How to Increase Power in Rise of Kingdoms

How to Increase Power in Rise of Kingdoms

Through this article, we are going to help you grow your account and gain power 100% in free to play (F2P). We will also discuss the 9 most important and crucial tips for free to play players to help them grow their accounts and have fun while playing “Rise of Kingdoms.” 

Read the whole article below if you like all Rise of Kingdom guides and you want to get your hands on all the crucial information on how you grow free to play. 

Today, we have got 9 crucial tips that are going to send you in an amazing direction in Rise of Kingdoms and get ahead in the game. 

Gather resources

Rise Of kingdoms gold farm

Let’s start with tip number 1. The first and the most important thing that you need to know about gaining power in Rise of Kingdoms Free to play players is that you need to get remarkably good at gathering the resources. 

So, for example, you have gathered above 12 billion resources in Rise of kingdoms. At this point, you will need astonishing amounts of resources in order to do things. This includes having to build things in your own account and, after you have maxed out most of the buildings and have done most of your quick fast research, having to accumulate many resources which are going to help you in waging war

If you are free to play, you have to get on the resource gathering plan, which will be quite relevant for you as you make your way up to 40 million power. 

After that, all the resources you obtain are for fighting apart from those extra resources that are used to negotiate. You can do a favor with an alliance in the kingdom and offer to pay resources in order to remain in that alliance. 

Look at it this way, if an alliance had 5 players and you were donating their gold, they would surely keep you, and at some point, you would get multiple gold chests because of the virtue of being in those alliances. 

So, gather your resources and be creative while using them.  

Invest in gathering commander

Next, you should really consider investing in your gathering commanders early on in the game. This is something most of the free to play players don’t do. 

Create Jumper Account

If you are a beginner who has just started the game and are still in your initial months or weeks, you just feel like you would be more comfortable starting over. There’s actually one to avoid this, and that is to get a jump start on everything. 

This phenomenon of getting a jump start is made possible by a ‘Jumper Account.’ A jumper account is a place where you can take advantage of beginner’s teleport. 

By using the beginner’s teleport, which by the way, is the only item in Rise of Kingdoms that allows you to switch kingdoms when you are in the early game, you can get an amazing head start within the kingdom that you eventually end up joining.  

Spend Your Action Points

Rise Of Kingdoms Action Points items

The next tip that will send you in a great direction in Rise of Kingdoms is to always spend action points and not ever to let the bar max out. Try to spend them, especially before going to bed, so that you can wake up to some action points and you spend them down all over again. 

Spending your AP is critical as you not only get a couple of experienced homes but also if you battle the barbarians, you can obtain arrows of resistance which are essential for your watchtower. 

Also, barbarians drop small amounts of gems depending on their level. The higher the level, the more gems you will get on the other hand. If you wish to do forts, battling forts can gain your books of the Covenant, which is important for upgrading your castle. 

Eventually, your castle will become the bottleneck for upgrades within your city even if you spend action points on summoning Lohar. By using Lohar tokens and fighting them down, you can avail some equipment patterns out of the deal.  

From that, you will always want to spend the AP since there is no value now to be held, which obviously means that you must spend on peacekeepers in the initial stage of the game. 

People should start with a Britain-like civilization to get Boudicca out of the gates. You eventually know you’re going to work on Lohar quickly in the game, whenever he becomes available. 

Work on the peacekeepers and don’t over-level your peacekeepers because, in the end, all you peacekeepers will reach level 60. 

Save your action points

The next tip is that, although it has been suggested to spend your AP every day, you should save your action point potions for events like the eve of the crusade. Even when the supply event is around, you should save your APs for events that provide you with extra reward.

Gather gems

The next tip is that after you finish the whole process of gathering surprising amounts of resources and you have got that engine in a great place, you can use the farm to collect resources in your main account in order to start gathering gems. 

You are going to need a lot of gems so that you can do all the things you want to do in Rise of Kingdoms. As soon as your resource is positive and stable, you can go on gathering gems. 

You can farm more than a thousand gems a day which is a lot of work, but as a free to play player, this is definitely something with which you can get a lot of edges. 

Moreover, gems are also needed in events like the wheel of fortune and holidays events where you pay 700 gems in order to get approximately 30 legendary commanders’ heads. You also get back 6000 gems. 

Create farm account

The next tip is to create a farm account so that you can obtain even more resources. One way to get resources is, of course, by gathering them. The other way to do this is by having a farm. 

Having the farm account allows you to not only gather the resources, but you can also send in those troops in war, filling flags to die. So, it is highly suggested to get yourself a farm account.  

Apart from that, even if you send gatherers out occasionally, keep it at a low level or just jump in the alliance’s resource gathering node. This strategy is going to be good enough and will get you more resources than before. 

Save for Events

If you want to try and win an event as mightiest as ‘Governor,’ it will be extremely difficult to do. 

It is highly suggested that if you are going all-in on one event, you should wait for that event and put in all your effort. 

Basically, just be very mindful while picking up an event. Go all in and try to win. 

Whale alliance

The best tip for powering up is to get yourself into an outstanding kingdom as free to play players. 

One way you can guarantee that is by going over a jumper process that will increase your odds as that jumper group is likely to dominate the kingdom in which you’ve landed. This will give you a solid start in the Rise of Kingdoms.

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