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Rise Of Kingdoms The Mightiest Governor Event Guide

The Mightiest Governor is the single most important event in Rise Of Kingdoms. During the event, you’ll have a chance to get new legendary commanders . You will be able to choose what legendary commander sculptures you want from 3 offered commanders.

The Mightiest Governor event includes 6 stages. Every stage lasts for 24 hours with the final stage that will last for 48h

Before we begin, you should really check how old is the server you’re currently playing on? This is because old servers have a tendency to be packed with tier 5 players who spend a lot of time (and money) in the game. Hence, if you don’t have tier 5 units I’d suggest you simply skip The Mightiest Governor event.

Why? Because you’ll be wasting both your time and speedups, and you won’t be able to get to the top position of The Mightiest Governor event.

Instead, it’s better to save your speedups or simply invest them in researching Tier 5. Check out our Tier 5 guide if you want more information on how to do it faster.

If you are free to play (or not a big spender) you’ll have to prepare for the Mightiest Governor event at least 3 months (or more) before. Use Rise of Kingdoms Redeem Codes To get some free stuff that will help you a lot with Mightiest Governor.

Check out our Mightiest Governor Calculator

The Mightiest Governor Phases

There are 5 phases in The Mightiest Governor event:

  1. Training Troops 
  2. Defeating Barbarians 
  3. Gathering Resources
  4. Increasing Power
  5. Eliminating Enemies
  6. Final Sprint

Training Troops

The Training Troops stage is very important. During Phase 1 you can get a lot of points. Here are some general tips:

  1. Train before the event starts
    Use Troop Reserves Items before the event starts. Do this 7 days before the beginning of the event. Calculate how much time you’ll need to train 20k troops. Then take a look at when the next event starts. This will give you a lot of points.
  2. Training Buffs
    Find an alliance that has the most training speed shrines and join them. Find a rune that will give you training speed. Ask your king for the duke title. Wait for Kingdoms buff for train troops. You can change your civilization for more training speed.
  3. Upgrading troops 
    It’s best to upgrade from Tier 4 to Tier 5 troops. This will give you the most points for fewer training speedups. Which explains why it’s important to have tier 5 troops unlocked.

Defeating Barbarians

Rise Of Kingdoms Farming Barbarians with less attack points

You’ll need to use peacekeeping commanders like Boudica and Lohar. With peacekeeping commanders and the right talent, you will get a reduction of 20 attack points.

10 attack points will be reduced by peacekeeping talents and for every barbarian you kill you’ll get 2 attack points reduction that can be stacked 5 times.

Don’t return your troops to the city because the stack you’ve accumulated will reset.

You’d want to focus on level 25 barbarians because they’ll generate most of the points.

You can also use AOE commanders Like Sun Tzu and Yi Seong-Gye as your secondary commanders. AOE can hit other barbarians if they are close.

Gathering Resources

Gathering Resources is a simple stage. All you need to do is farm gold because it will give you the most points.

Before the event starts, you can send Joan of Arc and Sarka to gather gold. You can do this for 2 or 3 days before the event.

Send the maximum amount of gathering troops to farm gold. You want your troops to get maximum load. But you must be careful so that your troops don’t get back in the city before the gathering stage starts. 

Once you’ve reached maximum load, send your troops in flags. When the gathering stage starts just return them to the city and enjoy the free points.

After that just try to farm as much gold you can.

Stage 4: Increasing Power

Upgrade the buildings and conduct research for more points.

The best building that you can upgrade during this stage is the goldmine. It will cost you a lot of resources but it is worth it.

You can also try training more troops if you have extra speedups.

Eliminating Enemies (Kill Event)

In this event, you can farm so many points. But you will need resources, speedups and best commanders in ROK.

Dueling and fighting other players – This is an option but it will cost you a lot of resources and speedups for healing and it’s simply not worth it. There are other places to spend your resources that are much better.

Attack a dead city This is great. You can earn many points by killing dead players, but it comes at a cost: your dead troops. Use your catapults to kill dead players instead. You can build a Farm account so you can zero out your farm account for more points.

Hunting farmers – This is time-consuming but it can give you a lot of points. All you need to do is find troops that are gathering on the map and kill them.

Farm account points – save your speedups on your farm account, train troops, and farm a lot of resources. Send troops from your main account next to the city of your farm account. Go to the farm account and keep attacking with the worst commander with a maximum of 10k troops. When the hospital at your farm account gets full, just heal it and repeat the process. With this, you can earn a lot of points.

Alliance help – you can ask players from your alliance to help you earn points during kill events. Ask them to donate troop kills. Same method as with the farm account applies. Just put your best troops on the field and ask them to attack with 10k troops. This can win you a first place at The Mightiest Governor event.

Final Sprint

This stage is when you can lose or get ran so you have to be careful. To earn points in Final Sprint you can do anything like in the previous 5 stages.

The only problem is that you will get fewer pints. This is where big pay to win can get easy points because you as free to play player you will use all you have in the first 5 stages and they can easily buy bundles and packs to get their rank higher.

So you have to be extremely careful.

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