Champions of Olympia Guide in ROK

Champions of Olympia Guide in ROK

Champions of Olympia is a new team-based strategy game mode where two teams will fight to occupy towers and hold them, which will grant them points. Each team has 5 players that can use 3 sets of troops and has 4 skills. Each game is 10 min long and to win you must get as many points as you can in that time.

If you do not see this event it will come in a few days. Currently, Champions of Olympia is available on few kingdoms for testing and polishing.

Champions of Olympia Matchmaking 

You can join a random team or you can invite your friends and alliance members. Currently, there is no ranking system and matching based on power and commanders but probably it will come in the future. 

Commanders and troops 

You can use only Commanders that you have. So choose the best commanders that you have. Also, troops that you get with commanders are chosen by the game. If you pick Richard you will get infantry, El Cid you will get archers, Boudica you will get siege units, etc. 

Amount troops that you will get are based on talent tree, your VIP level, level of your city hall 


There is a nice amount of different skills that you can choose and much more is coming. From the pool of skills, you can choose 4 that you will use in the Champions of Olympia match. Now what skills are the best depends on what troops are you using and playstyle. 

Currently, there is a bravery branch and Wisdom Swiftness and Shadow is coming soon. 

In the bravery branch we have

Cornerstone Skills

All out All out

Passive Skill
Allows your troops to change into an arrow tower, dealing direct damage to a nearby enemy troop once every 2 seconds (Damage Factor 1,000). Troop will remain In arrow tower state until actively changed back by the Governor (tap on the troop to see the transform button). Each troop has an individual transformation cooldown of 120 seconds. If the primary commander of a troop in tower form has the Integration talent, the tower can attack two enemies at the same time. If the primary commander has the Archer or Leadership talent, each attack while in tower form has a 50% chance to deal additional damage (Damage Factor 1,000). All troops take 20% more damage while in tower form.

Master of Battlefield Master of Battlefield

Active Skill
Cooldown 180 seconds
For the next 40 seconds, all troops gain a stack of Mastery with each normal attack for 10 seconds, increasing all damage dealt by 3% per stack. When a troop has 10 stacks of Mastery, all units will gain 30% increased attack, or 60% if the primary commander has the Cavalry or Leadership talent, for 20 seconds.

Bloodlust Bloodlust

Active Skill
Cooldown 180 seconds
For the next 40 seconds, your troops will be healed every third time they take damage from a normal attack (Healing Factor 1,000). If the primary commander has the Infantry or Leadership talent, troops will recover Morale as well (Recovery Factor 200).

First Secondary skill

Slice and dice Slice and dice

Passive Skill
After one of your troops deals skill damage 3 times, their next instance of skill damage will also damage up to 3 nearby enemy troops in a circular area (Damage Factor 500).

Relentless Strikes Relentless Strikes

Active Skill
Cooldown 180 seconds
For the next 40 seconds, your troops make two normal attacks per turn.

Vengeful Strike Vengeful Strike

Passive Skill
Each time your troops lose 5% of their units, they deal skill damage to all nearby enemies (Damage Factor 500), and take 15% reduced damage for 3 seconds.

Second Secondary skill

Marching Tune Marching Tune

Active Skill
Cooldown 180 seconds
Choose a visible area, and deal skill damage to all enemy troops in that area (Damage Factor 4,000).

Fearless Roar Fearless Roar

Active Skill
Cooldown 180 seconds
Your troops immediately gain 50% increased march speed for 15 seconds, as well as 5 stacks of Mastery (all damage dealt +3% per stack for 10 seconds).

Lead the Charge Lead the Charge

Active Skill
Cooldown 90 seconds
Choose a troop under your command, which will taunt up to 5 nearby enemies and take 50% reduced damage for 5 seconds. This troop also recovers Morale (Recovery Factor 500).

Common Skill

Field surgery Field surgery

Active Skill
Cooldown 180 seconds
Heals all of your troops (Healing Factor 5,000).

Swift March Swift March

Active Skill
Cooldown 180 seconds
All your troops gain 30% increased march speed for 15 seconds.

Champions of Olympia Map

Each team has its own base where they will spawn. On the map, there are 5 flags that players can occupy. One flag is in front red base, one is in a front blue base. We have left and right flags and one is in the middle. Also, there will be a circle if you occupy the flag where you will be able to heal your troops.

Rewards Champions of Olympia

To win all rewards you have to win 3 matches. In total, you can get 6 purple materials and 1 day of speedups. Overall not bad rewards.

My opinion

Champions of Olympia is a great game mode in Rise Of kingdoms and finally, we have something different. There is a lot of room for players to choose their playstyle, develop strategy, what commanders and skills they will use, etc.

It is fun especially if you play with your friends. it is not time-consuming and that is great.

Few things need to be fixed as soon as possible and that is bad matchmaking. You will get matched with random people that have random commanders so the enemy team can be too powerful. They need to implement a ranking system to make things more interesting.

Also, they have to add a penalty for people who leave matches. Champions of Olympia have a lot of potentials to be great and to make it on the e-sports scene but they need to work on it hard.

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