Gathering Guide: How to gather fast in ROK 2021

Fast Gathering in Rise of Kingdoms guide

Farming in the Rise of Kingdoms is very important. You need resources for everything so knowing how to farm will help you to progress faster. You need to learn how to farm. I am going to show you exactly how you can gather an insane amount of resources in the shortest time possible so that you can use it for for power up your city, troops and battle your enemies in ROK.

You can optimize and gather more resources by:

  • Using gathering commander
  • Upgrading VIP levels
  • Kingdom Title
  • Alliance Title
  • Gathering runes
  • Gathering items
  • Your Technology
  • Alliance technology
  • Gathering On alliance territory

To find out how much farming bonuses you can go into the city hall click the graph icon that you can scroll down to gathering. Now you can see speed is broken down by the type of resource.

Best Gather Commanders

Now in Rise of Kingdoms you have commanders that are used for gathering. The commander that you will use for farming has gathering talent tree. Best Commanders that you will use for gathering are: 

How to get Constance

Constance is one of the best gathering commanders in Rise of Kingdoms. You can get Constance through the Expedition. When she is maxed she will give you a lot of bonus resources after she completes gathering. You want to max her as soon as you can.

Getting Constance in Rise Of Kingdoms Expedition

How to send right gathering commander

The game will auto choose best commanders but that is not always best. If you have let’s say 3 gathering commanders that are level 37 and have max gathering skills. 

You do not want to send 2 of your best-gathering commanders on the same farm. Remember that only talents from the main commander work.

 Best is to remove secondary commander and you choose him. You can leave the primary commander.

Gathering talent tree

You want your gathering commander on level 37. With level 37 you can unlock Superior tools that will increase gathering speed by 25%. Here you can check gathering talents: 

Gathering speed boost

Gathering speed boost you must use daily. You can buy it at the courier station. Only buy it with resources. 

Do not spend gems on this. You will be able to buy 2 types of gathering speed boost. 

They will give you a 50% gathering speed. The only thing where they are different is in duration. One is 8h and the other one is 24h.

Gathering speed Boost in Rise of Kingdoms

Gathering titles

Now, this is harder to get. If you are r4 of alliance you can ask your leader to give you a saint title that will give you a 10% gathering speed boost. If you are good with the king on the server you can ask him to give you Queen title will give you 15% gathering speed.

Alliance titles for boosting gathering speed in Rise of Kingdoms

VIP Gathering bonus

VIP level will boost your gathering speed too. So work on your VIP level it will make your life in-game so much better.

Vip 11 will increase gathering Gathering speed Rise of kingdoms


Economic Technology is more important Military technology at the start of the game. You need to find a good balance in researching. You do not need to have max Economic Technology but try to get it to a good level.
If you have a farm account then you can go immediately max on your economic technology. It is worth it in the long run.

Your alliance technology is also important so if you are a new player try to join the best alliance on your server. Not only that you benefit from alliance technology but you will benefit from holy sites. there are holy sites that your alliance can occupy that will give you gathering bonuses.

Rise of kingdoms alliance technology for gathering

Gathering Runes

You can always find on map gathering runes. Before sending your troops to gather you want to make sure that you take one rune. There are different types of runes. But try to find one that will give you gathering speed buff on all types of resources. 

Gathering Rune in Rise of Kingdoms for boosting gathering speed

Gathering on Alliance Territory

Just gather on your alliance’s territory. This is so simple is a thing to increase your gathering speed. If you check your Alliance structures like a flag and you tap on the info button you will see that gathering on your
Alliance territory will give you 25% of gathering speed.

Try to gather on your alliance territory because not only that you will get bonus speed but you will also fill up your alliance storage.

That is why you will see a lot of serious alliance teleporting on the edge of the border. So resources can spawn on alliance territory.

Sometime you will not be able to find resources on your alliance territory with search option so you will have to zoom out and look further from your city.

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    1. Yes, it helps, but is it worth it? If you are free to play or a small spender it is better to invest in fighting gear instead of farming/gathering gear.

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