How To Gather a lot of gems In Rise of Kingdoms

How To Gather a lot of gems

Today, with the help of this article, we will be helping you and providing you with some important tips on “How you can gather 2000+ gems every other day in Rise of Kingdoms” through farming gems off the maps. Furthermore, we will argue whether or not you should collect these gems.

The gem deposit at level one comprises ten gems in total. On the other hand, the gem deposit at level two contains a total of 20 gems. And when you farm these gems off the map, it is almost the same as farming any other thing you find on the map. 

In order to search for the nodes, it is highly suggested to look carefully since the resource nodes are quite different from other nodes, and you cannot search for them using tools. Instead, you will have to search them with your naked eyes, which, honestly, is extremely hectic. 

There are a lot of things that we need to discuss regarding gathering gems. First, we will review and talk about the talents of the commanders you use. One thing that all the players must keep in mind is that using the commanders for Gathering gems is an exceptional idea instead of the resources. Redeem Rise Of Kingdoms gift codes if you gems that you will get instantly.

Commanders for Gathering Gems

Commanders to Gather Gems

Let us start with the commanders, because in ROK, for the purpose of gathering gems, you are going to want to use the commanders. There are a lot of talents that are quite important. For example, “the more, the better” is great. The moment you complete a node, you get a lot more gems that depend on the side of the node.

The next important fact that we must discuss briefly with the commanders is that they will give you several gems and many additional bonuses. 

There are a few mistakes that a lot of players make when they find a node. First of all, if you are going to farm thousands of gems a day, then it is highly recommended to utilize Tier 1 siege so that in the game, you can march faster. 

The second error that a lot of players often make is that they avoid sending more units than what is required. Yes, that’s right! You should send lots of units, more than what gem nodes actually require, so that you can avoid going back to the town after achieving a gem node every time. It would help if you gathered tons of gem nodes and then, once and for all, made your way back. This way, a lot of time will be saved, as you’re not coming back home again and again. 

Like if you’re on an Alliance territory and you get an under-a-minute gem, which means now you will need to reach someplace else and also set a timer. 

The whole point of explaining this is that if you want to farm huge amounts of gems, you should be extremely observant and watchful since you will be going from one node to another and not coming back home every time. This is going to take more or less 15 to 20 minutes; the time depends on the side of the nodes. 

So in your regular kingdom, you will need to look for the nodes of level one and level two. Although in KVK, you can search for higher-tier nodes that have large amounts of gems, this whole act is a bit easier.

Challenge With Farming Gems

Farming Gems

You can definitely gather thousands of gems through farming, but remember, there is one challenge that comes with farming gems: many ROK players have figured out this way of gathering gems. So now you all might be thinking that if all the players are farming gems, how can they have resources? 

The answer to this query is that there are a few players who have separate farm accounts, and they farm on them. Their farm accounts collect all the resources and transfer them into their original accounts.

Nevertheless, you can not transfer the gems, and because you can’t do that, you should farm the gems on your main account. If you decide to do that, you must farm all the resources on your farm account and transfer them over. 

Research for Gathering Gems

Gems gathering research

The initial step that you should follow to get your hands on more than 2,000 gems every day is to do the research. This is present in the form of jewelry, and in the academy, you will need to unlock the jewelry.

This is an immensely important skill, as it allows the player to collect the gem tiles. After unlocking jewelry above the gathering tree, you can also increase the speed of gathering by 35%. 

If you are interested in this, then you must be aware that players spend a lot of resources on it, even more than what they get back through gems. 

The important next point is that if there’s a lot of time and at the same time you need to pay your whole attention, then you should go through this route. On the other hand, if you’re the kind of player who doesn’t mind spending time watching gatherers go from node to node, then this is just the thing for you.

Now one thing is clear: this is a difficult task because when you find a node, most of the time, there’s a player who is already in the process of farming it. So you can continue going this way and get some additional gems. 

There are many other quite obvious ways through which you can get yourself some gems. We assume you already are following those ways, which include playing all such events that get you gems, spending all your action points by beating barbarians as they own many gems, and doing and completing all your quests.

Here, we are also assuming that you are not unnecessarily spending your gems in absurd places. 

Also, a gem of a minute is really fast. The challenge walks from node to node, which is why it is highly suggested to use Tier 1 siege units. You also should try using a commander just like Gaius Marius if you are using a single march to do it rather than 5, where you get 15% of the total march speed.

And if you are playing passionately, you can also invest your talent points on commanders, level up the gatherer commanders, run around the maps, and battle your temple guardians.

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