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Characters can not be deleted in Rise Of Kingdoms. If you don't log in for a long time your city will be removed from the map and one you login back you will be teleported on randomlocation.

You can not unlink your Rise Of Kingdoms account. Also, Rise Of Kingdoms customer support can not unlink your account. That function is disabled because of account sellers. My advice if that you do not try to sell your account because you can get banned and scammed by the buyer

Yes, but not simultaneously. A single account can only be logged in on a single device at any given time.

Currently, you cannot change the account to which a Character belongs or separate a Character from an account. If you need to do this for whatever reason, then please contact in game customer service.

No, you cannot, Rise Of Kingdoms is RTS (Real-Time Strategy) game.


Click your avatar to open the Governor Profile page, then click the double arrow button next to your civilization's name. Changing, civilization will cost you 10k gems or you can buy an item for changing civilization in alliance shop with individual credits.

You can earn alliance individual credits by helping your allies, participating in alliance building construction, and donating to alliance technology upgrades. Individual credits can be used to purchase items from the alliance shop.

The alliance shop is available. The alliance leader and officers can restock items on the Alliance Inventory page by using alliance credits. These items will be available for purchase by alliance members using individual credits.

Scouts will not discover gems directly, but they will discover treasure chests that might contain gems.

  1. The process for a Light and Darkness event is
  2. The event is announced on the Event Calendar page
  3. The registration phase begins
  4. The system provides camp matchmaking info
  5. The Eve of the Crusade event begins Light and Darkness event officially.

Territorial Teleports transport your city to a designated location in alliance territory on the map. When your target location is not within alliance territory, the Territorial Teleport will automatically change into a Targeted Teleport.

Resource points are refreshed at random intervals. Governors can use the "Search" feature to locate the closest resource point to their city.

  1. Use it to teleport to any of the six outermost provinces in a target Kingdom. Find by tapping the City Management button (an arrow pointing upwards) at the top left corner.
  2. Use it as an alternative to a Territorial Teleport or Targeted Teleport. Find it by tapping the City Management button an arrow pointing upwards) at the top left corner.
  3. Use it to teleport to another kingdom that had opened for less than 10 days. Tap on the Globe button at the bottom right corner to enter the usage panel. Note: Beginner Teleports only have a valid period of 10 days, and will be reclaimed by the system once your City Hall reaches level 8.

Targeted Teleports can be used to transport your city to any open, explored, unoccupied location in your kingdom that is not obstructed by a Pass. However, Targeted Teleports can only be used when all Of your troops are within your city.

Master's Blueprints are required when city buildings are upgraded from Level 24 to Level 25. Each building upgrade will require one Master's Blueprint. Master's Blueprints cost 2k gems.

Currently, city halls can be upgraded to Level 25

Yes. The total amount of action points may not exceed 1000, so action points will only be refunded up to this amount. As a result, action points expended may sometimes be less than action points refunded.

Each governor is given a set number of starting troops in Expedition mode, and additional units are added whenever new troops are trained. Note that troops killed in battle will not be subtracted from the expedition mode total.

Each governor is given a set number of starting troops in Expedition mode, and additional units are added whenever new troops are trained. Note that troops killed in battle will not be subtracted from the expedition mode total.

You can get Books of Covenant by purchasing them with gems, from barbarians forts, alliance gifts and with from certain VIP bundles.

Tap on Events at the top right corner of the screen, the Event Calendar is at the very top of the menu by the left side. Tap on any event within for a general summary Of that event and its rewards. The Event Calendar is for reference only and event times are subject to change. Not all events will be displayed there.

The starting times of events depend on the kingdom. Within that kingdom, however, the starting times of events are the same for all Governors.

A chat group created by a Governor has a maximum limit of 500 players.

Under normal circumstances, you cannot take part in cross-kingdom battles, however, you can participate in special cross-kingdom play modes which do allow you to battle Governors from other kingdoms and the best example is KVK Event.

You cannot, so please be very careful when deleting mail.

Tap the button at the upper left corner of the chat system to expand it. You should see an option to create a group chat.

Just click on an avatar of Governor in the chat that you want to block and you will see an option to block.

No. The VIP Points you earn are permanently yours to keep.

If you can not find high-level Barbarians or Resource Points try looking again a bit later because they are spawning at random intervals.

Only buffs from commander levels, talents, equipment, and the VIP troop capacity boost will take effect in Sunset Canyon and Lost Canyon challenges. NO Other buffs will take effect.

You can use Soluna Coins to make technology donations on the Grace of Soluna (Camp Technology) screen, which will also net you, Individual Honor Points. Please note that Soluna Coins can only be used in the Lost Kingdom.

Typically 1-2 months.

A new Ark of Osiris event starts every two weeks. Registrations are opened UTC on that Friday for the event proper to on the weekend.

Your City Hall will unlock the "Blacksmith" upon reaching level 16. In the Blacksmith, you can forge equipment and combine blueprints and materials.

Click on city, flag, objective, etc that you want to share and you will share icon. After you press the share icon you will be able to choose which chat you want to share coordinates.

You can not cheat in Rise of Kingdoms. Even if you manage to cheat you will be banned very soon. They are serious about cheaters and booting.

Yes you can play Rise Of Kingdoms on Mac. Here you can check how to play Rise Of Kingdoms on Mac.

