Rise of Kingdoms Scout Camp

Rise of Kingdoms Scout Camp

Scouting Camp in Rise of Kingdoms is a building that will allow you to scout other players, troops, and buildings. With a scout, you can explore tribal villages and mysterious caves.

You can see how to explore it faster in our guide about mysterious caves and tribal villages.

“The city’s scouts are housed at the scout camp.” These daring explorers relish the unknown and are willing to venture deep into the mysterious fog or even enemy bases. We can gather a lot of valuable information from them, which will have a significant impact on our development.”

Rise Of Kingdoms Scout Camp

Building Requirements

Scout Camp LevelRequirements Scout March Speed BonusExploration
of Scouts
CostTime Power
1City Hall Lv.2
5%5x51 Food 300
Wood 300
2City Hall Lv.2
10% 5x51 Food 500
Wood 500
3City Hall Lv.3
15% 5x51 Food 1.0K
Wood 1.0K
4City Hall Lv.4
20% 6x6 1 Food 2.0K
Wood 2.0K
3m 30s 32
5City Hall Lv.525% 6x6 2Food 3.8K
Wood 3.8K
14m 10s 81
6City Hall Lv.630% 6x6 2Food 6.5K
Wood 6.5K
7City Hall Lv.735% 7x7 2Food 9.8K
Wood 9.8K
1h 10m 398
8City Hall Lv.840% 7x7 2Food 14.8K
Wood 14.8K
2h 10m 769
9City Hall Lv.945% 7x7 2Food 22.3K
Wood 22.3K
2h 53m 1,274
10City Hall Lv.1050% 8x82Food 31.3K
Wood 31.3K
3h 58m 1,971
11City Hall Lv.1155% 8x83 Food 42.5K
Wood 42.5K
5h 23m 2,916
12City Hall Lv.1260% 8x83 Food 52.5K
Wood 52.5K
8h 3m 4,286
13City Hall Lv.1365% 9x9 3 Food 60.0K
Wood 60.0K
9h 56m 5,956
14City Hall Lv.1470% 9x9 3 Food 67.5K
Wood 67.5K
12h 6m 7,969
15City Hall Lv.1575% 9x9 3 Food 75.0K
Wood 75.0K
14h 27m 10,350
16City Hall Lv.1680% 10x10 3 Food 82.5K
Wood 82.5K
17h 26m 13,191
17City Hall Lv.1785% 10x10 3 Food 92.5K
Wood 92.5K
18City Hall Lv.1890% 10x10 3 Food 102.5K
Wood 102.5K
1d 8h 22,223
19City Hall Lv.1995% 11x113 Food 115.0K
Wood 115.0K
1d 16h 28,423
20City Hall Lv.20100% 11x113 Food 127.5K
Wood 127.5K
2d 2h 36,109
21City Hall Lv.21105% 11x113 Food 142.5K
Wood 142.5K
2d 17h 46,007
22City Hall Lv.22110% 12x12 3 Food 157.5K
Wood 157.5K
3d 8h 58,118
23City Hall Lv.23115% 12x12 3 Food 250.0K
Wood 250.0K
4d 9h
24City Hall Lv.24120% 12x12 3 Food 500.0K
Wood 500.0K
5d 20h 96,279
25Watchtower Lv.25
City Hall Lv.25
Trading Post Lv.25
125% 15x15 3 Food 1M
Wood 1M
7d 8h 139 023

Side Quests

Requirement Reward
Upgrade Scout Camp to Level 2 Wood 1,000
Food 1,000
Upgrade Scout Camp to Level 3 Wood 1,250
Food 2,750
Upgrade Scout Camp to Level 4 Wood 2,000
Food 3,750
Upgrade Scout Camp to Level 5 Wood 9,000
Food 12,750

Upgrade Scout Camp to Level 6 Food 6,250
Wood 10,000
Stone 4,000
Upgrade Scout Camp to Level 7 Wood 7,500
Food 12,000
Stone 4,750
Upgrade Scout Camp to Level 8 Food 9,750
Wood 15,250
Stone 5,750
Upgrade Scout Camp to Level 9 Wood 10,500
Food 14,500
Stone 5,750
Upgrade Scout Camp to Level 18 Wood 119,250
Food 178,000
Stone 71,000
Upgrade Scout Camp to Level 19 Wood 178,750
Food 267,250
Stone 106,250
Upgrade Scout Camp to Level 20 Wood 268,000
Food 403,500
Stone 159,250
Upgrade Scout Camp to Level 21 Wood 402,000
Food 606,250
Stone 240,250
Upgrade Scout Camp to Level 22 Wood 603,000
Food 909,500
Stone 361,500

Apart from “Number of Scouts” and “Power”, which of the following Scout Camp parameters can also be upgraded?

Scout March Speed and Exploration Range

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