short Description
Rise Of Kingdoms Ian's Ballads Event Ian’s Ballads EventDefeat all Bosses to win great rewards.
Rise Of Kingdoms More Than GemsMore Than Gems EventSpend gems to receive legendary sculptures, golden stars, etc
Kingdom vs Kingdom KVK Event Fight against other kingdoms to win great rewards.
Rise of Kingdoms Ceroli CrisisCeroli Crisis Event Defeat all Bosses to win rewards and coins that you can spend in the shop.
Rise of Kingdoms The Mightiest GovernorThe Mightiest Governor EventCompeting with the kingdom in 5 tasks for great rewards.
Osiris League Betting Event Bet coins on a team that you think will win the League match.
Arms Training EventDefeat Lohars army to get rewards.
Rise Of kingdoms Holy Conqueror Event Guide tipsHoly Conqueror EventDefeat Guardians and collect Runes.
Rise of kingdoms clarion callWar Forever Defeat Barbarians.
How to do Rise of kingdoms Daily Gathering GuideDaily GatheringGather Food, Wood, Stone, and Gold on the Map.
how to win Rise of kingdoms game of Power event guideGame Of PowerIncrease your power by either training troops, building stuff or researching the Academy. For the first place, you can win 20 golden sculptures.
Rise of kingdoms Victorious HeartVictorious HeartTrain troops.
Training Day EventUse speedups to train troops. The first place is 20 Golden sculptures.
Rise of kingdoms clarion callClarion Call EventDefeat barbarians on the map to earn points for rewards.
KING OR THE TRIBES EVENTKing Or The Tribes EventDefeat barbarians on the map to earn points for rewards.
Rise of Kingdoms Lohars trailLohar’s Trial Event Best event for defeating barbarians.
Branching Out EventBranching Out EventCollect all branches to win rewards.