Best Epic and Legendary Commanders in ROK

Rise Of Kingdoms Best legendary and epic commanders

Best commanders in Rise of Kingdoms are not commanders who can do the most damage, it is about who is most useful in the game for PVP fighting, rally, supporting defending, etc. Best commanders are also commanders that you will love to use and have fun with them.

Rise Of kingdoms Best Commanders
Best Epic commandersBest legendary commanders
Sun TzuRichard
HermannYi Seong Gye
Baibars Attila

Best legendary commanders


He is by far the best commander that is in Rise Of Kingdom. He provides an insane amount of healing and defense. That makes him insanely tanky. You can pair him with any commander as secondary because people PVP battles will not focus you. That is why many players put Yi Seong as a secondary commander with Richard. Also, Richard talent tree will give you survivability and defeanse.

Yi Seong Gye

You must have this commander. He is great in defending structures, you can rally with him. It’s great for defending because it has an anti swarm system.

The only problem with these commanders is that he gets focused on the field because people know how much damage he can do. A great way to hide your Yi Seong Gye is to have Richard as the primary commander. Richard will give you healing and durability while Yi Seong Gye does an insane amount of damage. 

Yi Seong Gye is great for farming barbarians with his AOE. For 50 action points, you can get 10+ barbarians killed if you pull them in the right way but than you must use Yi Seong Gye talent tree.


Alexandar is Great commander to bring damage to tanks. Great for infantry rally because of his DPS. If you can I would advise you to get him. You will not be disappointed with his performance in the rally and on-field battles. In most cases, you will use Alexandar as secondary commander because Alexandar talent tree build is not optimal for skill damage.


Attila is most overpowered commander right now. He is good on field battles but when you see him in rally it’s better to leave flags. You will lose so many troops if he attacks you so it is better not to fight against him. 

The only combo that can defend against Attila is Theodora and Zenobia combo. But still, in most cases, they will lose. So if you are serious about KVK and AOO players you must have him. 

Best to pair him with Takeda as a secondary commander because Attila talent tree will give you the most damage bonus.

Best Epic commanders

Sun Tzu

Sun Tzu is a god of epic commanders. I have a lot of max legendary commanders but still, I am using Sun Tzu. He is great for farming barbarians, defending against rallies but he is mostly good in field battles. 

Sun Tzu is an infantry commander that can hit 5 targets at the same time and because he is tanky he will do a lot of damage and Sun Tzu talent tree is great for getting rage generation and skill damage bonus. 

Joan of Arc

By far best epic support commander. On-field battles you must bring her to buff your troops and troops of your alliance members. 

Joan provides insane amounts of buffs for infantry, cavalry, and archers. Only use her in big battles and try to hide her because she will get focused and always use Joan of Arc talent tree


Baibars is a great cavalry commander. He is on a list of best epic commanders because of his AOE damage. In a big fight, he is better than Minamoto. So if you do not want to spend money on Minamoto you can use Baibars instead of him. 


Hermann is ok commander but best for epic commander for archers. In duel testings, he would destroy El Cid who is a legendary commander. You can use him with YSG.


This is my list of best legendary and epic commanders in-game. I have 730 days played and for me, these commanders are by far the best. I made this conclusion from checking reports, dueling and talking with my alliance’s members. I know that may find this list not correct for you but this is overall what I think.

If you need more pieces of information about commanders you can check guides for Talent tree, commander Tier list and best pairings.

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