How To Teleport In Rise Of Kingdoms

Rise Of Kingdoms Teleport- How to teleport in Rise Of Kingdoms

Have you been playing Rise of Kingdoms and are just very confused about how to use the teleportation option? Don’t worry, because you are not the only one who finds it hard to navigate the teleportation item in Rise of Kingdoms. In this guide, we will completely cover how to use teleportation, so you will not be lost any longer. 

In short, teleportation can take you anywhere in the kingdom that you want to go. It is a pretty valuable feature if you use it correctly. There are different forms of teleportation, so we will go over all of them in this guide. You can get gems with Rise of Kingdoms redeem codes that you can later spend on teleports.

To teleport in Rise of Kingdoms, you must have a teleport. Click on it, and then you can choose where you want to teleport your city. You can get teleports from rewards, or you can buy them in VIP shops and alliance shops.

  1. Buy teleport
  2. Select it 
  3. Choose where you want to move
  4. Press on word “teleport”

How to use the teleport item in the Rise of Kingdoms


First, let us go over what you can expect from the teleportation item in the rise of kingdoms. The teleportation item gives you the ability to transport yourself from where you are currently standing to anywhere in the game.

It is a pretty useful item because you can transport it to and away from your enemies. You can also use it to gather context and get to your alliance. These are just some of the important benefits of using the teleport item in the rise of kingdoms.

How to teleport to alliance?

To teleport on alliance territory, you must have targeted or territorial teleport. Zoom out and find a good spot on your alliance territory. After that, just use your teleport to get to your alliance members.

Do not worry about the fog. When you join an alliance, you will be able to see it.

Teleport to another Kingdom with beginners teleport

To teleport to new kingdoms, you have to be under level 8, and you need to have beginner’s teleport. But if you are planning to teleport to new kingdoms, you have to satisfy the following requirements:

  1. You are not in battle 
  2. You are not in Alliance 
  3. Have no more than 2 characters in the new Kingdom after teleporting ( You can bypass this with migration) 
  4. Your city must be under level 8 
  5. You must have a Beginner’s Teleport in your bag.
  6. All troops are in the city 

After teleporting, the game will restart, and you will be in the new kingdom. You will find your city at a random location, so join a new alliance and teleport to the territory of the alliance. If you do not have beginner’s teleport, I would advise you to create a new account. 10 days of game time that you will lose means nothing. If you have a city hall over level 8, you will have to migrate

How to get a beginners teleport

You will automatically get a beginner teleport when you create an account in Rise of Kingdoms. With beginner teleport, you can teleport only once, so be careful how you use it. You will find your beginner’s teleport inside your inventory.

Types of teleport in Rise Of Kingdoms- Random Teleport, Territorial Teleport, Targeted Teleport

Random teleport

If you use a random teleport, it will move your city to a random location in the zone that you are in. If your alliance does not possess a pass to the next zone, you will not be teleported there. Use it with care because there is a chance that you will teleport near someone stronger than you.

Territorial Teleport

You can use it only on alliance territory. But this is great, especially if you are in Zone 1 and your alliance is in Zone 3. You do not have to own a pass to teleport to your alliance. Basically, you will bypass zones. 

Targeted Teleport

Targeted Teleport

You can use it to teleport to any location in the zone that you are in. This is great for getting near an enemy city to zero them.

You can get teleport in:

Requirements before using teleport

  • You do not have a war frenzy. 
  • You are not in battle. 
  • All the troops are in the city. 
  • If your city is fighting a rally, you cannot teleport. 
  • You do not have reinforcements in the city

Teleporting towards your Alliance territory

If you have been playing the game alongside an alliance, here are some teleporting tips for you. The thing is, if you are part of an alliance, teleporting is a pretty important part of your task as an alliance member. You need to constantly use teleportation to get to the territory where your alliance is. 

How do you find your alliance territory, you may ask? All you need to do is, first of all, zoom out from your map, and you will locate a number of blue castles on the map. You also need to ensure that you remember that new kingdoms are almost always covered by fog. And when it is not covered with fog, your alliance territory will be covered with fog.

Soon, you will have found your alliance territory. Once you find it, you can go to the city hall and use your teleportation skills from there. You can use any kind of teleport except for random teleports. 

When can you not use the teleportation item?

There are a few instances when you cannot use the teleportation item. Let me tell you about this. First of all, you should remember that you cannot teleport in case there is any structure that is near the location that you want to teleport to.

Secondly, you cannot use the teleportation item if there are barbarians surrounding the location that you want to teleport to. And lastly, if the location that you want to teleport to is covered with fog, you cannot teleport to that place. 

Teleportation to a different kingdom

Did you know that the teleportation option is not only for within one kingdom? You can use it across different kingdoms as well, under certain circumstances. Let’s see the ways in which you can use the beginner’s teleport to go to other kingdoms. 

First and foremost, you have to have a Rise of Kingdoms city hall level that is lower than level seven. Secondly, you must have at least one item of ‘beginner’s teleport’ so that you can use it to teleport. Thirdly, all of your March queues have to be completely idle. Fourthly, you cannot use the beginner’s teleport if you are currently participating in any active battles.

Fifthly, you cannot use it if you have any reinforcements in the city to which you are attempting to teleport. Sixthly, you cannot teleport to a kingdom that has more than two characters in it. And last but not least, you cannot use this if you are part of any alliance. 

All of these rules are so, because it is a beginners’ teleport. It is to help new players who have not advanced too far in the game and expose them to teleportation. This is why experienced players cannot avail this item.

Teleportation for experienced players

Next, let’s talk about the other forms of teleportation that can be used later in the game. The one key difference between this kind of teleportation and the beginner’s teleportation is that this one cannot be used to transport your city to a different kingdom. Other than that, beginner’s teleport and these other kinds of teleporting are basically more or less the same. 

There are three kinds of teleportation other than beginner’s teleport. They are named “Random Teleport,” “Territorial teleport,” and finally, “targeted teleport.” Now, I will talk about all three of these in detail. 

The first item is “Random Teleport.” This particular kind of teleportation takes your city and teleports it to any random place within your kingdom. It is a pretty useful item, so make sure to use it properly. 

The next item I will be talking about is “Territorial Teleport.” This kind of teleport is in the context of your alliances. It can be used only when you are part of an alliance, compared to “beginner’s teleport,” which can only be used when you are not part of any alliance. So, this kind of teleportation is used when you want to transport your city to a location that is within your alliance’s kingdom. It is integral that you use this kind of teleporting when you are part of an alliance. 

The last kind of teleportation that I will refer to is the “targeted teleport.” This may be the most useful kind of teleportation out of the three because it can transport your city to any location that is on the map. This increases the horizon of where you can transport and gives you more choice in the matter. 

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