Rise Of Kingdoms 1.0.60 “Chorus of Tides” Update

Rise Of Kingdoms 1.0.60 "Chorus of Tides" Update

In the upcoming 1.0.60 “Chorus of Tides” for Rise of Kingdoms, new events series called Isle of Marvels will be implemented, a new Legendary chest in Legendary Tavern and some other important changes. Rise Of Kingdoms will be updated to version 1.0.60 “Chorus of Tides” on 2022/08/09. 

Isle of Marvels Event Series 

Set sail under the sun by day and stars by night! The weather’s fair, so let us depart on our new adventure as we carry the hopes and dreams of exploration with us!

  1. The Wavebreakers: 7 days of questing for great rewards! 
  2. Hoist Your Mainsail: Collect points to earn rewards for you and your alliance members! 
  3. Night of the Voyager: Gather Fleet Supply Chests as a boon for your voyagers! 
  4. Treasure Island: Exchange for a wide variety of prizes, including a new city theme! 
  5. Protect the Supplies: Deliver the supplies safely to the village. Protect the property of your citizens! Tempest Clash: command your vessel in combat against others to become lord of the high seas! 

Improvements to Season of Conquest 

 Improvements to Crystal Technologies 

Increased the number of crystals dropped by defeating Kahar the Hidden in all Season of Conquest stories. This change will take effect immediately after the update. The description for the Season of Conquest Crystal technology “Plunder” now reads as follows: “Increases Crystals earned from defeating barbarian patrols and Barbarian Forts in Lost Kingdom (Formerly “Increases Crystals earned from defeating Kahar the Hidden”). Crystal technology “First Aid” has been removed. 

New Crystal technologies: 

  • Karakuls Gift: Increases the acquisition speed of Crystals during the Trial of Kau Karuak event. 
  • Surprise Strike: Increases damage dealt to enemy garrisons/rallied armies by troops on the map during Lost Kingdom. 

Except for the first change mentioned, the above changes to Crystal technologies will apply to Season of Conquest Stories that were registered after midnight UTC on July 25. 

Heroic Anthem – Power Up Changes 

New Combat Tactics system offers a choice of five different Combat Tactics: Melee, Ranged, Guerrilla, Rally, and Garrison. You can only choose one set of Combat Tactics at a time, and they cannot be changed after your troop has left the city. Different Combat Tactics confer different buffs.

New rally mode: Aggressive Rally. Troops departing from Aggressive Rallies will automatically attack any enemy troops that blockade their March Route, as their Blockade Mode is automatically set to Aggressive Mode by default. 

Improvements to the Trial of Kau Karuak Event 

A new limit to the maximum number of attacks possible against Trial targets for each level. One attack is spent every time you send a new troop to attack the target. Once you have used all your attacks, you cannot send any new troops to attack the target. 

New cumulative reward in the Trial of Kau Karuak event and modified the original challenge reward for completing the Trial. Apart from the current challenge reward, the event now offers a Crystal reward that Governors can accumulate over time. The higher the challenge level conquered, then the more Crystals earned per hour. These updates to the Trial of Kau Karuak will only take effect in Season of Conquest Stories that were registered after midnight UTC on July 25. 

New Legendary Chests

A new Legendary Chest in the Tavern will be added, which can be opened with Sovereign Keys or directly with Gems to recruit even more powerful commanders. 

Legendary Chests will be added to the Tavern after the event is over for Kingdoms currently in the middle of a Legendary Tavern event. Legendary Chests will be added to the Tavern from the 7th day onwards for Kingdoms entering Season of Conquest for the first time.

Other Improvements 

The “Highlight Selected Target” option will be added in Settings. Enabling it will turn the avatars of other troops transparent when selecting a target unit. But troop avatar transparency will NOT be affected when selecting your own units. 

Added new “Champion” achievements involving equipment, commanders, city themes, Crystals, and Legendary Chests. There are 12 equipment related achievements—complete them to receive Iconic Crystals as a reward. Each equipment-related achievement grants 1 Iconic Crystal. 

Improved the verification code system, so Governors with good conduct scores can minimize the number of verification codes needed. 

The limitation will be added to Governors’ access to each other’s details as it has come to our attention that certain Governors’ information is at risk of being used for unapproved purposes, which could negatively impact the gaming experience. 

New list mode for the Daily Special Offer. Use it to quickly select the Commander treasures you want to buy. 

Optimized the quality of some Avatar Frames/Name Plaques. 
New Osiris League – Season 6 is coming soon. Stay tuned!

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