Update 1.0.33: Osiris Invitational

Rise of Kingdoms Update 1.0.33_ Osiris Invitational

We plan to update the game to version 1.0.33: “Osiris Invitational” at around [UTC 2020/4/27]. Before the update, you can download data in  advance via events to earn nice rewards.

Osiris Invitational

Osiris League is almost over and the top alliances have been ranked for both the Realm of Horus and the Realm of Anubis. You may be wondering, which of these two realms is the strongest? That’ s where the “Osiris  Invitational” comes in! Will it be the Realm of Horus or the Realm of Anubis who honors Osiris through domination on the battlefield? Only time will tell.

1.  The top 4 alliances from each realm at the end of the Osiris League will
be invited to participate in the “Osiris Invitational”.

2. To offer a fair competition, all participating governors will use the same
set of commanders, troops, and individual and alliance technologies
provided by the system.

3. Exclusive practice matches will be provided for participating alliances to
help them familiarize themselves with the new competition format.

New event: “Family Day”

 (Will gradually open up to all kingdoms within 2 weeks after the update) Family Day is almost here, so we have prepared plenty of exciting holiday events for you! See below for details:
– Family Week: 7 days of questing for great rewards!
– ROK Family Portrait: Work with your fellow alliance members to spruce up
your ROK Family Portrait for amazing rewards!
– Fireside Story: Collect Timber to use while sprucing up your ROK Family
– Race Against Time: Who can kill the most barbarians within a limited
period? Show your strength!
– Protect The Supplies: Deliver the supplies safely to the village. Protect the
property of your citizens!

“Ceroli Crisis” Event Optimizations

 (Will gradually open up to all kingdoms within 2 weeks after the update)
1) We’ ve added a new Taunt skill that governors can use to force a
Chieftain to attack them.

2) Governors can now exchange for special concoction items in the event
store to buff their troops during the “Ceroli Assault” , “Ceroli Crisis” , and
“Ian’s Ballads” events.

3) New Chieftain -Ak & Hoc. Born in light and shadow, these twin brothers
fight as one. You’ II need to perfect your strategies if you want to defeat
these fearsome opponents!

“Lost Kingdom” Event Optimizations

Based on your feedback about the “Lost Kingdom” event, we have made
the following optimizations:

1) Replaced the “Bloodthirst” mechanic with “Hot Blooded” to prevent
governors from abusing this mechanic to prevent passes from being

2) Added new events rewarding Honor Points to replace the “Almighty
Overlord” event in Lost Kingdom seasons 1 and 2 (This change will not
apply to Lost Kingdoms events which have already begun).

3) Adjusted the Lost Kingdom: Light and Darkness immigration rules to prevent immigration for kingdoms in the matchmaking phrase.

Other Changes

1) Added a city theme manager.

2) Improved commander skill sound effects.

3) The Lucerne Scrolls – Volume 4 is about to unfold.

4) Updated the “Ceroli Assault” rewards system: Chieftains will now drop
items that governors can exchange for a variety of prizes.

5) Increased drops in Barbarian Camps and Barbarian Keeps. And the
refreshing period of Chieftains in Barbarian Camps becomes more

6) One-click Talent Upgrade feature: Governors can now choose any talent
and tap Upgrade to immediately activate the chosen talent and all
prerequisite talents.

7) Updated the chat system to fix the problem where players were losing
messages or were unable to send messages. However, following this
update chat records older than 7 days will be deleted. Chat records from
public channels such as the Alliance and Kingdom channels may also be
lost. So please make a back up before the update.

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