Rise of Kingdoms Commander Pairings

Ultimate ROK commander pairings list

This is the best Rise Of Kingdoms Commanders Pairs list that is now in the game. It’s made by a strong server that is old for more than 700 days. All commanders have different roles in Rise Of Kingdoms and different talents.

So it’s important to know what commander you will use as primary and secondary and what commander pairs have best synergies together.

In this list, you will find best commander pairings in Rise Of Kingdoms for Field battles, for destroying barbarian forts, for defending, for a rally, etc. With this list, you can use our Tier List and Best commander Talent Tree Builds.

Best Calvary Commander Pairs

There are a lot of cavalry commanders in Rise Of Kingdoms but you can’t pair them randomly. You must pair cavalry commanders that have synergy with skills and talent tree.

CommanderBest paired withAlso good with 
BaibarsBaibarsMinamotoMinamotoCao-CaoCao Cao
BaibarsBaibarsAethelflaedAethelflaedSun-TzuSun TzuMinamotoMinamoto
BelisariusCao-CaoCao Cao
MinamotoMinamotoCao-CaoCao CaoPelagiusPelagiusBaibarsBaibars
G. KhanG. Khan
SaladinSaladinPelagiusPelagiusCao-CaoCao Cao
AethelflaedAethelflaedSun-TzuSun Tzu
Joan-of-ArcJoan of ArcBaibarsBaibars
SaladinSaladinG. KhanG. Khan
Cao-CaoCao Cao
Cao-CaoCao CaoMinamotoMinamotoBelisariusSaladinSaladin

Best Infantry Commander Pairs

Infantry commanders are easier to pair and it’s hard to choose wrong because they have related skills but still, they are commanders pairs that have better synergy with skills and talent tree than other commander pairs.

CommanderBest paired withAlso good with 
Sun TzuSun TzuRichardRichardYi-Seong-GyeYi Seong-Gye
RichardRichardCharles MartelCharles MartelAlexanderAlexanderConstantineConstantine
Charles MartelCharles MartelRichardRichardConstantineConstantine
Sun TzuSun Tzu
AlexanderAlexanderCharles MartelCharles MartelYi-Seong-GyeYi Seong-Gye
Charles MartelCharles MartelAlexanderAlexanderRichardRichard
Guan-YuGuan YuYi-Seong-GyeYi Seong-Gye
AlexanderAlexanderSun TzuSun Tzu
LeonidasLeonidasCharles MartelCharles MartelAlexanderAlexanderRichardRichard
PakalCheokGuan-YuGuan-YuSun TzuSun Tzu

Best Archery Commander Pairs

When it comes to archer pairs you must be careful and pair commanders with the best synergy with skills and talent tree. With Pairing the wrong archer commander you will lose so much damage and survivability.

CommanderBest paired withAlso good with 
Yi-Seong-GyeYi Seong-Gye
HermannHermannYi-Seong-GyeYi Seong-Gye
KusonokiKusonokiYi-Seong-GyeYi Seong-Gye
El-CidEl-CidArtemisiaArtemisia HermannHermannYi-Seong-GyeYi Seong-Gye
ArtemisiaArtemisia El-CidEl-CidYi-Seong-GyeYi Seong-Gye
RamessesRamesses Yi-Seong-GyeYi Seong-Gye
ArtemisiaArtemisia HermannHermann
EdwardEdwardTomyrisTomyrisYi-Seong-GyeYi Seong-Gye
Cyrus NebuchadnezzarYi Seong-GyeYi Seong-Gye
NebuchadnezzarCyrus Yi Seong-GyeYi Seong-Gye

Best Commander Pairs for Barbarian Fort

These are commanders that have the best synergy with skills, talent tree and bonus damage against barbarians forts. You can not go wrong with these commander pairs but you must have the right talent tree build.

CommanderBest paired withAlso good with 
BelisariusBelisariusCao CaoCao CaoAethelflaedAethelflaedMinamotoMinamoto
BoudicaBoudicaCao CaoCao CaoMinamotoMinamotoAethelflaedAethelflaed
MinamotoMinamotoCao CaoCao CaoAethelflaedAethelflaedBelisariusBelisarius
AethelflaedAethelflaedMinamotoMinamotoCao CaoCao CaoBoudicaBoudica

Best Defending Commader Pairs

This is a list of commanders pairs for defending flags, forts and Ark of Osiris Objectives. They are great pairs against top tier rallying commanders. If you do not have these commanders I would advise you to let someone who has these commanders to defend.

CommanderBest paired withAlso good with 
RichardRichardCharles MartelCharles MartelConstantineConstantineYi Seong-GyeYi Seong-Gye
Charles MartelCharles MartelRichardRichardConstantineConstantineYi Seong-GyeYi Seong-Gye
ConstantineConstantineWu ZetianWu Zetian
Charles MartelCharles MartelRichardRichard
Wu ZetianWu Zetian
ConstantineConstantineCharles MartelCharles MartelYi Seong-GyeYi Seong-Gye
ArtemisiaArtemisia El CidEl Cid
Yi Seong-GyeYi Seong-Gye
TheodoraZenobiaYi-Sun-SinWu ZetianWu Zetian
ZenobiaTheodoraYi-Sun-SinWu ZetianWu Zetian
Yi-Sun-SinTheodoraZenobiaWu ZetianWu Zetian
Wu ZetianWu Zetian

Best Rally Commader Pairs

CommanderBest paired withAlso good with 
RichardRichardCharles MartelCharles MartelAlexanderAlexanderYi Seong-GyeYi Seong-Gye
SaladinSaladinAttilaAttilaG. KhanG. Khan
Yi Seong-GyeYi Seong-Gye
Yi Seong-GyeYi Seong-Gye
EdwardEdwardTomyrisTomyrisRamessesRamessesYi Seong-GyeYi Seong-Gye
Guan-YuGuan Yu
AlexanderAlexanderYi Seong-GyeYi Seong-Gye
RamessesRamessesYi Seong-GyeYi Seong-Gye
AlexanderAlexanderCharles MartelCharles MartelYi Seong-GyeYi Seong-Gye

These are commanders that are insanely good for rallying flags, forts and Ark of Osiris Objectives. They have great synergy with skills and talent tree build. If you do not have it I would advise you to let someone else do the rally.

Best Epic Commander Pairs

These are the best epic commander pairs that you can make. They will work great on new kingdoms. So do not be scared to test them out.

CommanderBest paired withAlso good with 
PelagiusPelagiusBaibarsBaibarsSun TzuSun TzuOsmanOsman
Sun TzuSun TzuMundeokEuljiOsmanOsmanScipioScipio
MundeokEuljiOsmanOsmanSun TzuSun TzuScipioScipio
HermannHermannKusonokiKusonokiSun TzuSun TzuBoudicaBoudica
KusonokiKusonokiHermannHermannSun TzuSun TzuBoudicaBoudica
DiaochanJoan-of-ArcJoan-of-ArcLoharCao CaoCao Cao