Christmas Events in ROK Guide

Christmas Events in ROK Guide

New Rise Of Kingdoms Christmas Events is based on working with your alliance members to receive rewards. Christmas Events include a Treasure hunt, Ice and Snow, Christmas Journey, Memories of The Journey, Christmas Wishes and Zenith, Race against Time and Zenith Of Power. 

New Christmas Events are ok but not that great. There are no free legendary commander sculptures but you will get some rewards. Hopefully next time ROk developers will add more legendary commander sculptures in Christmas Events so we can feel that it is Christmas. But with this small amount of rewards, it is like every other event….

Christmas Events in Rise Of Kingdoms will end on 30.12.2020 so you have plenty of time to finish all quests and take rewards. 

Christmas Journey

Christmas Journey Rise Of Kingdoms

On the Christmas Journey, you can receive rewards by donating Snowflakes or Donating 100 gems. After your alliance donates enough points to the max chest you and your alliance member will receive rewards. There are 10 chests that you can open in the Christmas Journey event. Now if your alliance is active this will go fast and you will probably get the max level chest in a few days. It is not hard.

From the chest, you will receive random rewards from:

  • 150k food and wood 
  • 112k stone 
  • 200 gems 
  •  9h universal or 6h building or 6h training
  • 500 action points 
  • 2 gold keys 
  • 3 golden stars. 

Also, there is an alliance leaderboard where you can get small rewards. Only the top 30 players by donation of Snowflakes and gems will receive rewards.

There are a few ways how to obtain Snowflakes: 

City Collection- There is always a chance to receive a snowflake when you collect resources in your city. Collect resources every 2h in your city to get a max amount of Snowflakes. 

From barbarians– Every time you destroy barbarians you have a chance to receive a snowflake but this is not worth it. It is better to save action points for some other events. 

Gathering– Well this is the best way but it will be time-consuming. To get a lot of snowflakes, send gathering troops with a load of 130k and when they come back to the city, repeat the process. Or you can teleport to the end of map and farm level 1 resource 

Race against time– Well this event is not live yet but you will 100% receive a small amount of snowflakes from it. 

Christmas rewards- Memories of the Journey

Christmas rewards- Memories of the Journey

City skin and legendary commander sculptures are best here but they cost too much. When you Calculate the amount of gems that you will spend on Balloons you will see that it is not worth it. It is better to spend your gems on a wheel or save for next more than gems. 

The cost of items is high especially for city skin and legendary commander sculptures. If you are planning to get them all you will have to spend gems or buy bundles that will contain Fragrant Nectar and Small Bottles.

City skin- Cavalry health + 5%, Archer Health -5%. Cost- 200 Snowflakes and 100 balloons(10k gems). It is not worth it. Probably you already have cavalry city skin, but if you do not have it then you can invest your gems. But again it is better to spend your gems somewhere else. 

Legendary commander sculptures- You can purchase 30 sculptures and each sculpture costs 20 snowflakes and 10 balloons(1k gems). Is it worth it? Simply no. It is better to spend your gems on events like more than gems, card king Wheel of Fortune. 

Wrapping paper- Now this is also worth it. When you buy this you will be able to send a gift to your friend or you can ask players to trade rewards. But I think it is better to surprise someone with a small gift. 

Statue– there is no special stats or effect but it will decorate your city. If you are an old player like me you will already have Christmas decorations from the last 2 years. 

Gold key– You must get all 20. Each cost 20 Snowflakes. 

1h speedup- This is only for rich boys. Avoid spending on this. Each speedup is one balloon which means 100 gems. 

Treasure Hunt

Treasure Hunt Rise Of Kingdoms

First time we are seeing this event in Rise Of Kingdoms. Event is ok but nothing special. You will collect parts of maps and when you collect all of them you will receive the whole map. With that map, you will be able to find Strange Marking where you will send your scout to collect rewards. Rewards are not that great and you can do it only 3 times per day. 

To get parts of the map you will train troops, defeat barbarians forts and purchase items from courier station. Nothing special. 

Zenith of Power

Zenith of Power is an event that will include 8 kingdoms. What I mean is that the leaderboard will be shared by 6 kingdoms. This event is basically for pay to win. The only chance to win this event for free to play players is if you are in dead kingdoms or if you saved a lot of speedups. 

Not only that this event will include pay to win players from your kingdom but also play to win players from other 7 kingdoms. Rewards in Zenith of power are great, especially city skin that will give you

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