Best Arms Training Event Guide 2022 Updated

Arms Training Event Guide

Rise of Kingdoms Arms Training is a new event in which you can earn valuable rewards. Every time you defeat Lohar in Arms Training, he will become stronger and unlock a new skill. This new skill will be chosen by you. You will receive 10,000 points for each time you defeat Lohar.

The rewards for the new arms training event are okay, but they are not for everyone. For the first ten places, you will receive legendary helmet blueprints, which were previously legendary commander sculptures.

As a result, this event appeals more to pay-to-win players. However, if you need extra materials, go for the top 10, otherwise, any spot below 10 will be enough.

Arms Training Skill Order

Arms Training Skill Order

This is my best order of skills from 10 tests. My gear is epic, and I used Alex, who is max, and Guan Yu, who is 5535. You can test the first day, then go big with a 50% army expansion. Look down to see how you can increase your damage.

  1.  Ancestral Protection
  2.  Thrill of Battle
  3.  Reinforced armor
  4.  Duelist’s Breath
  5.  Malignant Venom
  6.  Armor of Thorns
  7. Strike Of Vengeance
  8. Armor Piercing Spears
  9.  Poisoned Arrows
  10. Wild rage

Arms Training Pairings

This is an extremely important section. Lohar is not your typical barbarian. Because he is an elite barbarian, the damage bonus for barbarians on commanders’ skills and gear does not apply to him. Avoid using commanders with bonus damage against barbarians.

When it came to pairings, Alex and Guan gave me a high score. The issue is that this Lohar has a 20% damage reduction, so you won’t be able to do nuke damage. I tried Guan Yu and Martel, but they weren’t very good. Khan and YSG are the best pair for this event, but most people will not have them.

If you don’t have them, use cavalry or archers commanders with huge nuke damage simply because Lohar has a skill that will reduce damage taken from infantry by 20%.

If you want to compete for the top ten spots, you will need to use 50% army expansion, but first do some testing. The event will last three days, with five attempts per day. The first two days are spent testing your commanders to see who performs the best. Then, on the final day, use 50% army and other buffs.

Arms Training Boosts

All of these buffs will be extremely beneficial to you. So, if possible, try to get them all.

  • Use equipment that has bonus damage
  • Army expansion 
  • Bonus damage item 
  • Rune 
  • Scout someone to receive 3% damage 
  • Kingdom Title 
  • City skin 
  • Officer buffs
  • Commanders buff 
  • Be on alliance territory 

If you want to go hard, you can use your other commanders, such as Alex and Joan of Arc, on nearby barbarians to buff your troops fighting Lohar.

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