Rise of Kingdoms crosses $2 billion in lifetime revenue

Rise of Kingdoms crosses $2 billion in lifetime revenue

Even though Rise Of Kingdoms was released in 2018, it remains one of the most downloaded and trending games on Google Play, with over 100 million downloads. 

Rise of Kingdoms has now earned more than $2 billion in lifetime revenue, according to data obtained by Gamingonphone from Appmagic. Currently, the game is available in more than 50 countries, and according to Appmagic’s data, it generates over $40 million per month.

In-Game Shop Gems

Although Rise of Kingdoms is free to play, there is an in-game store where you can purchase bundles that will give you a significant advantage over other players. More than $2 billion was earned over the course of a lifetime thanks to these packages. There are Rise Of Kingdoms players who spend more than $1 million dollars on in-game bundles, which is fascinating.

Lilith Games continues to expand.

Lilith Games’ profits from AFK Arean and Rise of Kingdoms enabled them to acquire some major corporations, such as Farlight Games. In addition, they are able to produce a large number of other popular games like Dislyte and Warpath thanks to their impressive earnings. Lilith Games is on its way to becoming the world’s most valuable mobile game company at this rate. It’s amazing that they did it in under five years.

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