Rise of Kingdoms Best Special Units and Troops List Guide

Best Special Units in Rise of Kingdoms

Every civilization in Rise of Kingdoms is known to have a special unit. Therefore, a lot of ROK players are always on the hunt to find the best special unit among all the civilizations and are usually in search of the question: “which unit should they make their priority?”

For the purpose of providing you with the answers to these questions, we did some research. And now here we will answer all your questions regarding special units.

In this guide, we will be talking about which special units are the best in Rise of Kingdoms and which civilization you should choose in order to get your hands on these special units.

Read the complete article below to find out the special unit you should choose in Rise of Kingdoms. 

Infantry Special Units

NameTierCivilization Attack DefenseHealth Speed Load Power
Warrior1All62120120Very Fast71
Long Swordsman4Most192192187Slow134
Throwing Axeman4France192192197Slow134
Royal Guard5Most220212216Very Slow1510
Elite Legionary5Rome221222216Very Slow1510
Elite Throwing Axeman5France221212227Very Slow1510
Elite Samurai5Japan232212216Very Slow1510
Elite Berserker5Vikings221216222Very Slow1510

Archer Special Units

NameTierCivilization Attack DefenseHealth Speed Load Power
Slinger1All60123120Very Fast61
Composite Bowman3All158155163Normal93
Royal Crossbowman5Most220216212Very Slow1310
Elite Longbowman5Britain232216211Very Slow1310
Elite Chu-Ko-Nu5China227222212Very Slow1310
Elite Hwarang5Korea221227212Very Slow1310
Elite Janissary5Ottoman227216216Very Slow1310

Cavalry Special Units

NameTierCivilization Attack DefenseHealth Speed Load Power
Horseman1All60120120Very Fast51
Light Cavalry2All128125125Fast72
Heavy Cavalry3All163158155Normal83
Teutonic Knight4Germany187197197Slow104
Royal Knight5Most220212216Very Slow1210
Elite Teutonic Knight5Germany220217222Very Slow1210
Elite Conquistador5Spain232212216Very Slow1210
Elite Mamluk5Arabia227212222Very Slow1210
Elite Cataphract5Byzantium221222216Very Slow1210

What is a Special Unit

After doing a lot of research and hunting, we finally figured out a lot of important things regarding special units, including what optimizations are the best for you in Rise of Kingdoms to kill your enemies. 

But first, let’s discuss “what is a special unit?” 

In Rise of Kingdoms, the troops are units that are led by the commanders so that they can perform different tasks from attacking buildings, cities, barbarians to defending their cities, gathering resources, etc. 

The Cavalry troops can counter Archer troops. The infantry troops can counter Cavalry troops, and the Archer troops can counter Infantry troops. 

In Rise of Kingdoms, the special units are fixed to a Civilisation. Each special unit has unique and different stats. They are also much stronger than their usual counterparts.

How Special Units Work


Now let’s get into the discussion of “How special units work” and what their contribution is to the game. When you’re in a battle, whether you are in an open field, in a rally, or in the garrison, the chances of the special unit contributing are hugely dependent on what you see. On the stats table, whatever you see when you’re joining a rally or a garrison is the technology and the bonuses of the rally or garrison leader, which provides several benefits to the whole group.

If you are part of a rally, then everything you are contributing in stats is assessed by the rally depending on your special unit and commander tiers, and then the blend of health, defense, and attack will be decided. It is figured out that much of the damage is taken, and this is how it decides what amount of damage your rally is dealing with. 

Not just in a rally, but it is also applicable in an open field. Although in an open field, if it is your own march, you’re going to have to contribute both your bonuses and base stats. The main reason for the contribution of the bonuses is that tour tech will be applied in the march as you are the leader of that march. 

All in all, You can slightly pull the dynamic of the way the rally will move forward by having a special unit, and frankly, it is a bit minimal impact. The greater impact will be on the stats of the captain of the rally, like what’s their gear, what’s their equipment, etc. 

In conclusion, the answer to the question “how much impact does a special unit have on the battlefield?” is that it has a very minimal impact.

How Much Better is a Special Unit

The attack health and the defense of a special unit are generally enhanced by a combination between 12 to 13 or something base points. 

Now, for instance, the attack might be upraised by 12 to 13 or so base points of a cavalry unit, and the defense might be uplifted, or maybe in the case of Teutonic Knight, there is some combination of health and attack.

So basically, what this means is that we are a little bit upraised for both defense and health. It’s a combination of some 11 points. Also, observe how amazing the enhancement of 11 points to the base stats and to figure this out, we can have a look at how we make the bonuses better and can also check out what we can obtain with these points. 

Let us understand this with an example: You are taking your city skin, and you have absolutely no modification for when you go to Cavalry and acquire the Cavalry attack. So now you are left with no city skin. Now you will check out your T4 and Cavalry and see that you have got 194 bonuses to attack. This adds to the 187 base points that were already there. So at this point, if the cavalry attacks are changed by 5%, the bonuses will rise up to 203, which will surely lead you towards the gain of more than 9 points of effectiveness. 

When we discuss the special unit, how much advantage it provides us, and what the model is each day, we make choices by simply looking at the percentage points. 

