How To Get Book Of Covenant and Castle Upgrade Requirement

How To get books of covenant in rise of kingdoms and upgrade castle

One of the most difficult things to accomplish in Rise of Kingdoms is to upgrade your Castle. This can only be done by using the power of the Book of Covenant. However, the Book of Covenant is extremely rare to get since no event generates it.

Upgrading Castle is a pretty long (and painful) process that will require a lot of time and dedication. Keep in mind that you need to be active every single day just to upgrade your Castle to level 25. This is important because if you have a Castle at level 25, you can then upgrade your academy to the same level, meaning that you can start researching your tier 5 troops.

With that being said, this guide is going to focus on Castle upgrades. Think of it as a combination of my personal in-game experience and some general Rise of Kingdoms tips that are publicly available. The key aspects we’ll be talking about are Castle upgrade requirements, the cost of castle upgrades, and the fastest way to get the Book of Covenant.

How to get Book Of Covenant?

Well, it’s quite straightforward. All you have to do is start destroying forts as much as you can. As time goes on, your need for the required amount is going to exponentially increase. Just from level 24 to level 25, you’ll need 5,000 Books of Covenant.

If you’re impatient and willing to spend money, this is the place where you can invest your gems. Regardless of what you choose to do, the best time to buy the Book of Covenant is during the “More than Gems” event.

While I’m out here giving you good advice on what to do, in my beginner (noob) days, I must admit I took the harder way. Farming barbarian forts like crazy and purchasing the Rise of Kingdoms Book of Covenant with all of the gems that I would get.

Getting Rise of Kingdoms Books of covenant with VIP

Different ways of getting the book of covenant in the Rise of Kingdoms?

Ways of getting the Book of Covenant vary a lot in the Rise of Kingdoms. From very expensive ones like the VIP Shop Chest to the very tedious ones, such as farming barbarian forts.

VIP Shop Chests: as mentioned, they are very expensive, but if you are looking to get the Book of Covenant alongside some golden commanders, it might be your way to go.

Spending Gems: If you don’t decide to spend gems on the Book of Covenants, trust me when I say that you will never upgrade your castle to level 25. My advice is to spend your gems on the Book of Covenant during the “More than Gems” event. It’s the best time to use gems, and you can also get nice rewards during the event itself. Whenever it’s up, just focus on doing the required tasks to complete objectives and missions and claim your rewards.

Alliance chests: When someone in your alliance buys a chest in-game, you will have a chance to get the Book of Covenant (the amount that you most frequently end up getting is usually 10 books).

Farming barbarian forts: The name of the game here is to get the most Books of Covenant with fewer (lower) attack points. To achieve this, you first need a peacekeeper commander and a farm account. Here’s how to do it:

  • You need to go far away from your alliance.
  •  You will have to attack the forts with both of your accounts. While it’s quite hard to destroy forts that are level 4 (or) 5, you can easily go solo on forts that are levels 1,2, and 3.
  •  The trick here is to start the rally on level 3 Fort with your main account, and then you just join the rally with your farm (second) account.
  •  Furthermore, when you’re playing on your farm account, start rallying at Fort Level 2, and then proceed back to the main account and join the rally.
  •  It’s quite easy once you get used to switching accounts. From that point on, you just need to repeat this as much as you can. 
  •  It will be easier if you play Rise of Kingdoms on PC.

After reading all of the bullets above, you’re probably wondering, “Why on earth should I be doing this?”. The answer is simple: you should be doing this because, as the overall damage count being dealt to the fourth increases, so does the drop chance (percentage) of getting the Book of Covenant. It seems easy, but it took me so long to realize the importance of this.

Now that we have the Books of Covenant, let’s see how to upgrade our castle.

Castle Upgrade Requirements

Castle upgrade requirements may not be your primary focus at the start of the game, but as soon as you get to the tier 5 troops, upgrading the castle will become your only priority.

Keep in mind that you can’t upgrade your academy without having a castle at level 25. What is more, to upgrade your castle to level 25, you will need to have all of your buildings upgraded to level 25.

The main point I want to raise here, and please read it carefully and repeat it to yourself every time you play Rise of Kingdoms and want to use your speedups: Don’t use your speedups on research when you get close to tier 5 troops without having your castle and academy upgraded to level 25 before that.

What will happen if you start using speedups near Tier 5 troops?

You’ll end up having max technology that you can have for Academy Level 24, and there won’t be anything left to upgrade. You will lose days and days without upgrading, just because you don’t have both castle and academy upgraded to level 25.

It happened to me, and I sincerely ask you to learn from my mistakes.

(BTW, that’s also the whole point of this entire website: to show other players all the mistakes I’ve made so that they hopefully don’t repeat them.)

Castle Upgrade Cost

Book of Covenant in Rise of Kingdoms

Believe it or not, castle upgrade costs in resources are not that expensive, like upgrading a gold mine. But when you add the cost of gems and action points, it does end up being the most expensive building in the Rise of Kingdoms.

To upgrade your castle to level 25, you won’t need a blueprint that costs 2k gems, but you will need a lot of Books of Covenant.

Here’s a table overview of Castle Level cost measured by the amount of Books of Covenant and the costs in gems.

Castle Level Cost in Book of CovenantCost in Gems
Level 100
Level 2220
Level 3550
Level 4880
Level 515150
Level 620200
Level 730300
Level 840400
Level 950500
Level 1070700
Level 1180800
Level 121001,000
Level 131251,250
Level 141501,500
Level 153003,000
Level 165005,000
Level 177007,000
Level 189009,000
Level 19120012,000
Level 20150015,000
Level 21180018,000
Level 22200020,000
Level 23250025,000
Level 24300030,000
Level 25500050,000
The total cost of all castle levels 20,095200,950

Okay, but what does this mean for me?

If you look at the table, you will need 20,095 Books of Covenant to go from level 1 castle to level 25 castle upgrade.

When it comes to gems, for 10 gems, you can get 1 book, meaning that the total cost is 200,950 gems.

For those of you who are interested in the cost of action points, I have to be honest and say that it is almost impossible to get the right calculation, but we can get close to a rough estimate.

In the end, for 20,095 Books of Covenant, you will need to destroy 4,017 forts, and that will result in 602,610 action points. Keep in mind that this is a rough estimate because of the other factors that can impact the results, like adding peacekeeper commanders, KVK Forts, getting drops without any books, etc.

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    1. The best efficient way is to spend gems on books of covenant during more than gems events. You will get great value for your gems. To get all gold sculptures from more than gems you will spend 2x 25000 gems on books of covenant and that means that you will get 5000 of them.

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