How To Get Gems in Rise of Kingdoms Easily 2024

how to get gems in rise of kingdoms

Most Of the new ROK players are looking How To Get Gems in Rise of Kingdoms? Gems are the most important type of resources in Rise Of Kingdoms. With gems you can do anything like upgrading your VIP, spending gems on a wheel to get new commanders, buying teleport and much more. Problem with gems you will never have enough of them.

The problem with gems is that you will need a lot of them but it’s so hard to get them. There are a lot of places where you can spend gems but because they are rare you must be careful where you want to spend gems to get the most value.

You can get free gems by playing or spending. A lot of people are thinking that they can hack gems but that is impossible and people who manage to hack ROK will get a ban. DO NOT BUY GEMS FROM THIRD PARTY WEBSITES.

How To Get Gems in Rise of Kingdoms

Let’s start with basic gems ways to get free gems in Rise Of Kingdoms.

Bind your account On Facebook – with binding your account on Facebook you will get a small reward of 200 gems.

Special events- When you see in events rewards that you will get gems for completing it you must do it. You will always need gems so every extra gem that you can get would be nice.

Complete Quest – there are daily quests that you can do to receive 100 gems. And if you just started with playing Rise Of Kingdoms you will have more side quests that will reward you with gems like upgrading your city hall.

Destroying Barbarians- This is a great way to receive gems. A higher level of barbarians will give you more gems. I would advise you to save your action points for the KVK map where you will be able to kill higher level barbarians. To kill more barbarians you will need action points.

Redeem Codes- Every rise of kingdoms gift codes that are released will contain gems and other free items so definitely redeem all of them. They are free and safe to use.

The harder way to get gems.

Whale alliance– whale alliance is great because if someone buys chests you will have a chance to receive gems.

Farming gems- now this is hard if you are on the high populated kingdom. A lot of people will try to farm gems and it will be hard to find them. So it is better to skip this. You can do this while you are watching a movie or something where you can use your phone all the time.

First Occupation of buildings- the amount of gems that you will receive for the first occupation is great. This is why you need to be active during KVK. Join every alliance that is going to take the first occupation to receive gems.

Buying gems with money

When it comes to buying gems the best way is to buy a supply depot. You will receive 20k gems. Every day 650 for 30 days.

If you didn’t buy growth found you must. Insane amounts of gems for small money that will help you a lot. Bad thing is that you can buy it only once.

Other bundles will not give you a great number of gems for less money.

How To Get Gems in Rise of Kingdoms with Gems Hack And Cheats

Rise Of Kingdoms Hack- There is no possible way to get free gems with hacks. The only thing that you can receive is a ban or stolen information.

Fake giveaway- a lot of people are posting fake giveaways for Rise Of Kingdoms on Facebook and forums. Do not enter your email and passwords because they will try to steal your account. Be careful.

Do not buy gems from the third party- there are a lot of scammers that can get you in big trouble and you can lose your account.

The only place where it is safe to buy gems is in the game. Stay safe and do not lose your account for some gems.

If you are looking for where it is best to spend your hard earned gems check our guide on spending gems in Rise Of Kingdoms.

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