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Rise Of Kingdoms Equipment is now one of the most important aspects of Rok, especially in older kingdoms where the majority of players have maximum technology and commanders. It is now easier to obtain equipment following the release of a new patch. Before you start working on your legendary gear, you should equip all of your primary commanders in purple gear.

Spender will initially have a significant advantage, but you will eventually close that gap. Some of Rok’s equipment is bad and should be avoided.

For example, if you already have purple boots, new legendary boots will boost your stats by 2%. Is it worthwhile to spend the money? Of course not; otherwise, you’d be wasting your materials. The most valuable weapons are legendary, so try to equip them on all of your primary commanders.

People often remark that Rise of Kingdoms is a strong pay-to-win game, with no room for free-to-play players in such a competitive atmosphere. Well, that’s not always the case. You can leverage your skills and earn great equipment. 

If you are looking for an updated equipment guide for Rise of Kingdoms, both the paid and the freeways to earn them, then you have come to the right place.

In this article, we will tell you every way in which you can make as much equipment as possible. 

It doesn’t matter if you are a free-to-play player, a low spender, a mid-spender, a high spender, or the biggest Kraken; this guide is suitable for you.

You will surely save a lot of time and money. So, let’s begin without further ado.


ROK has four different types of materials: iron ore, leather, animal bone, and ebony. You can increase rarity by combining four identical materials. Epic  can be upgraded to Legendary.

Equipment Blueprints

There are also five different equipment rarities to choose from: Normal, Advanced, Elite, Epic, and Legendary. To craft, you must combine 30 identical blueprints.

Check in  blacksmith to see where you can get blueprints. When you go to the forge tab, you’ll notice blueprints icons next to materials. Simply clicking on it will bring up all of the options for obtaining blueprints for that piece of equipment.

Free Ways Of Getting More Material

If you are a Rise of Kingdoms fan, you will know what a Blacksmith Building is. You can forge/ dismantle equipment and craft/upgrade/dismantle materials used to forge equipment in the Blacksmith Building. 

Have you ever wondered about how you can get the materials for free? Well, if you haven’t, check the ways given below and get them.


This one is obvious, all you have to do is select what you want to produce.

Daily Missions

This is quite an obvious way of adding more materials. Play regularly and make sure to reach the two milestones – 40 and 80 points. It will assist you with gaining a few normal to advanced material chests. Also, try to finish them all so you can get a new equipment key that can give you more materials.

Play Sunset Canyon Daily

Play Sunset Canyon and Lost Canyon (when in KvK) every single day. It is a great way of gaining more materials and blueprint fragments. 

You can accumulate more points and exchange them for material chests after fulfilling your other needs. Not only that you can get materials from it but you can get legendary blueprints.

Complete Periodic Events

There are some events in Rise of Kingdoms that occur periodically, like Ceroli Crisis, Shadow Legion, etc. Events are great and a lot of free materials. Try to do every single event.

You can gain some of the Legendary pieces as well here.

Invest Time

If you are a very active player, you must consider farming the Barbarian Camps and the Barbarian keeps. You can gain quite a good material from here.

Free Materials

You can check the free normal material choice chest weekly in the VIP shop. Otherwise, you can collect the free daily materials if you are a VIP 16 or above.

Leverage Seasonal Events

There are many seasonal and occasional events in Rise of Kingdoms that you can leverage to gain more material. Good examples are Osiris League shop and seasonal events like Spring, Summer, Winter, Autumn, etc.

Other ways include all the KvK related rewards.

Now that we have discussed the freeways, it is time for discussing the paid ways. You can use the following ways to get the best results. 


Get more material by leveraging the events like Archeological Dig, Holy Knight’s Treasure, and the Esmeralda’s House. 

Invest Your Gems

You can use your gems in the VIP shop to purchase more materials. The material will be of value proportional to the number of gems you invest.

The Geared-Up Bundle

You can buy the Geared-Up bundle daily up to one gold chest by investing 185$ per day. It is a bit expensive, but some players do that.

There is also a bundle that can be summoned when you create a new piece of equipment. It is worth it to buy it. you will get a lot of materials for a cheap price.


The 7-Day material supply and 30-Day material supply in the shop are some really good ways of gaining more material.

The Equipment Build For Your Infantry March

Rise of Kingdoms Infantry Equipment (1)

Here we will discuss the best equipment choices for you, right from the free-to-play players to the high spenders. 

