Rise Of Kingdoms Beginner Guide 2024


If you’re new to Rise of Kingdoms, you’ll have a lot to learn. There is a lot you should know that will help you a lot. The most important thing is to be engaged and patient.

The Play Store has reported millions of downloads of Rise of Kingdoms. People enjoy the game for a variety of reasons, including its user interface, gaming strategies, rewards, quests, and so on.

If you’re new to Rise of Kingdoms and want to start as a pro right away, this is the guide for you. You don’t need to look any further. This beginner’s guide was created after 2000 login days.

Our expert gamers have combined their knowledge to walk you through this guide in the simplest way possible so that you can get this game up and running right away. So, if you want to ace Rise of Kingdoms from the start, buckle up and take a stroll through this roller-coaster ride.

To get everything maxed out in Rise of Kingdoms, you’ll need patience and time. As a result, if you are a beginner, you should be aware of a few tips and tricks.

  • Do not fight. Fighting will slow your growth process, cause you to lose resources, and your speedups. Try to avoid this as much as possible at first.
  • Speedups: Use universal speedups only for technology because it takes far more time to get t5 research to max level than it does to get buildings to max level.
  • Spend all of your free action points on barbarians. Never let your action bar fill up.
  • Invest in your VIP status. It will be extremely beneficial to you.
  • AVOID MISTAKES: There are numerous mistakes you can make at the start of Rise of Kingdoms. In the 10 Mistakes Guide, you can learn more about mistakes.
  • Scout Village: they will provide you with a lot of speedups, research, and troops. This is a fantastic way to accelerate your growing process.
  • Learn how to gather. Gathering is crucial in the RiseOf Kingdoms. You’ll need resources for everything, especially late in the game when upgrading and healing are expensive.
  • Commander-leveling: commanders require a lot of experience to reach the highest level. Levels are important for talent trees.
  • Create a farm account. Having a farm account will allow you to advance faster in the game. Fighting and upgrading in Rise of Kingdoms can be costly, so a farm account will come in handy.
  • Concentrate on the castle. The castle is by far the most difficult building to upgrade. It will take a long time and a lot of gems to get it to level 25. Begin by focusing attention on the castle.
  • Check out this guide for tips on how to get to Tier 5 faster. It’s intended for more advanced players, but it’s worth a look. It will greatly benefit you, as you will be able to learn many new things that you were previously unaware of.

Is Rise of Kingdoms a pay-to-win game?

Yes, Rise of Kingdoms is a pay-to-win game, just like any other mobile game. People are spending ridiculous amounts of money on Rise of Kingdoms. They’ll have a significant advantage over you. BUT THAT DOESN’T MEAN YOU CAN’T PLAY RISE OF KINGDOMS.

There was no Kingdom vs. Kingdom or Arc of Osiris when Rise of Kingdoms first came out. Every kingdom was in shambles, and a whole alliance could be depleted overnight by a big spender. When we have Kingdom vs. Kingdom today, it’s a different story.

All alliances in the kingdom are now working together to destroy other kingdoms in KVK. Everyone is friendly, and you can grow and farm as much as you want.

Every kingdom has a big spender, but now that big spender will help and protect every free-to-play player by purchasing gold chests and other items. Big spenders cannot win KVK on their own, so they require assistance from free-to-play players and smaller spenders.

The most important reason to play Rise of Kingdoms is the community. Everyone in the kingdom is friendly and eager to assist you. When you log in at any time of day, there will be someone available to speak with you.

You will see how Rise of Kingdoms is a community-based game and how much fun you will have.

As a player who has played every possible mobile game, I believe Rise of Kingdom has the best balance of pay-to-win and free-to-play, and it is the only game that pays attention to the community and feedback. You will not be sorry if you start playing Rise of Kingdoms.

What is the best Kingdom for beginners?

If you are just starting with the new Rise of Kingdoms account, my advice is to start with a new kingdom. You will all be on the same level as other people. 

If you’re just getting started with your new Rise of Kingdoms account, I recommend starting with a brand-new kingdom. You will all be on the same level as everyone else.

For brand new kingdoms, there is an event called Rise of Kingdoms. It will be extremely beneficial to you.

You can create a Jumper account if you want to get a head start. Check out the Jumper account guide for more information.

