Commander Sculptures Guide And Requirements

Rise of Kingdoms Sculptures Guide And Requirements

Sculptures in Rise Of Kingdoms are used for upgrading commander skills. We have legendary, epic, advanced and elite commander sculptures. Sculptures are divided also into universal commander sculptures and specific commander sculptures. Commander sculptures can be obtained with completing events, tasks, quests, opening chests, etc. 

Sculptures are very important and you want to get as many as you can, especially legendary sculptures. To summon commander you will need to have 10 commander sculptures and after that, you can start leveling your commander.

But before you start leveling your commander I would recommend that you upgrade the first skill to level 5. Almost every commander, the first skill is the strongest and most important, especially on the legendary commander.

It is not so hard to get Advanced, Elite, and Epic sculptures, and you will have a lot of them but getting Legendary commander sculptures is the hardest thing in the Rise Of Kingdoms.

Legendary sculptures

Rise Of Kingdoms Sculptures

Universal legendary sculpture – There are a lot of places to get universal legendary sculpture and you need to plan and get as much as you can. Every legendary sculpture is important. You can get them with VIP10+, Ark of Osiris, KVK, Events like More Than Gems, etc.

Specific legendary sculptures – are easier to get but the problem with them is you can not focus on one commander because they are random. You can obtain specific legendary sculptures in Event Mightiest Governor, Expedition shop, Special Privilege Chests, Daily Special Offer, in Gold Chests, etc.

One more tip is when you summon a legendary commander you will be able to buy a cheap bundle where you can get 10 universal commander sculptures. In that bundle, you get great value for a low amount of money.

Epic sculptures

Universal and specific epic sculpture- well they are easy to get and you will have a lot of them that you will not use. But if you are a new player it’s very important that you get as much as you can so you can upgrade all your epic commanders.

There are so many places where you can get them. Almost every event will have them. You can get epic sculptures in gold and silver keys, VIP 8+, Expedition shop, with completing Daily Quests, etc. 

I could add more places but I am telling you that almost every event will have them. So do not worry about maxing epic, focus on legendary commanders.

Advanced and Elite sculptures

Advanced and Elite sculptures are not that important because advance and elite commanders are bad. The only commanders that you need from the elite and advanced are gathering commanders. 

The rest of the commanders are so bad that they are not worthy of your time. Focus on getting epic and legendary sculptures. 

You can obtain Advanced and Elite sculptures with silver keys and with some beginner quests and with low-level VIP. Also, you can get some in the expedition shop.

Sculpture requirements

Rise Of Kingdoms Sculptures exchange

The total sculptures that you need for upgrading a legendary commander is 690 legendary commander sculptures. As you can see that most commander sculpture’s requirements are for a legendary commander. That is why maxing legendary commander is the hardest thing in Rise Of Kingdoms so focus on one best commander.

Sculpture Requirements
Skill Points Legendary EpicEliteAdvanced
110 10 10 10
210 10 10 10
31510 10 10
4152010 10
53020 10 10
63020 2010
74020 2010
84030 2010
945 30 2010
1045 30 2020
115030 3020

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