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Rise of Kingdoms City Layout guide

City Layout is a great feature in Rise of Kingdoms where you can build, design and decorate your city. City Layout does not have an impact on defense or power so you can design it how you want. It’s free to change City Layout.

Now there are so many different beautiful city layout that I could upload on site but it is now worth it. You have Rise Of Kingdoms Official Discord, Reddit and Facebook group where people are posting beautiful city designs. So if you are looking for the best design go there. 100% you will find ROK City Layout that you like.

Steps for editing city layout 

  1. Click On City Editor ​
  2. Select a layout to edit
  3. Design your city 
  4. Save your design 
  5. Apply it 
Rise Of Kingdoms City Layout 1
Rise of Kingdoms City Layout Editor
Rise Of Kingdoms City Layout

What is the City Layout?

The rise of the kingdom has a wonderful characteristic which the player can use to create a layout for his or her city. This characteristic gives you the ability to construct and plan and embellish your city. This feature is known as the city layout. 

What are the benefits of using the city layout?

The main advantage of the layout is that it does not cost anything at all to do the changes. It is completely free! The city layout has nothing to do with the security or the strength of the game; therefore it can be constructed the way you like to make your city beautiful. All you need to do is make your city as appealing as you can so you can even boast about your layout to your friends by making it as innovative as possible. 

How can you construct your layout?

Now the question is how to construct your layout. Well, it is very easy to do so. You will want to try to make your city as attractive and be very proud of it too. To do this all you have to do is to pick a place to modify and press on the editor of the city. Then make beautiful designs and positions for the roads, and trees for your city and preserve it after which if you like the construction use it. Rise of kingdoms has the most amazing and remarkable layout than any other game; you can use excellent features which it provides like the roads, the screenshots modes, and so on.

The layout should be designed in such a way that there is some uniformity in it. Try to organize things in such a way that features are not merged with each other that much. You should try to make it as awesome as you can so that it appears exactly as you want it and other players admire your layout. Plus, who wouldn’t want their city to look stunning. 

It would be a good initiative to construct a central point of your city layout. This will make you organize things better. The layout enables you to retain at least three city constructions and to make renovations at any time that is feasible for you. 

Once you have made your layout and feel that it is beautiful and built well and you are satisfied with it, it would be nice to share with other players too so they can see your layout. All you have to do to allow them to see is to click on the share button. 

How to begin creating your city layout?

If you are not so sure about exactly what kind of layout you are looking for, don’t worry. The internet is rich with options for different city layouts and how to create them. Furthermore, you can always look into the layouts that other players have made so that you can get some inspiration and figure out the style you are looking for. 

When you are constructing the layout of your city, you might need some guidance as well. The visual guide is there to assist you with how to begin the layout. You can construct roads from one side of the city to another, giving easier lookout and movement. Hence, make sure to avail the help of the visual guide if you are confused about where to begin. 


In conclusion, you should make sure that you create a lovely city layout so that you can have even more fun while playing your game. Since this is customizable, you will have the creative freedom to create the layout that you want. You can decide exactly where each item in your city will be placed. It is so worth it to put in this effort and customize our city layout. Remember, it doesn’t cost anything to create a city layout that is perfect for you. You can use it at any point in the game completely for free! What more could you ask for!

This way, when you log in to play Rise of Kingdoms, you will see a city that you created yourself, and it will feel like home. 

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