Rise Of Kingdoms Commander Leveling Guide

Rise Of Kingdoms Commander Leveling Guide

Leveling commanders in Rise of Kingdoms is a long process, but it’s not hard. The leveling commander will unlock the skill tree and skills. You can level up commanders by using tomes of knowledge, killing barbarians, forts, guardians, and events.  

How To Level Up Commanders Fast

The best way to level up your commander XP fast

  • Be active
  • Destroy forts daily.
  • Kill barbarians and guardians.
  • Increase your VIP level to produce more action points.
  • Be in the whale alliance.
  • Collect runes
  • Finish events 

The way you level up your commander XP depends on what rewards you want. The most important thing is to optimize your action points. They are the main key to leveling commanders quickly. 

Leveling commander with forts

Leveling a commander by destroying forts is by far the fastest way to level up your commander. For this, you want to be in a high-activity alliance, and a bonus is that with every fort destroyed, you have a chance to receive 50 action points back. For level 5 forts, you will get 46k of experience and other rewards like books of covenant. 

The best commanders if you are a free-to-play player to destroy forts are Boudica and Athelflead, and you can use Cao Cao with 5111 skill as a secondary commander. 

Leveling commanders with forts is great for people who do not have the castle and max level. Because the castle is the hardest building to upgrade in Rise of Kingdoms, and by destroying forts, you will get books of covenant

Leveling commander with barbarians

Rise Of kingdoms Leveling commanders with barbarians

Now, this is great if you do not have time to destroy the commander or if you do not have a strong commander to destroy barbarians’ forts.

By far the best commanders that you want to use as primary commanders are Lohar and Aethelflaed. They will increase your experience gain for commanders by 35%. You must have them as main commanders because of their talent, which will increase damage to barbarians and reduce the cost of action points that are needed to attack barbarians.

One of the great bonuses of leveling up commanders with barbarians is the drop of gems and training speedups.

The best time to level up your commander XP with barbarians is during KVK time. Barbarians are at a higher level, and you will get more experience and gems. If you are planning to level up your ROK commanders with barbarians, try to find a rune that will increase your experience gain.

Leveling commander with guardians

Rise Of Kingdoms Guardians

The best guardians that you can kill are in zone 3 of the map and the KVK. For killing guardians, you do not need action points. But before killing guardians, you want to have all the peacekeeping commanders that will increase your commander’s experience, and you want to find a rune that will increase that more. The bonus for killing guardians is that you have a chance to get blueprints for gear.

Leveling up with events

Rise of Kingdoms has a lot of events that will give you a ton of knowledge. Events are great for boosting your leveling. So activity is key. They will not give you much, but every XP is important.

Try to do every event that is in the game, not only for the experience that you will get but also because you will get other nice rewards.

Leveling commander Boosts

Leveling boost that will help you is 

  • Taking runes for experience gain when killing barbarians 
  • Take action point recovery runs so you can produce more action points. 
  • Have a shrine of radiance to increase your action point recovery. 
  • Have a high VIP level for more action point recovery.

This will make your leveling speed much faster. Be active, and you will level up any commander.

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