Another thing is that if you don’t like the kingdom or server you’re in, you can change it. All you need to do is obtain passport pages.


The most important thing that you must know when beginning Rise of Kingdoms is jumping. It is much more important for new players to do so, as it gives them a remarkable beginning with tons of advantages.

Similarly, you begin and immediately place City Hall and all your buildings on the 7th level. You can save all the items you want to save and upgrade all those that you can, including speed-ups, etc., and then jump to a new kingdom by using the Beginner Teleport, where all new players have to start from scratch.

Starting Civilization 

Rise Of Kingdoms Best civilization for new players

To begin, you will be advised to select Rome as your starting civilization. Experts, on the other hand, would advise you to go with Britain or China. The benefits of these two civilizations are incredible. Furthermore, if you must choose between the two, Britain is the better option.

The brief tutorial provides an overview of the game. You can go through the entire tutorial to learn the game’s suggested flow. You can, however, skip through it and just follow the tips and tricks in this guide.

Best commanders for beginners

Rise Of Kingdoms best commanders for new players

In the Rise of Kingdoms, it’s hard to say which commander is the best. Every commander has some kind of role. You can check the commander tier list to see who is the best commander, but the tier list is only for late game. 

For new players, I would recommend Scipio and Joan of Arc. 

Now there is a legendary commander that every free-to-play player can get, and that is Aethelflaed. With time, you will max out here with the expedition. 

Do not use universal sculpture when gathering commanders like Cleopatra. It is not worth it. 

Building Upgrades 

As you land on the part where you view your plot of land, you can upgrade the city.

However, unlike other games in which you are prompted to upgrade all of the buildings or the entire city, it is best to upgrade the city hall.

If you want to stay on top of the game, make sure to upgrade your city hall before any other structure. This is how you get closer to your city hall. As a result, your entire civilization will be upgraded.

By improving city hall, you open the door to more benefits. As you progress through the game, an upgraded city hall grants you access to a variety of other upgrades. These upgrades can be viewed by clicking the Info button on the screen.

The ability to bring in more troops and march troops onto the battlefield is one of the most advantageous upgrades you could get here. So, you begin by upgrading the city hall, and, in the meantime, you should join an alliance.

Gathering Tips

If you are a free-to-play player, the chances are that the number of resources that you can accumulate is pretty rare. Therefore, it is important to instead focus on gathering commanders at the very start. 

Leveling them higher in a very efficient manner, after your index commander. In the beginning, you can focus on level twenty-seven, which will endure enough points to get that skill that gives you the chance to obtain additional resources when you complete the gathering. To complete the gathering tree, you must bring it to a higher level, thirty-seven. 

Apart from these, there is also a high chance that you can exchange resources at the Courier Station, and it is important to remember to collect runes for a higher speed of gathering.

Join An Alliance

One of the first things you should do in Rise of Kingdoms is join an alliance. This step would help in the construction of your buildings, which is crucial for improving your account’s strength.

You will be given a list of alliances from which to choose. These are the best alliances with high-power- players in a perfect world, and you can join them. However, you are aware that these eye alliances require an application. As a result, they will be more difficult to enter.

It would be preferable if you were looking for a non-application-required alliance. Experts advise beginners to begin with Rise of the Kingdom by following the jumper process. This way, you can enter a new kingdom with more power from your new account.

In any case, you must still go through the game’s basic steps. Now that you have joined an alliance, you are free to move on to the next part of the game.

How To Teleport 

Rise Of Kingdoms the lost kingdom teleport , how to enter and leave lost kingdom

Since you’ve already joined an alliance, you can sign up for help. This will take you to the map, which will show your alliance. The game then suggests that you use a beginner’s teleport. Why do you need to use a teleporter now?

You should use the teleport to get closer to your alliance, according to the prompts. Whether you want to teleport near your alliance or not, an arrow button will appear on the top left side of the screen.

A window appears when you click on this button. You should click on the Teleport button, which will allow you to teleport to wherever you need to go. This feature allows you to move between kingdoms and get closer to your family.

However, unless you are a beginner, you should avoid using this feature. As you progress through your RoK journey, you will realize that it is far superior to use territorial teleport to perform better in the game. However, this is a more advanced level of the game.

