How To Get Kingdom Newspaper

Kingdom Newspaper in Rise Of Kingdoms

Kingdom Newspaper is a daily record of major and interesting events that happened in your kingdom. You can purchase a daily newspaper in the Lyceum of Wisdom building for 10 gems. It was implemented with Update 1.0.35. 

Kingdom Newspaper can be purchased for 10 gems in Lyceum of Wisdom. You will get some information about what happened in your kingdom.

After you purchase Kingdom Newspaper you will get random buffs like stone gathering speed 5% and cavalry attack 1%, etc.

Every day you can buy a new Kingdom Newspaper that will have different news about your kingdom.

When you purchase it you can respond to articles by liking them.

Also, you have a calendar where you can go back and check old news.

This will not improve your gameplay but it fun to see what is happening in your kingdom while you are away.

Kingdom Newspaper calendar

Some Information that you can find in Kingdom Newspaper

Years of working as a runner have caused a scout to fall ill. In his older age, he now often sits on the city wall, watching the sunset, his weathered eyes still filled with desire for adventure. The scout often laments: “I used to travel all over this land, from mountain peaks to shining seas.”

The kingdom has been prosperous with good weather of late. As of yesterday, resources have been gathered throughout the kingdom 18,049 times in total! Congratulations to all governors. May your cities continue to prosper for all time!

Reports show that Governor (Bklim) of Alliance [UCS] defeated 238 barbarians yesterday and is indeed a stalwart defender. Villages throughout the land rejoice as they find the barbarians who once threatened their lives are gone.

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