Please note that these are just suggestions that we think will go really well together. You might have a different opinion. Let’s have a look:

For Free-to-play Players

We suggest the full Windswept set for the free-to-play players. It will enable you to get out of danger quickly.

The Gatekeeper’s Shield and the Karuak’s humility will let one complete the set with a good amount of health.

For Low Spenders

Low spenders should, in general, focus on the epic pieces of equipment along with the two attack pieces – the Witch’s Lineage and Quinn’s Soul. You can make the best out of these attack pieces when you have a special talent.

Another option is to use Sakura Fubuki, but please note that you must have a special talent for this one. You should consider this option only if you are in your home kingdom or in the KvK 1,2,3. 

For Mid Spenders

Mid spenders usually have the same pieces like that of the low spenders. They should, however, go for the Hope Cloak for the chest and infantry set helm. 

For High Spenders

The following build is certainly the best choice for the high spenders-

  • Two KvK pieces – the Conqueror’s Helm and the Hammer of the Sun and Moon, the Hope Cloak, the Karuak’s Humility 
  • Two infantry set pieces, the boots and the gloves

It will let you gain a 2-pieces set bonus. 

Another way for this set is to use the Eternal Knight of Karuak’s Humility on three specific commanders: Zenobia, Constantine, and Harald. This will allow you to maintain a balance between the mitigation factors in the damage formula, as you will have more health than defense.

Equipment Extra Build

For this build, you need to have all the materials and pieces mentioned above but with a special talent.

Equipment Build For Your Cavalry

Rise-of-kingdoms-Cavalry-Equipment- (2) (1)

Cavalry is the third kind of unit that one unlocks in the Rise of Kingdoms game. You can make exponential points if you use the cavalry troops just right. Here, we have listed down the best builds that you can make.

For Free-to-play Players

Free-to-play players should make a build that is easy to craft. For this, you can simply go for three of the four Windswept pieces. The pieces include the boots, gloves, and chest, plus the Expedition War Helm. Additionally, the two pieces of the advanced Vanguard set, weapon, and legs will also be helpful.

This build will help you in gaining special talents quickly.

For Low Spenders

Cavalry has a number of pieces with a lot of defense and health, which is a significant plus point for low-spender players. 

You should focus on upgrading the weapon, chest, gloves, and legs.

For Mid Spenders

Mid-spenders have the identical build as low-tier spenders, but with two legendary upgrades: the chest and boots. Both are part of the cavalry set and provide health to the player.

Start with the boots, removing the Windswept ones, and then continue on to the chest piece.

For High Spenders

If you are a high spender, you should get the KvK helm, the Pride of the Khan, and forge them. The Navar’s Control serves as a glove, and Ash of the Dawn serves as a leg piece.

Keep the Heart of the Saint until you’re certain you’ll be able to gain a special talent on the 25% attack weapon.

Equipment Extra Build

Again, you will need all the materials for this build, as in the high-spender cavalry build with special talents. It is because the special talents boost the performance and value of the material.

Equipment Build For Archers

Archers are the second unit that you can get in the Rise of Kingdoms. You can make the most out of these troops if you use the right set in the proper way. We have listed down the builds category-wise for your convenience. Have a look-

For Free-to-play Players

A combination of green, blue, and one purple piece being the Flame Treads, should suffice for free-to-play players.

If you are unable to create the epic shoes, you can simply stick to the white novice shoes. They provide some defense, and you will be okay.

For Low Spenders 

If you are a low spender, you should focus on a full epic set equipment along with four pieces from the Revival. This piece set will get you some extra stats.

For Mid Spenders 

To achieve the 2-set bonus and health, mid spenders should just replace two pieces: the chest and gloves. You should then forge the two from the archer set.

For High Spenders

High-spending players should concentrate on obtaining all four components of the archer set. You also need to equip the weapon and boots to gain an additional 3% skill damage bonus.

You’ll also benefit from keeping the two defensive Revival set pieces.

Equipment Extra Build

For this build, you should aim to specialize in every single equipment piece.

We suggest you pick up the Cavalry KvK helm, the Pride of the Khan, and then try to get an archer’s special talent. Like the previous two cases, this build will work the best only if you have special talents.

In Summary 

Rise of Kingdoms is indubitably one of the most popular games out there. You now know the best builds for different marches. So, leverage your skills and our suggestions to get the best out of it.

Make sure you begin slowly and do not invest every material you have on one march.

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