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Bjorn Ironside in Rise of Kingdoms
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Bjorn Ironside is an epic infantry commander in Rise Of Kingdoms. it is easy to get him and you will use him all the time if you are an infantry player on new kingdoms. Overall, Bjorn Ironside is a great commander for epic rarity.

Bjorn Ironside Guide

Bjorn Ironside is a warrior who can help you win early battles in Rise of Kingdoms. He is regarded as one of the greatest epic commanders in the Rise of Kingdoms. He undoubtedly possesses a great deal of talent and is capable of causing significant damage to the opponent’s forces. In an open battlefield, he can always be counted to cause havoc with his great talents. If you use Bjorn well, there are chances of your winning through the game’s early levels without any problems.

He is amazing in any rally, and this is what you get when you start with a lot of skills and talents, and it is something that his civilization desperately needs. Only as the game progresses will you need to use him as a backup commander, as more powerful ones can take on larger enemy targets.

Bjorn’s Battle Advantages and Disadvantages Guide

There are a few significant advantages that every beginner to the game should be aware of before naming Bjorn as their commander. It is surely a phenomenal success in open field attacks and terrific at attacking cities. With his AOE skill, you can rely on him to deal maximum damage to enemy forces.

You can get him for free in a variety of ways, which is important as the game progresses. Other secondary commanders can effectively support him, and both can inflict significant damage on the opposing side. As he provides some great buffs to his troops, they can increase the damage in a greater percentage together.

In this way, he even outperforms some other commanders in Rise of Kingdoms, and he becomes less effective only when advancing to higher levels. His biggest disadvantage is that he does not have the power to heal his troops, and they are left as they fall.

He is also slow, which may make it difficult for players to flee from an enemy’s ferocious attack. Another disadvantage about Bjorn Ironside’s talent tree is that he slowly becomes weaker as the game progresses and that too in front of other formidable enemy commanders. It can be difficult, but the ROK provides several options for players to get started when things get difficult.

Again, technically, players invest in troops earlier in the game, and you frequently encounter mixed troops. As a result, Bjorn Ironside has made a significant contribution to making things worse for the enemy. However, the point is that players invest in the infantry army and other areas, and Bjorn may not be able to assist them in this regard.

However, he is a fearless fighter and a true ‘Viking Lord,’ and his abilities are well worth considering during the early stages of the game. His damage is extensive, and his expertise in attacking cities can frighten any enemy troops.

Upgrading him is a no-brainer especially if you are preferring infantry units. Bjorn Ironside can be used for attacking cities and for field battles. But if you are on the old server it is not worth it to use him as rallying commander and it may be hard even to use him for field battles

But if you are on a new server you must use him as field commander.

Bjorn Ironside Talent Tree Build

Bjorn Ironside PVP build stats

This build is great if you are a new player and you need more infantry status. Yes, you will do less skill damage but you will be able to survive more in big fights.

Bjorn Ironside PVP build stats
Bjorn Ironside PVP build stats

PVP skill build is great if you want to nuke as much you can. You will get a nice rage generation and skill damage bonus. The problem with this rok talent tree is that you will die easier.

You can plan two types of talent tree builds in Rise of Kingdoms. The first is the Skill Tree Build, which is popular among many players worldwide. By frequently applying his debuff, Bjorn will gain rage generation that is appropriate for his characteristics in this build. The Infantry Tree Build, on the other hand, is another build in which Bjorn will have more sustaining power but will not be able to put up massive bursts and damage output like the above.

The Attack Tree comes next, which assists you in generating as much rage as possible for Bjorn while continuing to fire Bjorn’s active skill. As a result, as a player, your primary goal will be to obtain ‘Rejuvenate’ in order to assist Bjorn in generating extra rage for each skill that he employs. It starts a chain reaction in which the more skills there are, the more rage there is and players should go for ‘Feral Nature.’

The Infantry Tree now has more furious abilities, and Fleet of Foot Bjorn gains much faster marching speed. It is to be used to his advantage because of the benefits it provides in the open battlefield. It is here that players should not waste any time in obtaining ‘Elite Soldiers.’ They gain the greatest advantage over the opposing forces here.

The infantry tree also assists you in obtaining ‘Snare of Thorns,’ which increases your rage while simultaneously slowing down the enemy, allowing you to win all battles. Slowing down your opponent is similar to making them a little disabled to fight so that they do not match your infantry’s powers and marching energy.

Infantry are the first troops available to a new city’s governor, and the soldiers are trained and upgraded in the Barracks. There are several commanders to increase the effectiveness of infantry, and as stated below, Bjorn Ironside is perhaps the best in earlier games. However, he has flaws as well, which can be compensated for if the player selects popular pairing options to add a much-needed extra punch to the game.

In the game, archers have an advantage over infantry, and defending Bjorn on the battlefield may be a little ambitious. Again, cavalry is so fast that infantry finds it difficult to hit them. They, too, arrive quickly and attack the archers. As a result, pairing allows you to move more easily from one level to the next. However, some expert players believe that with 38 days of play, the best bet here would be to introduce the all-powerful Richard as secondary commander to increase the army’s strength.

One thing that works in Richard’s favor is that he has a missing healing factor in Bjorn. As a result, this can provide a significant advantage to the infantry as a whole. Not to mention Richard’s attack power and versatility, which can completely demolish most opponents. As a result, it is critical to remember all of the above points when pitching bjorn ironside talent tree for marching your team to victory in all infantry battles.

