Best City Layout in ROK

Rise of Kingdoms City Layout guide

City Layout is a great feature in Rise of Kingdoms where you can build, design and decorate your city. City Layout does not have an impact on defense or power so you can design it how you want. It’s free to change City Layout.

Now there are so many different beautiful city layout that I could upload on site but it is now worth it. You have Rise Of Kingdoms Official Discord, Reddit and Facebook group where people are posting beautiful city designs. So if you are looking for the best design go there. 100% you will find ROK City Layout that you like.

Steps for editing city layout 

  1. Click On City Editor ​
  2. Select a layout to edit
  3. Design your city 
  4. Save your design 
  5. Apply it 

Rise Of Kingdoms City Layout 1
Rise of Kingdoms City Layout Editor
Rise Of Kingdoms City Layout

In the city layout, you have a lot of good features like screenshot mode, share, night mode, roads only, etc. Overall Rise Of Kingdoms city layout builder is one of the best.

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