Rise of Kingdoms PC or Mac Download – January 2022

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Playing Rise Of Kingdoms  PC will give you a much better gaming experience while allowing you to control your troops smoothly and without lag. The best and the most important thing is that it is completely free. And you can play multiple accounts at the same time. 

There are currently about 2M players playing Rise of Kingdom on PC using the Bluestack emulator. Why do they do it? Find out in this blog post.

Playing Rise of Kingdoms on PC and Mac will do a lot of things for your ROK gaming experience: it will make you a better player, enable easier control of the army, you won’t get lag in big battles, and last but definitely not least is the fact that it’s completely free.

If a better gaming experience is not enough, you have the ability of getting various Bluestack rewards. They reward players that are using their emulator every day.

If you don’t believe me, go test it yourself. You can simply create a test account without using your mail and check it out. There’s nothing to lose. 

Once you decide that playing Rise of Kingdom pc is much better than the mobile game version, you can add it to your main mail account. But I have a feeling you will adore Rise of Kingdoms on PC. 

Click on the button below to learn more information about Rise of Kingdoms for PC from the official Bluestacks site.

Rise of Kingdoms PC with Bluestack

Infographic for Rise Of Kingdoms PC

Bluestack is an official partner of Lilith Games. Their development teams is using Bluestack to test games. Meaning that playing on Bluestack is completely safe (You will never get banned for using Bluestacks to play Rise Of Kingdoms or other games).

If you hear someone complaining online that they got banned because of using Bluestack to play ROK PC that’s a 100% straight lie. I’ve been using Bluestacks to play Rise Of Kingdoms for more than a year now (not to mention the other games there) and had no issues whatsoever. Other streamers and YouTubers are using it too and they never had problems.

Playing Rise Of Kingdoms On PC gameplay

How To Download Rise Of Kingdoms on PC

Here’s a step by step guide on how to Play Rise of Kingdoms on PC
Step 1 Download and install Bluestacks on your PC
Step 2After installing open the Bluestacks Emulator
Step 3Search for Rise of Kingdoms in top right corner of the Bluestacks emulator
Step 4Press Install and after installing you can open Rise Of Kingdoms
Step 5Login with your mail or complete intro to login with Facebook

Rise Of Kingdoms PC Requirements

List of PC requirements for playing Rise of Kingdom on PC: 
Processor Intel or AMD Processor
OS: Microsoft Windows 7 and above.
RAMHave at least 2GB of RAM.
HDD5GB Free Disk Space.
PermissionYou must be an Administrator on your PC.
Graphic drivers Up to date graphics drivers from Microsoft or the chipset vendor.

Why you should play Rise Of Kingdoms PC using Bluestacks

Rise Of Kingdoms PC Install

Bluestack is the most popular and used emulator to play mobile games . Most (mobile) game development companies are using Bluestack to test games and make official partnerships with Bluestacks. Meaning that they are literally working together to improve games and to improve the emulator.

Bluestack is stronger and faster 5 times then top smartphones. Playing ROK in the smartphone is ok during farming but when Kingdoms vs Kingdoms comes it is hard to play it on a smartphone. Big wars will slow down your game and it will become unplayable. With Bluestacks you will never have those problems because it is a lot more powerful and faster.

We all know how farming barbarians is boring and takes a long time but with Bluestack you can farm and watch youtube or movies at the same time while not getting bored and burned out from farming barbarians. 

All top teams that are playing the Ark of Osiris are using Bluestack. With Bluestack they have better control of troops, zero lag, bigger screen, create best talent tree, use best commanders at they best potential and it is easier to have voice chat and play. 

Long story short, I love playing Rise of Kingdoms on PC because it’s:

  • Free to use: Bluestack is free and you can play any mobile game like Rise Of Kingdoms.
  • Easy to use: All you need to do is click on the download button and Bluestack will download. Install Rise Of Kingdoms On PC or Mac
  • Key Mapping: You can use a keyboard to play and you can set any key that you want. You can make macros too.
  • Multi-Task: You can play more accounts at the same time or do other things at the same time.
  • Streaming: Bluestacks has a streaming function where you can stream with one click

Playing 2 or more Rise Of Kingdoms accounts at the same time

Playing 2 or more Rise Of Kingdoms accounts at the same time on PC and Mac

With Rise of Kingdoms Bluestack emulator you can play more than 2 accounts on the same PC. This will help you to kill forts and barbarians with the main account, while farming at the same time or going to a war and fighting with your other accounts (2 or more). Not playing Rise of kingdoms on PC, would result in you having to pay for 2-3 phones just to play the same way.  Also you will be able to use rok redeem codes with one click.

What about the other games?

Playing Rise of kingdoms or any other mobile game on pc or mac is game-changing. All of that becomes possible with Bluestack. It’s designed for gamers. Meaning that not only can you play ROK on pc but you can play all other games like PUBG.

You can map your key specific for the game that you are playing. You can use Keyboard and mouse to get an advantage.

More than 300k people are playing ROK with Bluestacks and it has a 5-star review. You can also play Evony Kings Return on PC. They also have big community of players who are using pc to play mobile games.

New Bluestacks 4 is insanely good. No more lag and crashes even on a low level PC. You no longer need a super powerful PC. On a live testing session, I was able to play on my 4 ROK accounts at the same time.

Bluestack is a significant upgrade when it comes to Android emulators. Most important is that it is free. You can play as much as you want and download whatever you want.

If you want to be serious with mobile gaming you must have Bluestacks emulator. Do not forget that you can play Rise Of Kingdoms mac version also.

Play Rise Of Kingdoms On Pc Or Mac And Win Rewards

Play Rise Of Kingdoms On PC Or Mac and win rewards

There are a lot of apps where you can earn rewards by playing video games and Your Money Geek covered them all. But with Bluestack simply Play Rise Of Kingdom on PC Or Mac and you will have a chance to win big prizes. You can win steam gift cards, google play gift cards, a new PC, and much more.


Can you play Rise of Kingdoms on PC?

Yes, you can play ROK PC or Mac with Bluestack and it’s free. All you need to do is download the Bluestack emulator and install Rise Of Kingdoms.

Can I play rise of kingdoms on Mac?

Yes, You can play ROK on Mac using emulator Bluestacks.

How safe is BlueStacks for Rise Of Kingdoms PC?

Bluestacks Is the safest emulator to play mobile games. Bluestack is an official partner of Lilith and Rise Of Kingdoms. They also have partnerships with 90% of other mobile games like PUBG. All accounts are safe and you will never get banned/

Does BlueStacks have malware?

No. Bluestacks is 100% safe and the system itself protects accounts from stealing data. They have the best security systems that will protect your account and PC from bad applications. You can see on the internet that Bluestack has 5 stars from 2M votes from their users.

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