Rise of Kingdoms Gathering Guide: How to Gather Fast 2024

Fast Gathering in Rise of Kingdoms guide

It’s pretty advantageous for you to farm for resources in Rise of Kingdoms; let me tell you why. In the rise of kingdoms, you can use your resources to level up your city and troops, and it will even help you gain bonuses that will make it easier for you to battle your enemies and make your troops stronger. 

In this article, we will cover the best commanders, talent trees, all the ways you can increase your gathering speed, technology, and runes, gathering for troops, and all the numerous ways in which you can gather more resources in the rise of kingdoms.

You can optimize and gather more resources by:

  • Using gathering commander
  • Upgrading VIP levels
  • Kingdom Title
  • Alliance Title
  • Gathering runes
  • Gathering items
  • Your Technology
  • Alliance technology
  • Gathering On alliance territory

To find out how much farming bonus you have, go into your Rise of Kingdoms city hall and click the graph icon, then scroll down to gathering. The breakdown of speed by resource type is evident.

Best Gather Commanders

Let us talk about the best commanders that you can use in Rise of Kingdoms for gathering. It is integral that the commander you choose has the gathering talent tree. Some commanders that do have this tree are Joan-of-Arc iconJoan Of Arc, Constance, Gaius Marius, Šárka, Centurion, and Cleopatra iconCleopatra.

Out of these commanders, Constance is undoubtedly the best because she can provide you with bonus resources. You should ensure that her skills are at the highest level.

It is important to note that while you play this game, your commanders will be selected automatically. This is important to note because sometimes the automatically allocated commanders do not give you the most value from your game. 

For example, you would want to spread out all your commanders evenly across different farms, so you should keep each primary commander on a different farm. Your secondary commander does not matter because their skills will not be used anyway.

How to get Constance

Constance is one of the Rise of Kingdoms’ best gathering commanders. Constance can be obtained through the expedition. When she is maxed out, she will reward you with a large number of bonus resources once she has finished gathering. You want to max her out as soon as possible.

Getting Constance in Rise Of Kingdoms Expedition

How to send right gathering commander

The game will automatically choose the best commanders, but that is not always the case.

If you have, let’s say, three gathering commanders that are level 37 and have max gathering skills, you do not want to send two of your best-gathering commanders on the same farm. Keep in mind that only talents from the main commander are used.

It’s best to remove the secondary commander and pick him up. You can leave the primary commander.

Gathering talent tree

It is important that you level up your gathering commander to level 37. Once you reach this point, you will have access to bonuses like “superior tools” that increase gathering speed by around 25%. That is a massive amount. Imagine all the extra resources you will be able to gather because of this 25% speed-up. Refer to the list of commanders I have mentioned above in order to ensure that you choose a gathering commander for the game. Then you won’t have to worry about anything. You will have a lot of resources in your hands. 

Gathering speed boost

It would be best if you used the speed boost for gathering. You can access this through the courier station. You should make sure that you buy it with your resources and not with your gems. Let me elaborate on why. This is because you will get to buy two different types of speed boosts. One of them will increase your gathering speed by 50% for eight hours. The other will also increase your gathering speed by 50% but for an entire day!

So remember to keep this in mind while you are gathering. 

Gathering speed Boost in Rise of Kingdoms

Gathering titles

Compared to getting speed boosts, gathering titles is significantly harder. For instance, if you are the r4 in the alliance that you are part of, only then can you obtain these titles. At this moment, you can request the leader of our alliance to give you a saint title, which will give you a 10% rise in your gathering speed. You can also ask for the “queen title,” which will increase your gathering speed by 15%.

Alliance titles for boosting gathering speed in Rise of Kingdoms

VIP Gathering bonus

Your VIP level will also have the ability to increase your gathering speed. The level of your VIP corresponds to how high your gathering speed will become, so if you want a long-term increase in your gathering speed, it is important that you focus on your VIP level. This will maximize the speed at which you can gather, bring a lot of value to your game, and help you gather more resources in the long term. 

Vip 11 will increase gathering Gathering speed Rise of kingdoms


Economic Technology is more important Military technology at the start of the game.

Economic technology is more crucial. At the start of the game, military technology was available. In order to conduct effective research, you must strike a balance. You do not need to have maximum economic technology, but you should strive for a good level.

You can immediately max out your economic technology if you have a farm account. In the long run, it is worthwhile.

The technology of your alliance is also important, so if you are a new player, try to join the best alliance on your server. You will benefit not only from alliance technology but also from holy sites. There are holy sites that your alliance can occupy to gain collection bonuses.

