How To Teleport In Rise Of Kingdoms

Rise Of Kingdoms Teleport- How to teleport in Rise Of Kingdoms

To teleport in Rise Of Kingdoms you must have a teleport. Click on it then you can choose where you want to teleport your city. You can get teleport from rewards or you can buy them in a VIP shop and alliance shop.

  1. Buy teleport
  2. Select it 
  3. Choose where you want to move
  4. Press on word “teleport”

How to teleport to alliance?

To teleport on alliance territory you must have targeted or territorial teleport. Zoom out and find a good spot on your alliance territory. After that just use your teleport to get to your alliance members.

Do not worry about the fog. When you join an alliance you will be able to see it.

Teleport to another Kingdom

To teleport on new kingdoms you have to be under level 8 and you need to have beginner’s teleport. But if you are planning to teleport on new kingdoms you have to satisfy the following requirements.

  1. You are not in battle 
  2. You are not in Alliance 
  3. Have no more than 2 characters in the new Kingdom after teleporting ( You can bypass this with migration) 
  4. Your city must be under level 8 
  5. You must have a Beginner’s Teleport in your bag.
  6. All troops are in the city 

After teleporting the game will restart and you will be on the new kingdom. You will find your city on a random location so join a new alliance and teleport on the territory of the alliance.  

If you do not have beginner’s teleport I would advise you to create a new account. 10 days of game time that you will lose means nothing. 

If you have a city hall over level 8 you will have to migrate

Types of teleport

Types of teleport in Rise Of Kingdoms- Random Teleport, Territorial Teleport, Targeted Teleport

Random teleport

If you use random teleport it will move your city on a random location in a zone that you are in. If your alliance does not possess pass to the next zone you will not be teleported there. Use it with care because there is a chance that you will teleport near someone who is stronger than you.

Territorial Teleport

You can use only on alliance territory. But this is great especially if you are in zone 1 and your alliance is in zone 3. You do not have to own pass to teleport to your alliance. Basically, you will bypass zones. 

Targeted Teleport

You can use to teleport to any location in the zone that you are in. This is great for getting near an enemy city to zero them.

You can get teleport in:

  • Alliance shop
  • VIP shop 
  • Mysterious Merchant
  • Ark of Osiris
  •  Event

Requirements before using teleport

  • You do not have war frenzy 
  • You are not in battle 
  • All troops are in the city 
  • If your city is fighting with rally you can not teleport 
  • You do not have reinforcement in city
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