Take another example; You are looking at the stats of infantry, and the infantry health’s base unit is 187 health. So now, from all your bonuses, you give the base unit extra 104 health. And if by using health skin of 10% you make a swap, your bonus will uplift from 104 (that you previously had) to 123 bonus, and now you will have 19 points of the health contribution.

Best Special Units



Starting the special units with cavalry. In Rise Of Kingdoms, the cavalry is considered the complete offensive unit. This is because they have excellent resistance and damage in addition to their main attribute, March speed.

Here we will talk about stats 14 as the base stats, which is extremely similar to 44. The elevation of the base stat is a bit less for T4 counterparts than for T5 counterparts. For cavalry, the base stats will be 212 defense, 220 attacks, and 216 health. 

The Teutonic Knight has an extra five-point of defense and extra six health points, which is, of course, great. However, the one thing we would have appreciated more is if it was combined up to health. 

Health is generally the lowest among all the stats, and you have 200% extra buff in the arc of Osiris, meaning the attack is a stat in which people are not interested as compared to defense and health.

Germany is immensely solid as a civilization. The elite Conquistador has a good 12 points to attack, which means one point more than Germany. Instead of 11 points, you obtain 12 points which are great. Although you should care least about the Attack stat 

Coming towards the Elite Mamluk, you get 7% attack and 6% health with Mamluk. 13 base points are upraised. It is considered the best Cavalry unit. 

Next, we have the Cataphract of Byzantium. It has 10 base points of defense stat and has one point extra of the attack stat. Defense is an amazing stat to have enhanced or boosted as compared to the attack stat, especially in Arc of Osiris. It is an amazing special unit. 

Now, let’s rank all them all: 

  1. Teutonic Knight
  2. The Mamluk
  3. cataphract and
  4. Elite Conquistador

All four of them are obviously much better than the Royal Knight, the base counterpart. 


ARCHER units

Talking about the Archers. The base stat is 485 of the Archer’s. The Royal crossbowman is 212 health, 220 attack, and 216 defense. 

The Elite Janissary will have a boosted 7 points of attack and uplifted health for a combination of a total of 11 base points, which is amazing but not that much valuable. 

Next, there is Elite Hwarang. It has an extra 11 defense and one extra attack. Remember one thing that defense is significant for Arc or Orisis like modes.

Another one is China’s special unit named “Chu Konu.” They have extra 7 Attacks and extra 6 defenses; it is quite solid. 13 base points are boosted for a special unit of china.

The last one is “The Elite Crossbowman,” which is the Britain special unit. They have extra 12 points of attacks which is A LOT. 

Coming towards their ranking, we would rank these four as: 

  1. Elite hwarang
  2. Janissary, as the civilization is quite good as compared to the Chinese special unit.
  3. Elite Longbowman
  4. Elite Crossbowman 



Last but not the least, the next special unit is the Infantry. It is undoubtedly the most Defensive unit. Here we have 212 base defense, 220 base attacks, and 216 base health. There are only 3 civilizations that own infantry units. 

Let us start with the “Elite samurai.” They have extra 12 base points of attack, which clearly is a lot. Though this is a stat that people usually don’t care about. 

Japan is a kind of civilization that is aligned towards the gathering of resources. This civilization is fine for the farm but not really for the main. 

Next is Elite Throwing Axemen of France. They have an extra one base point for attack, and they have 11 base points for health. Overall in Rise of kingdoms, this one is considered as the Best special unit as all of its stats allocations go to health. 

“Elite Legionary ” from Rome is the next one. In attack, they have one point extra, and in defense, they have extra 10 points. It is great, especially in The Arc or Osiris, although not as good when compared to Elite Throwing Axemen.

Here are our final ratings: 

  1. Throwing Axemen 
  2. EliteLegionary
  3. Samurai from Japan  

Should You Change Your Civilizations?


The question which is most widely asked by all the passionate Rise of Kingdoms players is: Based on the special unit, should you change your civilization? 

And the clear answer to this question is “NO.” Don’t change your civilization based on the special unit. However, the players who must consider changing their civilization are the ones who are extensively battling and fighting in the open field. If you decide to change civilization use Rise Of Kingdoms Redeem Codes to get gems that will help you with civilization change because it will cost a lot of gems.

If you are a player of Infantry and you are continuously fighting in the open field, will you choose Rome or France? France has a health of 3% as a bonus, and Throwing Axemen in the game has the maximum health. Also, they have hospital healing speed. Rome, on the other hand, has the mark speed. So, if you prefer March speed and want more stats, then you will definitely get those stats from Rome.

We think it is a sort of a toss-up between these two. However, talking about the archers, it is almost unfortunate that people are least excited about the unitBritain’s Longbowman Unless they are performing counter-rallies.

Britain’s civilization is a fine starting, but it is not the kind of civilization people should go ahead with. In the early game, even china is a great civilization, though again, not a kind people should stick with as you will be maxing out the buildings.

The civilization of Korea is the one that you should use when you are in some research speed-ups.

The best endgame civilization is Ottoman. Janissary has an attack and some health, but obviously, no one will run across the field with 5 different archer marches.

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