Rise of kingdoms alliance technology for gathering

Gathering Runes

Next, we will talk about where you can find gathering runes. The answer is on the map! You should make sure that you take out a rune before you order your troops to go on a gathering hunt. 

If you end up finding a rune, it will provide you with an increase in your gathering speed for all the different resources you are using. This buff is obviously very remarkable and should be given a lot of attention by the players in the game. 

So do remember to keep an eye on the runes.

Gathering Rune in Rise of Kingdoms for boosting gathering speed

Gathering on Alliance Territory

How do you gather your alliance territory, you ask? Let me give you a quick description of how to do so. 

First, you need to unite your troops on the border of the alliance that you are part of. This will very easily increase your gathering speed, so if you look into the “alliance structures” on your game and go on like a flag, and then after that, tap the info button, This way, you will be able to see that there is 25% additional gathering speed. How easy is this? All you need to do is bring your troops to the alliance, and you’ve got an additional 25% gathering speed. Who wouldn’t want that? 

You should make sure that you are on the territory of your alliance because this will even add up to the alliance storage. This makes you add value to your alliance as well as have a personal advantage. This will also give the remaining members of your alliance pressure to do the same, and hence, as the game progresses, you will find many resources on the territory of the alliance. If you still cannot find the resources even after this, do not worry. Sometimes the resources are a little far away, so you might have to search for them far away from the city.

Gathering troops 

tier 1 siege units

You may think about how to successfully identify and keep up-to-date with the rise of the kingdom’s best-gathering commander at this time. You can read suggestions from experienced players of this game and learn various aspects of this game on a regular basis hereafter. You will get exceptional benefits and be encouraged to use suggestions to gather resources for improving your level further. 

The Siege Unit is one of the best units for farming. Every user of the T1 siege units gets more than expected farming benefits. This is because they are designed to carry four times more resources per unit than other troops, are easy to train because of their quite cheap nature, take little time to train, and the overall time and cost to heal them are fast and cheap.

You can begin a step and make a good decision to keep up-to-date with gathering commanders. You will make a well-informed decision and be encouraged to achieve the goal in this game. 

Experienced players of the Rise of Kingdoms always use gathering commanders to go farming. They send a second farming commander to go with their main commander to reduce the farming time and carry the maximum resources as their skills can stack up against each other. They do not forget that the talent of the gathering commander does not stack. 

They send commanders that have a bonus point, such as Gaius Marius, Cleopatra VII, and Constance, for farming alliance resource deposits. They do not bring a non-gathering commander for harvesting resources. 

Tips and tricks to help you gather more

The last section of this article will give you a brief overview of some of the tips and tricks that you could use to gather more resources for the rise of kingdoms. Read these carefully because they will add a lot of value to your game. I have mentioned all of these already, but I will go over them once again. This should summarize everything that the article has talked about so far.

The best way to gather as many resources is, first and foremost, by ensuring you use a gathering commander that has a gathering tree. This will maximize your ability to gather resources. You should also gather runes and items. You should, furthermore, upgrade to a higher VIP level because the higher your VIP level, the faster you will be able to gather.

You should ensure that you use the correct technology in order to get the most benefits. Attaining kingdom titles will enable you to enjoy a faster gathering pace. You should also ensure that you gather on the territory of your alliance in order for resources to appear and for you to benefit from them. Make sure that you gather all the gems from the Lyceum of Wisdom with the help of our list of all Rise of Kingdoms Peerless Scholar Answers.

If you want to check how much your farming bonus is, all you need to do is go to city hall and tap on the icon with the graph on it. Once you scroll and choose gathering, you will be able to see your gathering speed. 

So, if this article has opened your eyes to the importance of resource gathering, it is integral that you implement all the tips and tricks we have mentioned in the guide. The most crucial tip that requires extra attention is the use of a gathering commander. This way, you are guaranteed to get a lot of resources. Do not forget that you can get free resources with redemption codes

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    1. Yes, it helps, but is it worth it? If you are free to play or a small spender it is better to invest in fighting gear instead of farming/gathering gear.

      1. Farming equipment only uses animal bones as material plus blueprints and gold of course. Animal bones are exclusive to farming equipment. Since blueprints and materials don’t crossover between farming equipment and fighting equipment, and since gold can be gathered faster with better farming equipment, I think it’s better to make some farming gear. It’s a good investment if you’re active in sending your farmers out to gather.
        However, you should refrain from using equipment material choice chests and blueprint choice chests for farming gear, only use what you have in animal bones and blueprints.

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