Wheel of Fortune Schedule and Order Guide Rise of Kingdoms

Wheel of fortune Guide in Rise of Kingdoms

Wheel of Fortune is an event in Rise of Kingdoms through which players receive multiple rewards. Hence, it is something worth participating in, but not a lot of players realize how valuable the Wheel of Fortune event is.

So if you have been confused about how you can go about the wheel of fortune in the rise of kingdoms, you’ve come to the right place. In this guide, we will talk about everything that you need to know about how to use the wheel of fortune event in the rise of kingdoms.

In this guide, we will first cover what you can expect from the Wheel of Fortune event, then talk about how and when you should spin the Wheel of Fortune, and then we will talk about how to gain bonuses and use your gems in the event, and then we will talk about how you can utilize the wheel of fortune event to the best of what you want to win. 

Wheel of Fortune Schedule and Order

Unfortunately, there is no set schedule for when the Rise of Kingdoms Wheel of Fortune will appear in your kingdom. It should be in your kingdom every three weeks on average, but it can take up to six weeks at times. Using your kingdom age and our table, you can estimate when the Wheel of Fortune will appear in your kingdom. You will also be able to see a commander’s order on the Wheel of Fortune.

Kingdom Age Commander
24 DaysRandom Commander
38 DaysRichard
80 DaysRandom Commander
94 DaysYi Seong-Gye
136 DaysRandom Commander
150 DaysGenghis Khan
192 DaysRandom Commander
206 DaysAlexander
248 DaysRandom Commander
262 DaysEdward of Woodstock
304 DaysRandom Commander
318 DaysTakeda Shingen
360 DaysRandom Commander
374 Days Guan Yu
416 DaysRandom Commander
430 DaysRamesses
472 DaysRandom Commander
496 DaysYi Sun-sin
538 DaysRandom Commander
552 DaysWilliam I
594 DaysRandom Commander
608 DaysHarald Sigurdsson

Overview on the Wheel of Fortune

To start the guide, let us go over the Wheel of Fortune event so that you know what to expect from it. If you are an experienced player, you must be familiar with it, but if you are not, then this short overview will be helpful. 

Wheel of Fortune is a great event for both the free-to-play and pay-to-win players in the game. It benefits both types of players. The Wheel of Fortune is another very easy way to gain lots of advantages for your gems. All you need to do in this event is spin the wheel of fortune and get many rewards, like speedups, resources, and some commander sculptures. You get legendary starlight, too. 

Hence, as we can see, the main aim for you to spin the wheel of fortune and participate in this event is for you to be able to gain as many rewards as possible. These rewards are worthwhile, so you need to spin the wheel to gain rewards that will add a lot of value to your game. To get more free gems so you can spin the wheel of fortune more, use Rise of Kingdoms Redeem Codes.

How and When to Spin the Wheel of Fortune

Let us now go over how and when you can spin the wheel of fortune. Read this part carefully, as it is the most important aspect of the Wheel of Fortune event.

At the start of the Wheel of Fortune event, every player will get a spin that’s free. The Wheel of Fortune event will be available once a fortnight, and it stays for three days. A wonderful prize is awarded after the wheel is spun a particular number of times. Make sure you get hold of your prizes in the event by ticking the chest icon that is up the left side of the wheel. 

To get all of your extra prizes, you need to have a certain number of spins during the event. These extra prizes cannot be activated every day. The rise of kingdoms has its very first wheel of fortune appearance on the twenty-fourth day.

This wheel turns into a universal sculpture after it comes three times, and this cycle continues. It takes fifty-six days for the time between each commander’s wheels.

How to Win Bonus Wins?

Wheel of fortune bonus rewards

Now, let us talk about how you can win bonus wins on the Wheel of Fortune. Bonus wins can be gained by continuously spinning the wheel. If you are low on gems, you can spin only 10 times to get a bonus reward.

Using your gems guide

Now, we will need to figure out how to use your gems on the Wheel of Fortune. This is an especially important thing for you to remember if you are a free-to-play player. 

Here, in the Wheel of Fortune event, we need to know how many gems we need to spend.

It’s very easy for a pay-to-win player to use up all his gems, for if he loves the commander, he would really want to spend everything he has, whereas for a free-to-play player or a player that likes spending little gems, it becomes a hard question as to how much they have to spend. Here, the player has an idea of how hard it is to collect and retain gems. Here is a little help on how you can help the player decide.

Here, we need to keep in mind that each commander has three wheels. It would be best to get extra wins here to know the value, so in certain spins like ten spins, twenty-five spins, and so on, you should try and get many wins. The player should have knowledge between the promised heads and the ones that are by chance. The identical heads are the commander and the legendary ones. When you spin for the first time, one spin is free, one spin is normal, and three spins are deducted. These are the starting five spins.

To get additional gems for Wheel of Fortune, we created a list of all Rise of Kingdoms Peerless Scholar Answers that will help you get gems in Lyceum of Wisdom.

How you can utilize the Wheel of Fortune

Here are all the ways you should utilize the Wheel of Fortune event. 

Firstly, you should know how many gems you really want to utilize. Then, having decided the number, you may select from the gems row the same number to use. This row is distinguished by the color red.

The total heads are distinguished by yellow, and the ratio is determined by the color orange. Here, you need to keep vigil over the number of heads you get and also the ratio. This sums up the total number of gems used per head.

Always try to aim at which commander you want to utilize your gems in the Wheel of Fortune. Remember that, whether you want to or not, you should utilize your first free spin. Your next spin will cost you four hundred gems after a fifty percent deduction.

On the three-day event, each day you get a discounted spin, but then you have to go on spinning the wheel. Try to get the five spin times. This will cost three thousand six hundred gems. Every day, you get a chance to spin the wheel sixty times. To finish a hundred spins, it will take the player about two days. Every spin has a winning advantage for you.

The highest win is the eight-time commander sculpture. Another reward you can win is after spinning the wheel a particular number of times; this reward is getting extra spins. This is not reset every day. If you want to spin the wheels a hundred times to get rewards, then you will have to use seventy thousand four hundred gems. 

As mentioned earlier, the best value spins are the beginning ten spins of the event. The first is free, followed by the fifty percent deduction spins. There are three spins. Then the six spins are followed by four thousand four hundred gems. The total ten-spin rate is five thousand six hundred gems. In the first chest reward, you get five commander sculptures.

Hopefully, you will win legendary commander sculptures, but if you do not win the Wheel of Fortune events, you are still lucky enough to get forty-five sculptures from the extra rewards that you made from the hundred gems. This comes to one thousand five hundred and sixty-four gems per sculpture.


In conclusion, I am sure that the Wheel of Fortune event will be very rewarding to both the free-to-play players and the pay-to-play players. All you need to do is spin the wheel and hope that you are lucky enough to win rewards. You need to spend wisely and spin. Try to follow the tips and rules of the game, and it will be rewarding. Also, you should try to keep spinning the wheel for extra rewards. 

As we already know, this event lasts for three days, so you should make sure that you make the most of it. We hope that this guide will help you win many rewards while you are playing your game and that it will make your game even more exciting and add value to it. So, if you have decided to participate in the Wheel of Fortune event in the Rise of Kingdoms, make sure you keep all the pointers we mentioned in the guide and watch, as your game will be more valuable than ever before! Spin and have fun!

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