Best ROK Equipment Guide- Best Equipment sets

Rise Of Kingdoms Equipment is now one of the most important things in Rok especially in old kingdoms where most players have max technology and commanders. After new patch equipment is easier to obtain. You want to equip all your primary commanders with purple gear then start working on your legendary gear.  

Spender will have a huge advantage at the beginning but later you will close that gap. Some equipment in rok is bad and not worth getting. 

One example is that you have purple boots and new legendary boots will give you 2% stats more. Is it worth it? Of course it’s not, you will waste your materials. You will get the most worth with legendary weapons so try to get them on all your primary commanders.

Rise of kingdoms Cavalry Equipment

Rise of Kingdoms Infantry Equipment (1)


There are 4 different types of materials in ROK: Iron Ore, Leather, Animal Bone, Ebony. By combining 4 same materials you will upgrade rarity. You can upgrade from Normal to Legendary. 

Equipment Blueprints

You also have 5 different equipment rarities: Normal, Advanced, Elite, Epic and Legendary. You must combine 30 same blueprints so you can craft. 

Where you can obtain blueprints you can check in the blacksmith. Go on the forge tab and you will be able to see blueprints icons next to materials. Just simply click on it and you will see all ways where you can get blueprints for that equipment. 

How to get materials

  • Blacksmith- this one is obvious, all you have to do is select what you want to produce. 
  • Daily Quests- Well you probably already doing all daily quests. Try to finish them all so you can get a new equipment key. 
  • Equipment key- it is not worth buying it because the drop chance of quality materials is low. 
  • Bundle- if you are a spender go for it. There is also a bundle that can be summoned when you create a new piece of equipment. It is worth it to buy it. you will get a lot of materials for a cheap price.
  • Courier Station- You can get some materials that you can buy with resources, do not buy materials with gems if you are not a big spender. 
  • Sunset Canyon- not only that you can get materials from it but you can get legendary blueprints. 
  • Events- Events are great and a lot of free materials. Try to do every single event. Great events for obtaining materials are Ian’s ballads, Ceroli Crisis.

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