How To Get Two Builders

Once you have teleported, you now need to upgrade your buildings. Currently, you can upgrade only one building at a time. However, one of the first items you need to use here is Builders Recruitment.

This item allows you to upgrade two buildings at the same time. Once you add this to your account, you have two days to upgrade two buildings together. However, as you level up your VIP level, you get more rewards.

If you play a lot, spend more time with this game, buy bundles, or are in an alliance that buys bundles, you upgrade your VIP level. This way, you get more rewards and a bunch of boosts.

One of those boosts at VIP6 lets you upgrade two buildings together at all times. So, once you pop this item into your vest, you get two extra days of benefit. Within these two days, you automatically upgrade to VIP6 and, therefore, will be able to upgrade two buildings together all the time.

At the beginner level, it does not quite matter which building you are upgrading. However, you want your city hall to be upgraded. Additionally, you can upgrade buildings but do not necessarily maintain an order.

You need to get some troops trained as well. But getting your buildings put up becomes more important around this time. You would not require too much help with this task. Help comes from the members of an alliance. It helps you speed up the process of upgrading your buildings.

Commander Advice 

Now, as the buildings are being upgraded, you need to do other things, such as getting your commanders ready. You have Britain as your civilization, so Boudica would make a great commander as she is great at battling the Barbarians.

Eventually, you will proceed with Boudica, Sun Tzu, and Joan of Arc as your commanders in that order. Moving on, you will have to deal with legendaries. It would be best to have a small number of legendary commanders that are beneficial than a bunch of many commanders that aren’t great.

For every commander, you can unlock their star levels to skill all of them up. Always try to max out the first available skill in every commander.

Action Points  

Rise Of Kingdoms Action Points items
Rise Of Kingdoms Action Points items

Action points are nothing but your green card to battling Barbarians. You can use your action points, select the Barbarian you want to battle, and send in your troops marching the battlefield to fight the Barbarian.

Additionally, try to utilize the naturally generated action points on the screen bar. But it would be best if you held on to your action point potions. These will help you claim extra rewards and prizes later in the game.

Your First Events 

You will get to play through many challenges through quests and games within Rise of Kingdoms. Winning these quests earns you rewards and legendary sculptures that you can use further in the game. 

An event called Who Will Reign Supreme can be quite challenging, where you need to complete the quests and claim your prizes. You would also receive a lot of power in these events.


Rise of Kingdoms Heroic Anthem KVK FOG
Rise of Kingdoms Heroic Anthem KVK FOG

All free-to-play players should want to investigate the map as hurriedly as they possibly can in order to uncover hidden caves and villages that give the opportunity for a large number of outstanding treats and rewards, of course this is dependent on their rarity.

Each moment that you join the game and have the chance to have fun with it, dispatch the explorers in your command continuously and to every nook and cranny ,every corner of the map. If you do so this way you will have the chance to unpack missions and celebrations that aid your growth further quickly.

Inside the hidden secretive caves, there are trunks heavily laden with a large variety of rare items and the rewards including as far as high VIP standard points along with several others of great importance and relevance.

City Defense 

Rise of Kingdoms is a curious game. Your city is under threat of an attack at any time. You need to protect your city from attacks with the help of your troops. However, even your marching troops get killed over time.

Other elements can protect your city. These elements can be upgrading your hospital and its capacity. This is where the troops get admitted when they get injured. 

Initially, the game starts with a peace shield. You should not lose this shield within the first couple of days by being aggressive against other players.

General Tips for Free-to-Play players

The first thing you must remember is that you should not fight unless you are attacked. You will have your chance later on in the game. Fighting at an early stage will only postpone your increase in strength later and be disadvantageous. It’s also very important to spend the Action Points (AV) that you have before the day ends.

You can earn different rewards by using Action Points to defeat forts and barbarian units. Another thing to note is that it is important to continuously increase the standard of VIPs to receive outstanding permanent Buffs and daily gifts at each level. Exploring all the corners of the map is another important maneuver since Village and Caves promise considerable rewards and meaningful improvements.

Fighting barbarians and guardians of Holy Sites is one of the swiftest ways to increase the levels of commanders who are playing for free. Even when you are not playing, an important thing to do is to allow your troops to go in search of resources from the map so that you can do research on technology, buildings and training your army.