  1. Enter chat
  2. Press icon in on the top left side of your screen
  3. Press option Add Friends
  4. Enter your friend id

There is currently no hard-and-fast rule for when Kingdom vs Kingdom events must begin. Be sure to check the Event page for the latest info.

The current cap is 100 Battle Reports. The system will automatically delete Battle Reports, starting with the oldest, to remain under this limit.


New servers are not opened at set intervals. Instead, ROK is opening a new server whenever a large number of new governors join the game. That way they can ensure that resources in each kingdom are balanced.

Players below level 8 can use the Beginner's Teleport to transport their city to a different server, The system will automatically send players a message when their city is about to reach Level 9 indicating that this item will be reclaimed. In addition, Beginner's Teleports will expire after 1 0 days. If you do not have Beginner's Teleport you can always migrate to a new server with passports but you can not migrate to Nascent Kingdoms. So if you want to go on a server that is the Nascent Kingdom you will have to create an account.

The number of Passport Pages you need to migrate is based on your current Power. The higher your Power, then the more Passport Pages you need. Tap on a specific Kingdom to migrate to for an exact number.

Get Passport Pages from the Alliance Shop or by purchasing the 'New World' bundle or purchasing Passport Pages with individual alliance credits.


Overall attack and defense of dispatched troops cannot be viewed, as this is calculated separately for each unit type and tier. However, governors can view the attributes of different unit types on the Training page.

Infantry counters cavalry, cavalry counters archers, and archers counter infantry. Detailed information about unit attributes and abilities can be viewed on the Training page.

Technologies, buildings, and the VIP system all provide troop buffs. You can view a summary of these buffs in your city hall. Combat buffs can be viewed on the troop dispatch 'New Troops' page. Buffs Of a specific formation can be viewed once a battle is finished by clicking the "Troop Buffs" button at the bottom of the battle report.

Double tap any of your armies on the map to select all friendly armies on the screen. Drag and release to move them simultaneously.

A "Neutral Unit' refers to a troop on the map that does not belong to any player, for example, a troop that belongs to Barbarians, Barbarian Forts, Holy Sites, or passes, etc..

It does.

The damage your troops automatically return to attacking enemy troops when attacked.

Total battle power cannot be determined and therefore is not displayed, because even after a rally is ready, alliance members can still send reinforcements.


The meter dots next to a Commander's avatar is their Rage value. Once the meter is filled to full with dots, the Commander will be able to expand their Rage to cast their Rage Skill. With a talent tree, you can increase rage generation so your commander can use skills faster.

Currently, commanders can be upgraded to Level 60.

When you try to level up a Commander's skills, a random unlocked skill will be leveled up. You cannot actively choose one.


The Temple is garrisoned by 2,000,000 Tier 5 troops led by a single commander, the High Priest. Once the protection period has expired, you can obtain information about this commander's abilities by scouting.

No. Alliances can only attack passes and holy sites on the border of their territory, so the Lost Temple can also only be attacked once your territory has expanded to border the Temple.

Temple battle casualties are calculated using the same method as casualties for a barbarian fort, pass, and holy site battles. When attacking the Lost Temple, a few of your troops will be severely wounded and will be sent to your hospital. Once the Lost Temple has been captured, all troops injured on both sides in PVP battles for control of the Temple will die. Neither side's casualties will be sent to the hospital.

Click on your city's monument to view Kingdom History and check your kingdom's progress on the Lost Temple unlocking event. Once the temple has been unlocked, alliances can begin attacking the Temple.

The alliance leader of whichever alliance captures the Lost Temple will become King.


No. Building progress will pause all troops are withdrawn, but will not reset.

Yes. All troops in the rally will enjoy the technology buffs of the Rally Captain, which means that it is more effective to fight together!

You will receive a First Occupation Award if you are in the alliance that is first to capture a pass/holy site.

You can teleport within Alliance territory to skip over a Pass.

Alliance members cannot dethrone the alliance leader unless they had not been online for 7 days or more, in which case the leadership will automatically pass on to a Rank 4 Officer.

The Alliance Leader and Rank 4 Officers can kick an alliance member via the Alliance panel.

Every player in Rise Of Kingdoms Can start an alliance. It will cost 500 gems to create and you can choose colors, name, name tag, etc. But if you are on the old server it is better to join an existing alliance. It takes a lot of time to develop a good alliance.

You may launch a rally attack if the target can be rallied against, and also if you have already built a Castle structure. Alliance members can attack the same enemy together by joining the rallied army via the alliance panel. If the target cannot be rallied against but can be attacked by other Alliance members, then alliance members should simply dispatch their troops individually and coordinate a joint attack.


A city will not receive any temporary protection after being attacked.

  1. If a city is attacked and its Wall Durability is burned to 0, it will be forced to teleport.
  2. Your city will become hidden if you do not log in for a long time, and you will be teleported to a random location upon login.

Attack an enemy city and win. If your attacking troops have enough Troop Load, they can plunder excess resources that are not protected by the Storehouse Protection Capacity.

You can use an 8-Hour Peace Shield or a 24-Hour Peace Shield from the inventory. You can buy a peace shield from a vip store with gems or in an alliance shop with individual alliance credits.

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