Ark Of Osiris Guide and Strategy AOO Rise of Kingdoms

Ark Of Osiris Guide and Strategy

Have you been looking for a good Ark of Osiris tutorial? Well, we have got you covered! Read on as we explore what the game is all about and the three main sections of the game in depth. Let us jump in!

Ark of Osiris is an interesting event in the Rise of Kingdoms. It arrives almost every two weeks, and gamers always keenly wait for it! It is definitely one of the most competitive modes in the game. 

There are multiple features involved in this event, including a separate eSport-like mode. This mode will allow you and the other alliance members to fight against the enemy alliance.

P.S: Osiris is the battleground where these two alliances match randomly. After that, both the alliances pick about 30 players to fight against the other. Players must hurt the enemies to hold structures. Holding structures leads to gaining more points. 

Eventually, the team with the highest points will win, and the battle ends.

The three main sections of the Ark of Osiris are namely:

  • Preparation
  • Play
  • Fighting

Read on as we elaborate on each of these sections in detail.


In preparation, the first step to be followed is that you should clear your hospital. Additionally, it would help if you tried to pop a defense boost. That is because you get an attack boost in Ark of Osiris, making the other boost less effective and less meaningful. 

Your defense boost must be at least 25% expansion. We would not recommend 50% expansions because they are generally not that useful. It is only preferred when you use a 50% expansion during open fielding in a KVK.

A twenty-five percent boost is an overall generous courtesy that you must do to prevent any negativity amongst teammates. 

As far as the rest steps go, you should immediately go in and pop your troop capacity buff. Additionally, you should set up your equipment.

For example, if you have been asked to capture an obelisk, you should be doing that with a dragon lancer march. This dragon lancer march is generally equipped with windswept gear and T1. Why? Because the T1 cavalry units are the fastest in the game.

Any amount of T1 cavalry units and windswept gear will be enough to make it work.

If the priority is to take an obelisk, so the obelisk takes precedence over the actual arc.  Double-check the equipment; check if Martel, Richard, and Guan have decent gear. Gears are nothing without equipment.

Select through the marches, Charles, YSG for example. It is better to select the marches so that you don’t have to fumble through them later. That becomes even more essential when you have less time. Setting up marches beforehand is key. To find out what is the best commander You can always check out Rise Of Kingdoms Tier List.

It would be great to be early on discord and do some RSVP. Communication and Power make the team stand out.

Ark Of Osiris in rise of Kingdoms
It does not matter how good you are, you can lose. Ark of Osiris is a team game mode.


Next comes the play; overall, there are two main types of play- two-lane play and five-lane play. When you see the map, you will generally see a three-lane play. 

In the three-lane play, there is a middle where the arc is, the top side building, and finally, the bottom side buildings. That is the most basic way of play. 

Lane play won’t exist in a five-lane play. If you are a low-power player and are not the first to teleport, you will have to do five different jobs. 

The jobs are as follows: You will have to fill rallies, fill garrison, debuff, and buff in the middle. (You wouldn’t want to debuff and buff in open fields, majorly because if you get targeted on the open field, you will just end up dead)

If you get targeted in the middle, you will have less to worry about because many friends will be around. 

A massive amount of points earned in any match are generally from supply alone, so, in extra marches, you must gather at all costs. It is suggested to start microwaving in the open field when you have marches. You should essentially move from Caravan mode to Caravan mode. 

Use farmers like Sarca, Joan of Arc, Constance, etc. Commanders that provide gathering speed to everyone always work. If you are running five gatherers because you are early in the game, gather as much as possible. If you are going for marches, Joan, Constance, Sarca, Centurion are great coming out. Expertise Diao or Expertise Matilda works too.

Always be available on calls! Listen to calls with people who are above you. Everybody should take a bad call rather than some being good and bad. If you are not active on discord, you are doing a disservice to your team.

A maximum of three marches is suggested. One March in one building, one March in another, and the last one in the obelisk – the best part about marches in different buildings is that you can still teleport. 


Having some fun in Ark Of Osiris with some bad commanders.
Having some fun in Ark Of Osiris with some bad commanders.

Finally, we come to the last and most important part, Fighting. Now with fighting, you will have to keep some stuff in mind. Fight in the open field, in the middle. Try to go to the middle, open area. Three minutes out from the ARK is the best rule of thumb.

Open fielding randomly is wastage of troops and the mass. You would not want to start fighting until you consolidate your team. That is where communication plays a massive role.

As mentioned previously, you must communicate with your teammates at all costs. Listen to calls! 

Now, this is how the process goes. A call gets raised to go to Middle. So, no one is fighting in the beginning. You can send your Belisarius march out there so that you can pick up the ARK and run in front of it. Having a fast march will always be profitable. 

Fighting Field March must also be sent there if you’re not currently trying to aid in the building. Do not try to rail all your buildings because they are essential. Try to have them protected enough not to get stolen when you go to the ARK.

If you have a forward building, you don’t have a lot to worry about. But if your building is at the back, we would recommend having a march over there. 

It would help to consolidate all your forces in front of the Ark, so the opponents can’t attempt to grab it. If your objective is to pick the Ark of Osiris, a designated person should try to pick it up.  

If not, you should essentially pick the Ark of Osiris from your side. In case you pick the Ark Of Osiris from their end, they get it. It’s something that can cause a huge loss, so you better be wary of the same. 

Push the opponents back, then accept the fight, pop a buff and eventually start fighting! If you have the advantage of numbers, popping a buff is a great idea. You can easily wipe off the opponents and the marches. Then you can easily take the Ark.

Generally, opponents, in this case back up, pop their own March, start funneling in reinforcements. If this doesn’t happen there (a mistake on their part), you can easily get the Ark from your side.

You start at three minutes out; if it’s a contestable ark, you keep putting stuff into it. If it is not a contestable Ark, you should go back and focus on the buildings. Always work in a team whenever there is a contestable Ark. Make sure you’re getting valuable traits.

How to Teleport in the Ark Of Osiris?

Most teams will have an option as Divine intervention down on the screen. It gives you extra teleports – there are a lot of doubts about who will teleport when. Before the divine intervention, after the divine intervention? Or after the second divine intervention.

If you are going to teleport immediately,  You will have to be careful how you are teleporting so your teammates have space and can teleport easily.

If you are going to teleport as a second or third string, it is way more relaxed. In this case, you must pay attention to your outposts. 

These outposts are the little buildings in the back; You can stick a couple of marches in them and then teleport to the obelisk of your choosing. Follow the map for who goes where. You might even be divided into a team A and a team B.

If you are a low-level player, we suggest you fight with your low marches in garrisons and rallies until there are no marches. Next, gather 5 of your marches and then go from node to node. It would help if you did not let it come back, so you don’t waste any time walking it back. 

It would be best if you also were wary of looking out for your caravan nodes. That is because, in low-power games, people are mostly hunting farmers all the time. 

This Guide was written by Daedrix, an old Rise of Kingdoms player with 1k login days.

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