The most important building in your city is definitely your castle as it ensures a series of improvements and the researching of T5 units, hence it is important to upgrade the castle whenever possible.

Mistakes New Players Make In Rise of Kingdoms

Every new player makes mistakes that will impact them later. So you must try to avoid mistakes as a new player if you are planning to grow. Players usually make mistakes by leveling too many commanders at the same time, not joining alliances, not saving speedups, etc.

Here, you will find some important stuff, but you will need a lot more knowledge. So check out our other guides, especially our Tier 5 units guide, where you have all the steps that will boost your research process in Rise of Kingdom.

1. Leveling Up Too Many Commanders

If you level too many commanders at the same time, you will not be as strong as someone who has max-level commanders.

You need to pick the commander that you want to level to the maximum level. It will give you more talent points that you can use. It takes a long time to max out one commander, but it’s worth it.

2. Level Up Your Secondary Commanders

You want your secondary commander to be level 30. Do not go above level 30, because there is no reason.

With level 30, you unlock all his skills. But the main reason not to go above level 30 with a secondary commander is that his talent tree will not work when fighting. So there is no point in leveling him up. Primary commander ( gear, skills, talent tree) Secondary commander (skills).

3. Gearing your commander

Only gear commander that you will use as primary. If you put the gear on the secondary commander, it will not have any effect, just like the talent tree. So focus on the primary commander.

4. Upgrade commander skills

Do not go and waste your universal sculptures randomly. You want to focus on commanders that you will use and invest in them all you have. You want to unlock the commander expertise skill as soon as you can.

5. Join an alliance

You have to join the alliance as soon as you can. You want to find an alliance that has strong technology. It will reduce your building and gathering time, and you will get army bonuses.

If you get into the Spender alliance, it will boost you so much. When people buy in-game packs, the whole alliance will get a chest that can contain speedups, gems, and many more good things.

If you are low on resources, you can always ask your alliance member to send you some if they have any.

With your alliance members, you can kill forts, do events, and much more. Having a good alliance is very important in the Rise of Kingdoms.

Alliance research bonus Rise of Kingdoms

6. Do not create an alliance

The first thing is that when you create your alliance, you will not have territory, members, or technology. You will have nothing. It takes time to make a good alliance.

If you make an alliance and put your fort near another alliance, you are a big target to get attacked. It’s better to join the alliance if you want to build your reputation.

If you are active and helping your alliance, you will, with time, be r4. Being the leader of an alliance takes so much time and effort. But if you are someone who loves to be a leader, go for it.

7. Not doing right things in Rise of Kingdoms

Many new players are forgetting to farm, build, research, train troops, etc. You want to enter the game three times a day to kill barbarians.

If you do not have attack points, then send your commanders to farm resources.

You want to check on your builders. Do not let them idle. Go check your academy; are you researching?

Go and train troops. Do not be lazy. You want to be productive. You do not want to waste time.

8. Using Resource Tokens When You Do Not Need Them

Just do not use them if you do not have to. Someone can scout you and steal your resources.

The fewer resources you have in the city when someone scouts you, the better. Nobody will attack your city if they see low numbers of resources.

9. Save your speedups and resources

The most significant way to speed up and fasten the construction of your monuments and tech updates in Rise of Kingdoms is to commission or obtain aid from the members of the alliance that you are a part of. 

It is always a bad idea to use speed-ups before obtaining the highest possible number of assists from your Alliance members. You can quite simply recheck this phenomenon by going to the help section of the alliance. It should be an option on your app.

If you try to use a very certain form of speed-up for the first time before actually using the universal speed-ups, it might end up being something quite interesting. 

It is advised that you always remain doing work and focusing on updating buildings and technology, as well as retraining troops, to have good gathering resources if you plan to allow your game to remain static for a little while.

You want to save your speedups and resources to win events like the Mightiest Governor Event. If you are free to play, it will be hard to win any event that has good rewards.

But if you plan, save, and invest, you can win. I won the mightiest governor events with a free-to-play account, but it took a lot of preparation and calculation.

speedups rise of kingdoms

10.Wrong talent tree build

Most of the people who just started with the rise of kingdoms do not know what the best talent tree is for their commanders. They will just make some random talent trees. Please avoid that.

