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Protect The Supplies is an event in Rise of kingdoms where you will protect the caravan from barbarians. It is a solo event where you are the only one who can defend it. Rewards are great so you have to do it as much as you can. 

Protect The Supplies event is part of the Summer of Passion Event. 

During the event, you will use 50 action points to summon a merchant caravan and escort them as they deliver resources to the village. 

The caravan will be attacked by barbarians. Keep the caravan alive all the way to the village to count the mission as a success. 

 You can choose to add difficult challenges to the mission before it begins. Each challenge has difficulty levels ranging from 3 to 5 stars. You can use the slider to adjust the star level of each challenge and view detailed descriptions. 

When first starting, star level options will be unlocked based on your power rating. To unlock higher star level challenges, complete them with preceding star levels. 

 You will also face more barbarians on escort missions based on their Total Star Level, which is determined by the total star level of challenges chosen. 

Successfully escort the caravan to the village with the designated total star level on to get mission rewards. Governors can challenge multiple times, but only the best result will be recorded. Action points will not be returned on failure. 

 The higher the total star level completed, the higher your ranking. In the event of a tie, the winner will be decided by who finished with the highest percentage of caravan goods left.

Rise Of Kingdoms Protect The Supplies event

Protect The Supplies Rewards

Mission rewards are great and you will receive a nice amount of Fragrant Nectars and Small Bottles that you can use in the Summer of Passion Event. Other rewards are great too,  But the most important part of this event are rewards from leaderboards. 

Mission rewards for completing a certain number of star-level:

  • 1 star- 60m, 100 action points, silver key 
  • 4 stars- 5 fragrant nectars, 4 LVL 3 resources, golden star
  • 8 stars- 5 small bottles, golden key, 3h universal speedup
  • 12 star- 10 fragrant nectars, 3 silver keys, 2 golden stars 
  • 16 stars- 10 small bottles, 2 golden keys. 6h universal speedup
  • 20 stars- 10 small bottles, 10 small bottles.

There is a kingdom leaderboard and if you manage to get in the top 10 you will get golden commander sculptures.

The only problem that I see with this event is that there is more than one player who finished LVL 25 with 100% health of caravan. Who will get rewards for the first place? They have to fix this. 

Rise Of Kingdoms Protect The Supplies individual rewards

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