Rise of Kingdoms Auxiliary Skills in Orleans KvK Guide

Rise of Kingdoms Auxiliary Skills in Orleans KvK Guide

In the world of Rise of Kingdoms, the Orleans KvK format brings a new level of excitement and strategy to the game. With the ability to equip your commander with up to three extra skills from other commanders, you can create an unstoppable force on the battlefield. This in-depth guide will help you navigate the Orleans KvK format, showing you how to unlock and utilize auxiliary skills to enhance your gaming experience.

One of the key differences between the Orleans KvK format and the Heroic Anthem is the auxiliary skill system. This unique feature allows you to add three extra skills from different commanders to your primary commander, making them an even more formidable force. However, it’s important to understand the limitations and restrictions that come with using auxiliary skills.

Auxiliary Skill System

Auxiliary Skill System

In the Orleans KvK format, each commander has three auxiliary skill slots. These slots can only be equipped with skills from other commanders, and each slot corresponds to a specific skill number (second, third, or fourth). When you dispatch your troops, only auxiliary skills from primary commander will work.

Additionally, commanders can no longer be dispatched if you used their auxiliary skills. This means that if you use auxiliary skills from Cao Cao and Sun Tzu you will not be able to use them on the battlefield. So be extremely careful and choose wisely. Just make sure that you use not use auxiliary skills from the best commanders in Rise Of Kingdoms become you will use them to fight.

To unlock additional auxiliary skill slots, you’ll need to progress through the Kingdom Chronicles. As you complete various events and objectives, you’ll gain access to the third and fourth skill slots. Be strategic in choosing which skills to equip, as each skill can greatly impact the success of your rallies, garrisons, and field marches.

Auxiliary Skills Cost: Writs

Utilizing Writs for Skill Management: In the Orleans KvK format, you’ll need Writs to apply and manage auxiliary skills. You accumulate 80 Writs per hour and can have a maximum of 5,000. Use 1000 Writs to apply skills to your commanders and adjust your strategy as needed. When you return a skill, 400 Writs will be refunded, allowing you to experiment with different skill combinations.

Selecting the Best Auxiliary Skills

At the beginning of the KvK event, your options for available skills and commanders will be limited. However, as you progress through the Kingdom Chronicles, more skills and commanders will become available. Carefully consider which skills to use, as you can only deploy a skill from a commander once. As you play Rise of Kingdoms, you’ll likely develop a personal preference for specific skills and strategies.

When choosing auxiliary skills, it’s important to consider the role you’ll be playing in the game. Whether you’re a rally lead or focusing on garrisons and field marches, selecting the right skills can make a world of difference.

There are an insane amount of commanders in Rise of Kingdoms, which means that there will be numerous combinations that you can make. It is hard for us to explain in the article what the best combination of auxiliary skills is for each commander.

That is why we recommend you watch the video created by Chisgule Gaming, where he goes through every skill in Rise of Kingdoms and talks about the best auxiliary skills and which ones to use.

Auxiliary Skills Rules

Auxiliary Skills Rules

In the SIEGE OF ORLÉANS Season of Conquest story, commanders can skills from auxiliary commanders, allowing for all-new combinations.

  1. Each commander can equip up to 3 extra auxiliary skills from 3 separate auxiliary commanders.
  2. Each commander has 3 auxiliary skill slots. The skills that can be equipped to each slot on which number slot it is:
    The 2-Slot can be equipped with another commander’s 2nd skill
    The 3-Slot can be equipped with another commander’s 3rd skill
    The 4-Slot can be equipped with another commander’s 4th skill
  3. When dispatched with a troop, only primary commanders can use auxiliary skills. Secondary commanders Will not be able to use their auxiliary skills.
  4. Auxiliary commanders cannot be dispatched. They must stop providing their skills to another commander in order to be dispatched again.
  5. The 2-Slot will be available from the start. The 3-Slot and 4-Slot will be unlocked with the Lost Kingdom Chronicles.
  6. The selection of available auxiliary commanders will change with the addition of new commanders and in subsequent seasons.

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