Early Days

Hi, I’m Josip. And the first Rise of Kingdoms page I’ve made, was as a 23 years old student that had a great passion for the game. By the looks of it it was a handmade site from a kid that knew a basis of programming. But unlike the code, the mission of the site was as clean as it could possibly be: “To give back to the Rise of kingdoms community, my alliance and my in-game friends that had helped me a lot.

My Rise of Kingdoms Account

I’ve started playing Rise of Kingdoms 720+ days ago (and counting). I remember I was playing on “Kingdom 2” the oldest kingdom in the game. When I’ve first entered the game I was like ”Here we go, one more ‘pay to win’ game” but I was so wrong. At the very beginning, there was nothing in the game, but the expedition. My first alliance was called UTC – not to mention that the fog was preventing me from seeing other alliances. 

Little by little I was getting better at the game, but I didn’t have the money to spend in-game, so I’ve started my F2P journey. I’ve literally only spent 100 euros in the game. Meaning that I can’t call myself a F2P anymore, but remember I got my T5 as a free to play. 
(Trust me, I know everything on how to get them fast.

History of my gaming experience

First of all, I can proudly call myself a hardcore gamer. The first strategy game I played was the Age of Empires (and to this day it’s one of my favorite games). Then in 2004, I started playing World of Warcraft. Earned a gladiator rank in PVP and was in hardcore raids teams. Then Dota 2 came out. With skills from WoW, I’ve ranked at the Top 200 in Europe and also have participated in (smaller) tournaments. 

Then reality struck and I had to cut down PC playing time because of exams while also working part-time as a student. Today, I am a mobile gamer (a PC part of me still cringes a bit when I admit it, but god damn I’m a mobile player and I love it). I simply needed to play something, anything…so I’ve started searching for new games on Google Play store. After extensive research, I think I’ve downloaded like 5 or 6 games (but they didn’t last long #uninstalled). 

Eventually I’ve ended up seeing a game called “Rise of Kingdoms” that had 200k downloaded, and it looked nice enough to at least give it a try. It was a very new game, there wasn’t much to do at the beginning but it looked like it had potential. As the time went by, new features kept coming in, but the part that made me addicted to the game was the community. 

Rise of Kingdoms has the best community I have ever seen in any game or platform. If you ever have any problems, people from the game will gladly give you tips. Feeling bored or alone? There’s always someone in the game looking for a chat. Long story short, thank you Rise of Kingdoms team for making this game. 

My product (riseofkingdomguides.com) today

 If you were here from the very beginning, you might recall how this site looked like. A bunch of ads, weird layouts, horrible colors, and the lowest pagespeed possible (3/100).  

How can you support this site so that we can make more Rise of Kingdom Guides?

First of all, i can’t thank you enough for visiting this site. With a supporting site like this, I can work less on my current crappy job, and spend more time doing something I love, making useful and engaging content about Rise of Kingdoms. With that being said, if you find this site helpful this is how you can support it:

  • By sharing the site to your friends, guilds, kingdom, forums and facebook groups.
  • By downloading Rise of Kingdoms on your pc (see that button on the top right corner, yes the shiny orange one), I will get a small reward.
  • By subscribing to the mailing list so I can send you new guides and tips.