Rise of Kingdoms Hospital

Rise Of Kingdoms hospital

“The first documented institutions aimed at providing cures were ancient Egyptian models.” Temples dedicated to the healer-god Asclepius, known as asclepieia, served as centers of medical advice, prognosis, and healing in ancient Greece.”

One of the most important buildings in Rise of Kingdoms is the hospital. You can have up to four hospitals.

Hospital in Rise of Kingdoms is one of the most important buildings. You can have 4 Hospitals. 

Every type of fighting will send your troops in the hospital. 

If your ROK Hospital is full your troops will die if there is no space. 

It is important to check your hospital during fighting because you do not want to lose troops. 

You can heal troops fast if you have a very active alliance. All you need to do is to put 1000 troops per time to heal. With alliance help, you will heal it very fast. 

If you are getting rallied you will not be able to heal troops, only after the rally is finished. 

If you are getting attacked without rally you will be able to heal and use your speedups. 

Building Requirements

Hospital LevelHospital CapacityCostTimePower
13,000 None None 5
24,000Food 2.0K
Wood 2.0K
35,000Food 2.5K
Wood 2.5K
1m 40s 32
46,000 Food 3.8K
Wood 3.8K
2m 30s 65
57,000Food 12.3K
Wood 12.3K
68,000 Food 21.0K
Wood 21.0K
Stone 8.2K
79,000 Food 31.5K
Wood 31.5K
Stone 13.0K
1h 20m 723
810,000 Food 47.3K
Wood 47.3K
Stone 20.8K
2h 1,262
912,000Food 71.0K
Wood 71.0K
Stone 33.3K
1014,000 Food 106.5K
Wood 106.5K
Stone 53.3K
4h 30m 3,310
1116,000Food 160.0K
Wood 160.0K
Stone 80.0K
5h 24m 4,967
1218,000Food 240.0K
Wood 240.0K
Stone 120.0K
6h 29m 7,220
1320,000Food 360.0K
Wood 360.0K
Stone 180.0K
7h 47m 10,319
1422,000Food 540.0K
Wood 540.0K
Stone 270.0K
9h 19m 14,632
1524,000Food 810.0K
Wood 810.0K
Stone 405.0K
11h 12m 20,699
1628,000Food 1.2M
Wood 1.2M
Stone 607.5K
13h 26m 29,316
1732,000Food 1.8M
Wood 1.8M
Stone 912.5K
16h 7m 41,665
1836,000Food 2.8M
Wood 2.8M
Stone 1.4M
19h 21m 59,576
1940,000Food 4.1M
Wood 4.1M
Stone 2.1M
23h 13m 85,644
2044,000Food 6.2M
Wood 6.2M
Stone 3.1M
1d 4h 123,830
2148,000 Food 9.3M
Wood 9.3M
Stone 4.7M
1d 9h 179,944
2253,000Food 14.0M
Wood 14.0M
Stone 7.1M
1d 19h 263,152
2358,000Food 20.9M
Wood 20.9M
Stone 10.6M
2d 13h 387,338
2465,000Food 31.5M
Wood 31.5M
Stone 16.0M
3d 19h 574,480
2575,000Food 47.2M
Wood 47.2M
Stone 24.0M
1x Master's Blueprint
5d 12h 881,480

Side Quests

Requirement Reward
Upgrade Hospital to Level 3 Wood 4,500
Food 4,500
Upgrade Hospital to Level 4 Wood 6,000
Food 6,000
Upgrade Hospital to Level 5 Wood 9.800
Food 9.800
Upgrade Hospital to Level 6 Wood 15,750
Food 15,750
Stone 6,250

Upgrade Hospital to Level 7 Food 18,750
Wood 18,750
Stone 8,000
Upgrade Hospital to Level 8 Wood 23,750
Food 23,750
Stone 10,750
Upgrade Hospital to Level 9 Food 22,750
Wood 22,750
Stone 11,000
Upgrade Hospital to Level 19 Wood 413,500
Food 413,500
Stone 210,000
Upgrade Hospital to Level 20 Wood 621,500
Food 621,500
Stone 316,000
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