Rise of Kingdoms Farm Account Guide

Rise Of Kingdoms Farm account guide

In Rise of Kingdoms, you can create two accounts for the same kingdom using a single email. You will have your Main and Farm accounts. Rise of Kingdoms allows farm accounts. Having a farm account will give you many benefits, like getting extra resources for your main account, boosting your rank as the mightiest governor, farming books of covenant, and much more. In this guide, you will find all the benefits of having a farm account.

My advice is for every player to create their farm account immediately. When I started playing Rise of Kingdoms, I created on the same day my main and farm accounts. It will help you so much in your progress toward getting tier 5 units.

By creating a farm immediately, you will be able to get more troops, research technology, get good commanders, and farm a lot of resources that you can send to your main.

You do not need max technology on the farm because you can use speedups and resources in a better place, like boosting the mightiest governor score and training more troops. Keep reading to see why I am telling you why you do not need Max technology.

Benefits of having farm account

Main benefits of having farm accounts are:

Rise Of Kingdoms farm account

More resources

In Rise of Kingdoms, you will always need farm resources, and if you are fighting a lot, you will not be able to heal that many troops without a farm account.

If you are a new player, your gathering commanders will be slow, and you can farm enough resources to upgrade your city quickly. Therefore, you can transfer resources from your farm account to accelerate your growth.

I have researched everything, but I can’t do anything without a farm account. Fighting with Tier 5 units will cost you so much gold. So I farm gold with my main and other resources on a farm. So I am always ready to fight, and I never need to ask my alliance member to help me with resources.

For additional resources and gems, you can use Rise Of Kingdoms Redeem Codes.

Mightiest governor score boosting

If you are free to play or a small spender, you must have a farm account in the Rise of Kingdoms if you are looking to win the mightiest governor. With a farm account, you can boost your mightiest governor with: 

  • Sending resources to your main for training more troops.
  • Attacking farm troops with the main account to get the kill event score up. Wait until you unlock Tier 4 units, because they will give you a better score.
  • If you are in the top 10 and you need a few more kills, you can always zero your farm. I would not advise this so much, but if you need a commander, then go all in.

Fighting with Farm account in KVK

Farm accounts in Kingdom vs. Kingdoms will save your main account. I lost Kingdoms vs. Kingdoms because a lot of players from other kingdoms had farm accounts with 2 million Tier 4 troops. While my kingdom was losing troops on main accounts, their kingdoms lost only troops from farm accounts, and they had a fresh main account to win KVK.

Having a lot of troops on the farm during KVK can save your main account. You do not need to reinforce flags or buildings with your main account. Just use your farm account for that. You will not be scared to lose them because you will always have a fresh main account.

Do not go for Tier 5 units with your farm. You need half-good technology, and you are good. Spend your universal speedups on getting more troops for KVK. If you are not in KVK, you can try to get some gems with the help of our Peerless Scholar Answers List because you can get gems that you can later convert to resources.

Farming books of covenant

Book Of Covenant

To get a Tier 5 unit, you will need a lot of Books of the Covenant to upgrade your castle. The farm can help you with this.

Teleport away from your alliance and do barbarian forts level 1, 2, and 3 with your main and farm accounts. You will usually get five books at every rally. This is a beneficial method because when you have a lot of members in the rally, you will do less damage, and with less damage, the number of books of covenant will drop to a smaller number.

I did this, and it saved me a lot of time and gems. Give it a try. You have nothing to lose.

Zeroing cities with farm account

We all know that losing troops on the main can be scary, especially if you are free to play or a small spender. So you can zero other people with your farm account. If you build your farm around 30M power, you can go and hunt for dead cities and zero them to get resources.

Kingdom and Alliance honor boost in KVK

Boosting honor in KVK with a farm account is a useful tactic. You will have a lot of action power on your farm. If your alliance has farm accounts, you can send them into the main alliance and kill barbarians to get more honor for the alliance and kingdoms.

Last KVK, my alliance was losing 300k honor points, and then we all transferred farm accounts to the main alliance. We earned 500k honor points in 5 days. So I advise this method to your kingdoms and alliances.

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