City Hall Requirements And Upgrades in ROK

City Hall Requirements And Upgrades Rise Of Kingdoms

The most important building in Rise Of Kingdoms is City Hall, which serves as the foundation for all other structures. Upgrades and requirements for City Hall are high; you must upgrade other buildings before you can upgrade your city hall. You will gain many benefits by upgrading your city hall, so try to do so as soon as possible.

City Hall is the only building in ROK that you must construct as soon as possible because it will unlock many benefits.

  • Unlocks technology
  • A number of dispatches – the more troops you can dispatch, the faster you will be able to farm, destroy barbarians, and obtain tier 5 units.
  • Troop Capacity – the more troops you can send with each commander , the better your chances of gathering , destroying barbarians, fighting, and so on.
  • Hospital increase- upgrading hospital so you do not lose troops.
  • Era Breakthrough Rewards for City Hall Upgrades

After you have upgraded your ROK city hall to level 25, you can begin to focus on the castle and academy in order to research your tier 5 troops more quickly. You can also play Rise Of Kingdoms PC for a more immersive experience.

To get to level 25, you must use universal speedups on City Hall, but you should no use them on the other buildings.

Do not be concerned if you upgraded your CH to level 25 without purchasing a growth bundle. You will be able to purchase it later and receive all rewards from level 1 to level 25.

Rise Of Kingdoms City Hall Requirements And Cost

ROK City Hall Upgrade Requirements

Stone Age City Hall       
City Hall LevelUnlocksRequirementsTroop
2Lumber Mill (1st)
Archery Range
Scout Camp
None3,000Food 3.5K
Wood 3.5K
3Farm (2nd)
Alliance Center
Wall Lv.24,000Food 6.5K
Wood 6.5K
Bronze Age City Hall      
City Hall LevelUnlocksRequirements Troop
4Quarry (1st)
Hospital (2nd)
Wall Lv.35,000 food 11.8K
wood 11.8K
5Lumber Mill (2nd)
Siege Workshop
2nd march queue
Wall Lv.4
Hospital Lv.4
7,000 food 21.3K
wood 21.3K
1h 383
6Farm (3rd)
Courier Station
Wall Lv.5
Scout Camp Lv.5
9,000Food 36.3K
Wood 36.3K
Stone 12K
7Quarry (2nd)
Wall Lv.6
Storehouse Lv.6
12,000Food 54.4K
Wood 54.4K
Stone 19.2K
8Lumber Mill (3rd)
Tier 2 troops
Wall Lv.7
Barracks Lv.7
15,000Food 81.8K
Wood 81.8K
Stone 30.8K
9Hospital (3rd)
Farm (3rd)
Wall Lv.8
Alliance Center Lv.8
19,000Food 122.8K
Wood 122.8K
Stone 49.2K
Iron age City Hall      
City Hall LevelUnlocks Requirements Troop
10Quarry (3rd)
Goldmine (1st)
Trading Post
Wall Lv.9
Academy Lv.9
23,000Food 184.3K
Wood 184.3K
Stone 78.7K
1d 10,933
11Lumber Mill (4th)
3rd march queue
Wall Lv.10
Hospital Lv.10
28,000Food 277.5K
Wood 277.5K
Stone 120.0K
1d 6h 16,723
12Goldmine (2nd) Wall Lv.11
Storehouse Lv.11
33,000Food 417.5K
Wood 417.5K
Stone 180.0K
1d 16h 24,693
13Quarry (4th)Wall Lv.12
38,000Food 627.5K
Wood 627.5K
Stone 270.0K
2d 2h 35,213
14Goldmine (3rd)Wall Lv.13
Alliance Center Lv.13
Trading Post Lv.13
44,000Food 942.5K
Wood 942.5K
Stone 405.0K
2d 12h48,838
15Hospital (4th) Wall Lv.14
Scout Camp Lv.14
50,000Food 1.4M
Wood 1.4M
Stone 607.5K
2d 22h66,400
Dark age City Hall      
City Hall Level Unlocks Requirements Troop
16Goldmine (4th)
Tier 3 troops
Wall Lv.15
Academy Lv.15
64,000Food 2.1M
Wood 2.1M
Stone 912.5K
174th march queueWall Lv.16
Hospital Lv.16
64,000Food 3.2M
Wood 3.2M
Stone 1.4M
4d 20h 125,005
18NoneWall Lv.17
Storehouse Lv.17
72,000Food 4.8M
Wood 4.8M
Stone 2.1M
5d 20h170,590
19NoneWall Lv.18
Stable Lv.18
80,000Food 7.2M
Wood 7.2M
Stone 3.1M
20NoneWall Lv.19
Alliance Center Lv.19
90,000Food 10.8M
Wood 10.8M
Stone 4.7M
8d 6h318,769
Feudal Age City Hall      
City Hall Level Unlocks Requirements Troop
21Tier 4 troops Wall Lv.20
Academy Lv.20
100,000Food 16.2M
Wood 16.2M
Stone 7.0M
225th march queueWall Lv.21
Hospital Lv.21
110,000Food 24.3M
Wood 24.3M
Stone 10.6M
17d 3h 630,860
23NoneWall Lv.22
Storehouse Lv.22
120,000Food 36.5M
Wood 36.5M
Stone 15.9M
23d 23h 907,085
24NoneWall Lv.23
Siege Workshop Lv.23
130,000 Food 54.8M
Wood 54.8M
Stone 24.0M
36d 1,322,48
25Tier 5 troops Wall Lv.24
Trading Post Lv.24
150,000Food 82.2M
Wood 82.2M
Stone 36.0M
Master's Blueprint
126d 8h 2,195,458

Era Breakthrough

Era Breakthrough will give you a nice boost with rewards. Era Breakthrough is a permanent event is Rise Of Kingdoms that every player will have. Also to get more rewards you can use rok codes.

Era Breakthrough Rise of kingdoms event for city hall
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