If you build your commander with the wrong talent tree, not only will you lose a lot of value in battles, but you will also need to buy a talent reset. It is just not worth wasting gems like that. So I advise you to see our full list of the best talent tree builds for each commander

Commander Mistakes

Some mistakes are more comfortable to fix than others. I’ve learned this the hard way after two years of ROK. In this guide, we’ll go through the most common and brutal mistakes you can make with legendary commanders.

Hopefully, this guide will help you avoid unnecessary mistakes. Believe it or not, I even see experienced players make these every single day, from selecting the wrong commander and having a lack of focus all the way to using universals on gold key commanders or starting legendaries too soon.

There’s no need to worry, as long as you remember everything I’ve written here and have it in the back of your mind when playing ROK. Let’s dive straight into it.

Mistake #5: Wrong Commander

One of the silliest mistakes you can make is to pick a commander who makes no sense for your account. As you play the game, you’re going to be teased into selecting different commanders. At first, you might think, “Holy Cow, I’ve got Julius Caesar” and decide to go all-in with investing in this commander, only to find out his best attribute is to swarm the cities. Depending on your objective, you could have chosen a much better commander than Caesar. So before you select your commander, do some research and see which commander suits your purposes and gameplay.

You can read more about it in our Commander Tier Lists and Commander Pairings guide.

Mistake #4: Lack of Focus

Focus, focus, focus. Let’s bring attention to our mistake #6. Let’s say you’re looking into which commander you’re going to invest in. Most of the players are going to base this decision on the amount of sculpture they have. Just because you’ve got a few individual commanders’ sculptures doesn’t mean, “That’s a commander for me.” You need to be patient with your legendary commanders. First, have one or two that you’re very interested in and then focus on those. 

Lack of focus is widespread for people who have a tendency to put a few sculptures in one commander and a few sculptures in another commander. If you were to follow my advice, you would have instead gone “all in” on a single commander. This is way better.

Mistake #3: Five Starring Legendaries

My mistake number four on this list is spreading the gold stars across multiple commanders and going too wide, similar to spreading your sculptures around too much. And this only became relevant not so long ago. In the good old days, there was a very low number of new commanders, as they were coming out every three to four months. 

When it comes to starring commanders, there’s no value in a five-star commander. You should either be four stars or just try to unlock the skills. Don’t take a legendary commander to five stars and then stop; you either go to six or stay at four, but this in-between state really doesn’t do much for you. Either you’re going to have that full March where you get all the extra talent points for all the extra stars, or you’re going to use them as a secondary commander. And if you’re using them as a secondary commander, all that matters is unlocking their skills.

Mistake #2: Expertizing Wheel Commanders Too Soon

This one is mostly oriented toward spenders, but I’ve also seen “free-to-play” players make the same mistake. Picture this: There’s a commander you’ve wanted for a long time. You’ve completed your research, decided you want that commander and have been saving up their sculptures. One day, the commander shows up on the Wheel of Fortune. And what do you do? You use every single Universal you have to expertise the commander on the first Wheel of Fortune that the commander showed up.

Now here’s the problem: You’re playing a value-oriented game, which especially free-to-play and low-spending players should be doing. You should wait for a better wheel commander. You need to wait until you have had all the wheels of glorious value before you start applying your universal legendary commander sculptures. Otherwise, you’re losing an opportunity to have gotten a lot of value by spinning a small number of times on the wheel. Even if it’s just five or ten sculptures, you would have got four values, which seems really worthwhile to me.

Mistake #1: Using Universals on Gold Key Commanders

Mistake number two comes down to using your universal legendary commander sculptor’s gold key commanders way too soon. These are commanders like Charles Martel, Julius Caesar Freddie, El Cid…

These are commanders that come from gold keys, and you get lots of gold keys for free in the rise of kingdoms, so you go into your expertise as one of these commanders. Well, guess what? Every single sculpture you get at that point is 100% wasted.

Now look, you do get value from using that commander immediately for fighting in the field for barbarians or whatever you’re doing with them, so you do get immediate value after you’ve specialized in them. Assuming you are in Kingdom versus Kingdom, war, or whatever, but after that, every single legendary commander sculpture is 100% wasted. 

