Rise Of Kingdoms Commander Talent Tree Builds

Commander Talent Trees are one of the most important aspects of the Rise of Kingdoms game. Different commanders tend to outperform with different talent builds in different game situations. For every activity you are about to do (e.g. farming barbarians, fighting on field, rallying), there’s always a suitable talent tree build waiting for your commander.

First and foremost, any Commander with a proper talent tree build will always win. I’ve seen it many times, in my personal gaming experience. A Tier 5 player losing games against a Tier 4 player just because they have been using the wrong talent tree build.

To help you avoid the same mistake, we have collected the best talent tree builds available online. All of these have been heavily tested in-game among myself and other kingdom members. It’s also important to highlight that we tend to keep all talent tree builds updated as we discover different ways of winning for different commanders.

With that being said, if you have questions or concerns about any of our talent tree builds, please share it in the comments section. Also try to play Rise Of Kingdoms On PC, it will improve your gaming experience drastically and use ROK Redeem Codes.

Before we dive into details for every Commander, here’s just a quick overview on how talent tree builds work in Rise of Kingdoms.

  • Maximum commander level is 60.
  • Maximum number of talent points is 74.
  • Only your primary commander is using talents, the secondary commander doesn’t.
  • The most important thing to do is to level up your primary commander to 60.
  • After that, you can level up your secondary commander to 30 so you can unlock all of their skills.
  • IMPORTANT: “Do not level more than one commander at once.”
  • Use our official talent tree builds to make the most out of your talent points.
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That’s it folks. You should be good to proceed. All you have to do now is click on the name of the commander that you want to check and then click on the talent tree build picture to expand it. Feel free to download and share it with your alliance members.

Shout out to  ROK Talent Builder for enabling us to use their tool to visualize talent tree builds.

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