New Festival Gala and Summer Chapter Events Guide

Festival Gala and Summer Chapter Guide

Festival Gala and Summer Chapter are a fantastic eventswhere you can win 35 legendary commander sculptures and a variety of other prizes.

The Festival Gala is a wonderful event in which you can invest 7,000 gems to gain access to additional wonderful rewards. However, in order to complete level 25 and receive all of the sculptures and other rewards, you will need to have a good understanding of how to quickly collect Flower Paper.

Is it worthwhile to spend 7,000 gems on it? It is, indeed. In addition to the other rewards, you will receive an additional 25 legendary sculptures. For such a small number of gems, the value is insane. On the other hand, you will eventually be rewarded with the same number of gems that you spent.

How do you obtain Flower Paper?

How do you obtain Flower Paper?

At this point, figuring out how to finish level 25 within the allotted time is the most important thing to do. Because there are so few places where you can collect Flower Paper, some of the locations are superior to others.

When you defeat barbarians, you will receive Flower Paper as a reward, but it is not recommended that you do so. Only if you are a member of KVK, where you are eligible for better rewards for defeating barbarians, or if you are taking part in other events that require you to defeat barbarians.

City Collection- You can also get boxes containing Flower Paper for city production. You should collect the resources of your city every two hours if you want to get the most boxes. Don’t let the production in your city reach its maximum level.

Bundle – Typically, at events of this nature, you have the option to purchase a bundle in order to obtain Flower Papers; however, doing so is not a good investment. If you’re not even close to level 25, wait until the very end to make the purchase.

Purchasing the third and final part of the Festival Gala rewards: Although we have already mentioned that it is not worthwhile to purchase the third and final part, if you need a few more Flower Papers to finish all of the levels, you should go ahead and purchase it. You will get a substantial amount of Flower Paper in your package.

Festive Preparations- It is a location where you can complete small tasks in exchange for small rewards and Flower Paper that can be used to level up your Festival Gala. You will be able to complete them all if you are active. The tasks are not difficult. The Easter Parade lasts for seven days.

Race Against Time—We have all heard about this event, and it will provide you with a nice amount of Flower Paper; however, you should push it as much as you can because there are great rewards for the top 10 players on the leaderboards. If you are interested in participating in this event, you can find more information here. If you come in the first place, you will receive 20 sculptures of legendary commanders as your prize.

The most effective way to complete the Festival Gala event

Farming resources is the most efficient way to finish the Festival Gala Event because it does not cost you any action points, and all of the other methods will either put you well below level 25 or cost you an absurd number of action points for absolutely no benefit.

Therefore, there are two distinct approaches to farming for this event.

The first way is to use teleportation to get to the very edge of zone one and farm food or wood tiles that are level 1. There is a good chance that your gatherers will come back to the city carrying two or three flower paper boxes on their way back from gathering. Continue to iterate the process until the Festival Gala has finished.

The second strategy does not necessarily demand teleporting to zone 1 in order to be successful. Simply dispatch gathering troops with a load of 133,000, and when those troops return to the City Hall, start the process all over again.

Because there will be fewer people and you will be able to gather in peace if you use the first method, in my opinion, it is the method that you should use.

Festival Gala Rewards

LevelNormal7000 Gems9.99$
1Resource Pack x3Golden Sculpture x5
Epic Scultpture x10
Artemisia: Bored
2Lvl 5 Tome of Knowledge x5Bundle Brand-New Starlight Sculpture x1
Blessed Brand-New Starlight Sculpture x1
VIP 500 x1
3Silver Key x315-Minutes Building Speedups x8
15-Minutes Research Speedups x8
Resource Pack x3
415-Minutes Universal Speedups x10Resource Pack x10
Level 6 Tome of Knowledge x5
60-Minute Training Speedup x3
5Golden Key x1Gems 500 x1
15-Minutes Speedup x3
VIP 500 x1
6Resource Pack x10Equipment Materials Choice Chest x1
Blueprint Fragment Choice Chest x3
15-Minute Speedup x11
7Lvl 6 Tome of Knowledge x10Bundle of Dazzling Starlight Sculpture x1
Blessed of Dazzling Starlight Sculpture x1
Resource Pack x5
860-Minutes Speedup x8Resource Pack x20
Lvl 6 Tome of Knowledge x10
3-Hour Training Speedup x4
9Dazzling Starlight Sculpture x560-Minutes Building Speedups x6
60-Minutes Research Speedups x6
VIP 500 x1
10Golden Key x1Gems 500 x1
Golden Key x2
Crystal Key x3
11Resource Pack x20Equipment Materials Choice Chest x3
Blueprint Fragment Choice Chest x4
Resource Pack x8
12Bunny BlessingsBundle Brand-New Starlight Sculpture x2
Blessed Brand-New Starlight Sculpture x2
Flower Paper x50
133-Hour Speedup x5Resource Pack x8
Lvl 7 Tome of Knowledge x8
3-Hour Training Speedup x12
14Dazzling Starlight Sculpture x53-Hours Building Speedups x4
3-Hours Research Speedups x4
Resource Pack x12
15500 gemsGolden Sculpture x5
Gems 500 x2
Flower Paper x100
16Resource Pack x10Equipment Materials Choice Chest x9
Blueprint Fragment Choice Chest x8
3-Hour Speedup x12
17Brand-new Starlight Sculpture x10Easter Party (Permanent)
Territorial Teleport x1
Golden Key x3
183-Hour Speedup x7Resource Pack x15
Lvl 4 Reserve x1
Flower Paper x150
19LVL 7 Tome of Knowledge x88-Hours Building Speedups x2
8-Hours Research Speedups x2
Resource Pack x20
20Dazzling Starlight Sculpture x10Gems 500 x3
Golden Key x5
15-Hour Speedup x4
21Resource Pack x20Equipment Materials Choice Chest x8
Blueprint Fragment Choice Chest x15
Golden Key x8
22Golden Sculpture x10Bundle of Dazzling Starlight Sculpture x2
Blessed of Dazzling Starlight Sculpture x2
Flower Paper x150
2315-Hour Speedup x2Resource Pack x20
Lvl 6 Reserve x1
Crystal Key x8
24Gems 1000 x115-Hours Research Speedups x2
15-Hours Building Speedups x2
Resource Pack x30
25Golden Key x5Gems 2000 x1
Golden Sculpture x15
24-Hour Speedup x3

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