However, in order to gain an advantage right away, players must first decide on the type of civilization. There are 12 civilizations to choose from, and you will receive instant scout reports as to whether your next move should be to face the Vikings head on on the battlefield or to begin strengthening your city. The Vikings, fearless warriors, are the most recent civilization to enter the Rise of Kingdoms. You can also select this brand new civilization to engage in real-time battle on the seamless map.

Bjorn Ironside Pairings

The Bjorn ironside talent tree does not indicate that the commander is particularly good when fighting alone, but that he is even more effective when paired with another commander. Together they both exhibit enormous power that can do tons of damage to opposing forces. Among individual talents, such as Marionette, he can reduce watchtower damage by 15%.

It also helps him lessen the damage the other side launches at his troops. The Signal Flare is yet another of Bjorn’s abilities that increases the damage to other players’ watchtowers by 15% and is sometimes required for a quick victory. Bjorn’s ‘Tear of Blessing’ talent can significantly reduce troop losses during enemy attacks to a maximum of 9%.

When the aforementioned abilities are combined with or ably assisted by another powerful commander, it becomes easier to quickly scale to higher levels of the game. These commanders can be effectively paired with Bjorn, and this will check other commanders from the enemy side to run down the troops mercilessly.

As a result, it is on record and widely discussed in the Rise of Kingdoms game that the best rok pairing for Bjorn is Sun Tzu, who would undoubtedly enhance his talents even further.

Sun-tzu iconSun Tzu

Sun Tzu will shine as a secondary commander, while Bjorn, as the primary commander, will be able to rattle opposing forces’ nerves on the battlefield. There never can be anything prettier than this pairing. The pairing is awesome as whenever Bjorn hits a target Sun Tzu will generate huge rage.

It also means that Bjorn will increase his active damage as he gets his troops going, and Sun Tzu is one of the best AOE commanders, possibly outperforming them all in this specific talent. It is also noteworthy that his active skill can damage 5 targets and, when paired with Bjorn, can be a formidable force to be reckoned with, and there will be no letdown on ruthlessly finishing off the opponents.

Boudica iconBoudica

Boudica, who generates enormous rage for Bjorn as secondary commander and has healing powers, is yet another great pairing for Bjorn. It’s great when Bjorn doesn’t have the ability to heal his troops, because pairing can handle it very coolly.

Eulji-Mundeok iconEulji

Eulji Mundeok, who is well known as the best epic infantry commander in Rise of Kingdoms, is the other best pairing for Bjorn. It is also advantageous because he possesses active nuker skills. He is also the best commander in both PVE and PVP, and he boosts garrison defense. It also implies that the more infantry you have in your garrison, the more advantageous you are. As a result, teaming up with Bjorn would take things to a new level that could be very powerful.

Bjorn Ironside Skills

Fearless Fighter

Rage Requirement: 1000
Deals direct damage to the target (Damage Factor 200), increasing their skill damage taken by 2% for 3 seconds.

Direct Damage Factor: 200 / 250 / 300 / 400 / 500
Skill Damage Taken Increased by 2% / 4% / 6% / 8% / 10%

This skill is great to boost Bjorn Ironside pairings damage by 10% and on top of that he will do nuke damage of 500 damage factor. Not bad skill for epic commander.,

Longboat Marauder

Troops led by this commander gain 2% increased attack when attacking cities.

Upgrade Preview:
Attack Bonus: 2% / 5% / 8% / 11% / 15%

This skill is not so good. Yes, it will give you bonus damage for attacking cities but that is a job for pay to win players that have legendary commander to that. I wish that this skill was for Field PVP battles.


Passive Skill

Normal attacks have a 10% chance to deal direct damage to the target (Damage Factor 300). This skill can trigger once every 5 seconds.

Upgrade Preview:
Direct Damage Factor: 300 / 400 / 500 / 600 / 800

Ambush skill is not so bad but you have a 10% chance to be activated. now how much time it will be activated depends on your luck. I do not like this type of skill that is based on luck. But if it happens you will deal nice damage.

Vikings Lord

Passive Skill

Infantry units led by this commander gain 2% increased attack and 2% increased defense.

Upgrade Preview:
Infantry Attack Bonus: 2% / 4% / 6% / 8% / 10%
Infantry Defense Bonus: 2% / 4% / 6% / 8% / 10%

This skill will boost your overall stats of infantry units. That is why it is important that you use infantry units with Bjorn. If you do not use them you will not get this nice bonus of stats. Stats are extremely useful for new players.

Booming Warsong

Enhanced Skill:
Fearless Fighter: Deals direct damage to the target (Damage Factor 200), causing the target and up to 2 nearby enemies in a forward-facing fan-shaped area to take 15% increased skill damage for 3 seconds.

Because of this skill, it is important that you max Bjor as soon you can. This skill will boost your first skill a lot. There are 2 types of build for Bjorn. one is for PVP that is focused on more stats and survivability and one is for nuke damage. Now what you will choose depends on your playstyle. rally build is not worth it. Leave that to pay to win players with the legendary commanders.


Björn Ironside was a Viking leader whose history is said to be a mixture of fact and legend. Histories from the 12th and 13th centuries say he was one of the sons of the fabled Viking king Ragnar Lodbrok. Björn lived during the 9th century CE, and was said to be the first ruler of the Swedish House of Munsö. Legends say that when Ragnar became King of the Danes, custom demanded that he send out his heirs into the outside world to avoid challenges to his authority during his reign.

While waiting, his turn for the throne, Björn traveled the world, first sailing the demanded Seine in 855, pillaging his way through Francia before making, his way to Italy and the Mediterranean. It is even said he went as far as Egypt, to Alexandria, but was unable to capture the site itself. His journey at an end, he made his way back to Scandinavia, where he and his sons ruled until around 1060 CE.

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