Rise of Kingdoms Lohar’s trial event Guide

Rise Of Kingdoms LOHAR’S TRIAL EVENT Rewards from opening Bone Necklaces

Lohar’s trial event in Rise of Kingdoms is great for all players. In Lohar’s trial event, you will defeat barbarians to receive bone necklaces that contain gems, speedups, and Arrows of Resistance. Also, you will be able to upgrade your Lohar commander. 

Lohar’s trial event is a great way to get Arrows of Resistance to upgrade your Watchtower. 

The amount of speedups that you will receive from Bone Necklaces is good, and it will speed up your process of getting Tier 5 units, which is great for the jumper account. 

Rise Of Kingdoms Farming Barbarians with less attack points

Destroying barbarians for Lohar’s trial event is easy, but you can do it more efficiently.

You will need five commanders with peacekeeper talent.

We want to get a maximal attack point reduction. Peacekeeper talents will reduce 10 action points to 2 action points that can be stacked five times. That means that you can get a 20-action point reduction. 

When you kill a barbarian, make sure that your troops do not get back into the city. If they get back into the city, you will lose action points

Use your Peacekeeper commanders as primary, and for secondary commanders, you can use what you want to level up. 

Try to get five peacekeeper commanders because you will be able to kill barbarians quickly.

Rise Of Kingdoms LOHAR’S TRIAL EVENT Rewards from opening Bone Necklaces
Rise Of Kingdoms LOHAR’S TRIAL EVENT Rewards from opening Bone Necklaces

Event Rules

  1. During the event, defeat barbarian troops on the map to receive a special event item: Bone Necklaces.
  2. Use your Bone Necklaces to receive abundant rewards. You will also have a chance to obtain Lohar Relics, including Lohar’s Longbow and Lohar’s Buckler.
  3. You can use these relics to summon Lohar and his elite troops near your city.After defeating him, you and your allies will receive incredible rewards!

Lohar’s Army

Rise Of Kingdoms LOHAR’S TRIAL EVENT items that can spawn Lohar troops

In Bone Necklaces, you can get Lohar’s Army. When you use Lohar’s Army, they will spawn next to your city. Lohar’s Army can only be killed by the rally. If you have maximum Lohar skills, there is no point in killing more Lohar’s Army. It’s better to spend your attack points on destroying forts to receive books of the covenant to upgrade the castle.

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