So please wait until you’re close to expertise in commanders with gold keys before you start using your universals on them. That way, you get a lot more value as a free-to-play player or a low-spender. You really want to be using your universals on commanders you can’t get for free in other places, like Richard the 1st or Alexander the Great.

Those are much better places for your Universal Legendary Commander sculptures.

Commander Tips

There are a lot of tips and tricks that you must know about commanders in Rise of Kingdoms because the right usage of commanders will speed up your progress in upgrading them. You can use your commanders for killing barbarians, gathering, building flags or forts, etc.

I can say that commanders are more important than technology, and now you are wondering why. 

Now let’s say you have tier 4 troops with max commanders with the right talent build, and I have tier 5 troops with half-max commanders. I will lose the duel so hard. I cannot tell you enough how commanders are playing a big role in this game.

Best Ways to Level Up your Commanders

  1. Farming barbarians will give you a good amount of experience and rewards, and you want to use a peacekeeping commander.
  2. Fighting Sanctum Guardians. This will give you the highest amount of XP in the game without the cost of action points. In zones 1 and 2, they have the most experience.
  3. Using books that give experience.
  4. Before killing barbarians, see if there are any runes on the map that give experience bonuses. 
  5. The expedition is a great way to obtain experience books. So try to push your expedition to the max. 

Killing Barbarians

To kill barbarians, you will need action points. Green bar that you see under your name. You want to send a commander with a peacekeeping talent tree as the primary because you will get more experience and the cost of attacking barbarians will be reduced to 40 action points. 

When you attack barbarians, do not send your troops home before killing them, because you will not get your attack points back.

When you kill one barbarian, the cost of attacking another barbarian will be reduced by 2 action points. The maximum reduction in action points is 10. When your troops enter the city, the reduction will be restarted. 

With a peacekeeping talent tree and a reduction of 10 action points, it will cost you 30 action points to kill a barbarian. Now, most of the new players will say that 20 attack points are not much, but they are wrong. You can kill many more barbarians and get more rewards.

Destroying forts

Barbarian forts are one more great way to level up your commander. If you are on the new server, do not waste time on Forts Levels 1–3, because it is better to kill barbarians.

But if someone in your alliance has strong commanders, you can join and you will get great rewards. Rewards are better than killing barbarians, but only if you and your alliance can kill forts that are level 4.

Commander Type

In the rise of kingdoms, you have four types of commanders. Advance, Elite, Epic, and Legendary. Now if you just started the game level what you have, and after some time you want to focus on a single commander that you will use. 

When you max him, then go on to the next one. For legendary commanders, you need a lot of experience, so the best is to level epic commander for a start, then later you can choose if you want to invest in legendary commanders. 

Commanders that you will not use as primary, do not need to level above level 30. With level 30, you will unlock all the skills that you need.

Pick your commander that you want to invest in

Focusing on the main commander is very important. The use of universal sculptures on one commander is the best thing that you can do.

You will unlock epic commander skills with time, so if you make a mistake, do not worry, but for the legendary commander, it is a different story.

Do not waste your legendary sculptures on commanders who are not so good. You need to choose which legendary commander you want to focus on. 

I needed 300 days to get my first max legendary commanders as free-to-play. So you see how this is very important.

Check out our tier list, where you can check out the best commanders in Rise of Kingdoms. 

Where to Obtain Sculptures?

VIP: When you start the game, it will be very hard to obtain sculptures. The first thing is to focus on VIP levels. As fast as you get VIP 10, the faster you will get the maximum legendary commander. If you can get your VIP to level 12, it will give you two legendary sculptures daily. 

Events: A great way to obtain sculptures is through events. They will give you a good amount of money and bonus rewards that will speed up your process. 

ARK OF OSIRIS- Try to get into the AOO team. Every win will give you 10 legendary sculptures, and every loss will give you 5. 

EXPEDITION: Try to push your expedition. It will give you more coins that you can spend to buy commanders in the shop.

Troop Capacity And Troop Dispatch

To get more troop capacity and troop dispatch, you need to upgrade your city hall level. So focus on your city hall level.

You will be able to get more troops and more commanders on the field. Why is this important? First, you will be able to send more troops to farm resources, and you will be able to kill barbarians faster.

Troop capacity can be increased by commander skills, or you can use army expansion items. Max troop dispatch is 5, and you unlock it with City Hall level 22.

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