Legendary Tavern Guide Rise of Kingdoms

Legendary Tavern Guide Rise of Kingdoms

A legendary Tavern is an event in Rise of Kingdoms where you can open chests with sovereign keys. Each chest you open will reward you with an item. Every ten chests opened in the legendary tavern you will get at least one legendary commander sculpture.

When you open 200 chests in a legendary tavern, you will be able to select your preferred commander.

If you open sculptures for commanders in that you already have on max skills, you will receive legendary marks that can be exchanged for other items. Every day, players can open up to 2000 chests, and if you don’t use all of them before the event ends, you do not have to worry.  Your keys will be saved, and you will be able to use them again when the legendary tavern event comes online again.

Should you purchase sovereign keys in order to open chests in Legendary Tavern?
No, do not purchase sovereign keys to open chests in Legendary Tavern because they are overpriced and you will get a better deal from other events. 

Where can I get sovereign keys?

There are many smaller events in Rise Of Kingdoms that will give you sovereign keys, but the majority of the sovereign keys will come from KVK rewards. So, if you’re in KVK, do your best to complete all quests and earn rewards.

Spending gems to obtain sovereign keys is simply not worth it. It’s simply too expensive. If you really need sovereign keys, you can get them at a VIP shop for a lower price, but they are still expensive.

Legendary Tavern Probability

Legendary Tavern Probability

When it comes to commanders, the probability in Legendary Tavern isn’t all that great. Most of the time, you will get experience items, and you must be extremely lucky to obtain commander sculptures.

Legendary Tavern Exchange Shop

Exchange Shop

If you obtain legendary commander sculptures from Legendary Tavern in that you already have on max skill level, they will be converted to Legendary marks that you can spend in the Legendary Tavern Exchange Shop. Getting universal legendary commander sculptures is the best option inside the Exchange Shop.

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