Ages in Rise Of Kingdoms

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Rise of Kingdoms has 5 ages for now. Ages in Rise Of kingdoms are Stone Age, Bronze Age, Iron age, Dark age, and last is Feudal Age. By upgrading the city hall to a certain level you will enter the new age.

Ages in Rise of Kingdoms are:

  1. Stone Age- Starting age 
  2. Bronze Age- Upgrading city hall from level 3 to 4
  3. Iron age-Upgrading city hall from level 9 to 10
  4. Dark age-Upgrading city hall from level 15 to 16
  5. Feudal Age-Upgrading city hall from level 20 to 21

Ages will not play a big role in Rise Of Kingdoms. You will get to the last age very fast if you are active. But faster you upgrade your city hall and you get to last age.

To learn more about city hall that is needed to enter a new age check our guide on city hall and do not forget to redeem all ROK Codes.

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