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To unlock Tier 5 troops (units) in Rise of Kingdoms is hard but possible. You will need to upgrade buildings to level 25, research all technology. I got my tier 5 troops (units) in ROK as free to play so I know what it takes to get tier 5 troops (units). So let’s start with steps.

I will show you some tips and tricks on how to get them faster. If you are free to play you can unlock tier 5 units too but it will take time and commitment. Also, play Rise Of Kingdoms on your PC  If you want to have a better experience and play without lag.

Tier 5 Research Time Requirements

ROK T5 requirements- You need to have every type of building on level 25 and military max research the same as the economy. You want to upgrade your academy and city hall to level 25 as fast you can.

How much time do you need to research tier 5 troops depends on a lot of factors. Are you in a whale alliance, how much money do you spend on ROK, are you free to play, are you active, etc.

Buildings requirement to unlock Tier 5

Castle– you need to start destroying forts as much you can. You need so many books.

From level 24 to level 25 you need 5000 books. Or if you want to spend money this is where you need to invest your gems. The best time to buy books is during more than gems events.

I did it the hard way with farming barbarian forts. Now how to get most books with fewer attack points. For this, you need a Peacekeeper commander and farm account.

You want to go far away from your alliance. You will do forts only with your 2 accounts. Now it is hard to kill forts level 4 and level 5. But you can easily solo forts that are 1,2,3.

You will start the rally on level 3 fort with your main account and then join to rally with your farm account. While you are on your farm account start fort level 2 then go back on the main account and join the rally.

Repeat this as much you can. Now you are wondering why to do this. Because you will have bigger damage done to the fort and drop chance will be higher and you will get 5 books.

Watchtower– for Watchtower you need arrows. They are no problem to get so do not spend gems on them.

Better is to buy books for the castle. The best way to get arrows for Watchtower is by killing barbarians during the Lohar trial event.

When you kill a barbarian during the Lohar trial event you will get a necklace that contains random items. You will get so many arrows and good items with killing barbarians during the Lohar event.

Lohar rewards Rise of kingdoms 1
Lohar rewards Rise of kingdoms

Academy– This is the last building to get tier 5 units and to build it you need to build all other buildings first.

Other Buildings- Now for other buildings, you do not need books or arrows but you will need gems to buy blueprints. Blueprints are used to level building from level 24 to level 25.

The total number of buildings that need blueprints is 16 and every blueprint costs 2k gems. So that is the total cost of 32k gems.

Castle, scout camp and watchtower do not require blueprints. You do not need more than one hospital, farm, Quarry, gold mine and lumber mill.

Tip and Tricks to Get tier 5 fastest possible

Now you understand what is needed to unlock them so I will make a list of what you want to do in-game that will boost your speed.

Gathering – get your commander to level 37 and go farm. You will need a lot of resources. Turn your in-game notification. You will get a notification every time your commanders come back from gathering.

Spend your action points- Do not let your bar go to full. You want to spend every free attack point.

Universal speedups– Do not spend your universal speedups on building, healing and training troops. Use all universal speedups on research. I know pain when your hospital is full but you only have universal speedups to heal them. My advice is to just exit the rise of kingdoms. If you spend 20 days of universal speedups on healing you will be 20 days more away from tier 5 units.

Alliance technology– find an alliance that has max research and that controls most of the altars.

Whale alliance– find whale alliance. Work on it, do what you must to enter whale alliance. The amount of rewards that you will gate from whale players that are spending in-game is insane. This will boost your progress by 50 %.

Runes– Before building or putting your research on you want to find a rune. It will help you so much. The best runes are in the center of the map.

Kingdoms Buffs- If your king is normal he will use kingdoms buff when the good rune is on the map.

Kingdom title– do not be shy. Go to world chat and ask for a title for 5 min so you can put your research or build.

Best time to use universal speedups Best time is when you get rune that will give you a 15% boost + kingdom buff + kingdom title. Then you will go all in and use all of your speedups.

VIP LEVEL– if you are free to play you will never have a high VIP level if you are no in whale alliance. So try to find an alliance that spends a lot of money in-game.

Courier Station– Every single speedup that you can buy with resources you have to buy it. If you did not see Merchant for a long time go and use some training speedups and you have the chance to summon her

Events–  Try to finish every event that comes in the rise of kingdoms.

Kingdom vs Kingdomskvk is the best time to focus on the game. There are so many rewards that you can get during kvk . Better barbarians, better forts, and you can easily farm gems. You want to do every single thing that you can do in kvk.

If you see an alliance from your kingdom that is doing first time gates or other buildings go and ask them to join and help. You will get free gems, speedups, etc. Look to kvk rewards and make a plan on how to get them all, just do not be AFK during kvk.

I am hoping that I helped in some way. Just be focused on the game and play it daily. You do not need to play it 10h a day. All you need to do daily is to send farmers and kill barbariansforts. But the best advice that I can give you if you are planning to get tier 5 in the rise of kingdoms is to find a kingdom that is strong and that has a lot of big spenders.

The rewards that you will get when they spend money is insane. It will boost your ROK T5 research time by 50%. This guide is more focused on free to play and small spenders but if you are a big spender you find this guide useful too.


Tier 5 Requirements

To unlock Tier 5 Troops in the Rise Of Kingdoms you need to have all buildings on level 25, all-economy technology research on the max level, and military research on the max.

Important buildings

You have to work on your castle. It’s the hardest building in the Rise Of Kingdoms to upgrade, the focus on town hall and academy. These 3 buildings are most important, so start working on them from the start of the game.

Tier 5 troops training cost

2k Tier 5 Infantry troops 1.6m Food 1.6m Wood 800k Gold
2k Tier 5 Cavalry troops 1.6m Food 1.2m Stone 800k Gold

Faster research time

To get Faster research time in Rise Of Kingdoms you have to get a high VIP, take runes, kingdom buff, kingdom title, alliance research, alliance territory, and your research for reduction.

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